Tuesday, July 17, 2007


Yesterday I went shopping with my colleagues. Was searching for gift to buy. Wana give Darren Koko and Henry something to bring over Melbourne. I planned to buy each of them a t-shirt and maybe a bear. Haha! There's a story behind this. Anyway, I bought two t-shirts from Diesel. One red one black. As for the bear bear, don't know leh. Still thinking whether really want buy or not. Kinda pok here. Haha!

The red ones is for Henry and the black ones is for Koko. heee~
Nice or not? I think nice lor. No price available. Just in case they do read my blog. Haha!

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DarRen SiM (Lonely But Happy) Boy said...

hahaha... summore normally hen wear red i wear black..