Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Sudden strike!

This morn I woke up around 8am due to my alarm ringing there. Pushed the snooze button about 5 to 6 times. Haha! Reluctantly got up at 9am. Feeling a little dizzy and pain down my throat, I dragged myself to shower. After shower, feeling not that well, I called up office to take a sick leave. And weee~ I'm off to sleep!

Hahaz! Just yet! I then blow dry my hair, took my breakfast and head over to Century mart to get some groceries. Bought myself Strepsils. Hope it works =)

Then when I got home, started to clean up my car. Vacuumed, washed, polished, wipe. From inside to outside and all over. So now my car is shining shining!!! *pats myself* Then I saw a bucket of dirty clothes by my kitchen door. So since I'm home, why not help mum do some laundry instead. And I did. So now the clothes are hanging outside under the sun....er wait! It's raining soon! =P

What's next? Mum called and baby called. Blah blah blah~ And that is how I'm online now =)

Loving my Tuesday~~~

Sunday, March 29, 2009


I've just submitted my resume. Hoping and praying now =)

Saturday, March 28, 2009


Hoping for a peaceful weekend ahead =) God bless~


Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Screw you!

Darn it! Why everytime when I'm trying to submit my resume to somewhere, there sure be a problem coming out. Oh fuck! What the hell is wrong? Am I not suppose to submit my resume? Sien lah! So shit!

Why isn't there anyone to help me when I really need them to help???? Can someone please teach me how to write a nice resume? Or at least tell me where you learn how to write one? PLEASEEEEEEE!!!!

I guess all I can do is beg for somebody to help cos whenever I think that person can help, in the end, that person cannot help! So sick ok. I'm really really sick of that! I don't care if you're reading this. But this is so true! Everytime asking you about stuff, I'll sure be boiling up!

At times I really wonder, why can't I have someone who is smart enough and helpful enough and wise enough???



Sunday, March 22, 2009

Laziness strikes

Recently I've been busy reading my novel so I got no time to online. After home from work, I'll shower, take my dinner, then off to the couch with my novel. Hiak hiak!

And also, I got nothing to blog about. So tired. Actually I think I do have stuff to blog but I was so lazy to even take the pics of the stuff. Hehe =D So am gonna give my blog some time to rest ok?

I've been up with games too when I get online. I've got FarmTown, Yoville and Meetoto to occupy me. Haha! Those games are so addictive!!!

Anyway, I don't know what to write also. So buai buai~

p/s: I just had a great time today =) Miracles do happen you know *winks* Thanks to someone for encouraging me to give time, time. It happened, on the 8th of March.


Wednesday, March 11, 2009


I have something up just above my BMW pic. Haha!

Anyway, I'm suppose to announce this 2days ago but it went postponed til today cos there was some amendments. Ok now. Back to my birthday topic.

Still remember the list of guest I posted up a month ago? Now I'm here to announce.....

Venue: My house XD
Time: 7pm onwards til no time

Note: I'll be going down to Damai the next day and overnight there.

Muax baby! I can't wait!!!

Story time

See that? =D I'm back with my cup of coffee and my novels to dive in. Oh love~


Kelly's birthday bash

Last Saturday was Miss Charlene aka Kelly anak Kong's 21st buuuuuurffffffday~~~ Ahakz! As I told her, I will go over early. My purpose? Hehehe =D

It's not that I want it that way ok. It's cause I got OT by some stupid police and had to rush off right after 5pm. I wanted to shower at office bah. But everyone went off dy. So takkanlah I myself there shower meh. So I went to the most ho sim girl in town (that night) to ask for a shower at her place. Since I said she so ho sim, she let me use her bathroom. Hahaha! =P

I was the first to arrive with my baby. Ignore her darling ok. He's always there and he should be there earlier than any of us. Hehe =D Then slow slow came all the others. We all helped to bring the food outside to her car porch. Dining table was set there. Kesian her Lucky lor. Only get to see us eat =/
Slurping yet? Hehe =D FOR YOUR INFORMATION, KELLY ANAK KONG DID MAKE THE NGO HIAM OK? Hahaha! I like the salad and sandwich. Sandwich was made by her aunty and the salad, er I don't know. Hee~
This pic was taken when we were praying before meal. My bf isn't a Christian so he is there to take pic while we pray. And this girl memang ah! People there pray, she there pose. Haha!
Time for birthday cake. Sui sui coffee cake with chocolate wrapping. Haha! And she is SHOOO proud of her candle =.=''' 21years old become seh kia pulak~ Eh my birthday I also want this type of candle ok? Haha! *high five Kelly*
Sui or not? She said the candle is suppose to play birthday song leh. But don't know why don't have worh. And the batteries dropped out also. So.....HAHAHAHA!!!


p/s: Don't complain you don't have clothes to wear liaw. Haha!

With love,

Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Yesterday morning when I was driving to work, I came across this song which was playing at my player. It's a song full of memories. Then the moment caught me. Should I start a story about my life? My love life probably? I thought for quite some time.

Well, obviously needing some opinion right now =) Do drop some comments if you do pass by this post.

Journalist could just be my next job =)


Monday, March 2, 2009

1st Year Anniversary~!

Yesterday was me and baby's 1st year anniversary together. *hugs!* We planned to head over Elephant for our celebration cos both of us never been there before.

We met at our home around 7pm and went to Elephant. The place was just ok. Not as nice as I expect it to be. Haha!
I ordered plum & 3sour while baby had strawberry milk shake. His drink's better than mine. Haha!
We both ordered chicken chop but in different sauce and ways of cooking. Baby had cabonara fried chicken chop. It came quite disappointing to me though.
I ordered cheesy chicken chop with ham. Mine was....er.....no comment. Sigh~

Overall, the place was kinda disappointing to me. The whole night costed around RM43 even after discount! So there it is. It's expensive! No more second trip for me there. Haha!

Then later, we passed by Patio to see if Greg is there. Found his car. Yeapz! We went down to surprise him. Hehe =D Wanting to surprise people but yet I'm being so surprised that I met people I know there! Steven from ED, Joanne from St3 and Ong from my primary school! Oh my! Kuching is really a small place. Haha!

After that, me and baby headed home. Our home. To have our own private moments =)
We ordered a cake from Taka. It's the black forest. Only small ones. Just 'yi si yi si' lah. Hehe =D
Honey love...
1year had gone by...
And I'm still loving you as much as when we first started...
I know it wasn't easy, no one said it is...
I know what you had to go through...
And I know my own mistakes...
But baby love...
I'm here to tell you...
That now I can promise you...
Like how you promised me...
I can be sure...
That if we both stand together...
Hand in hand...
We will go through it all...
I love you dear....
Happy anniversary...

Loving you always,
Perpetua Angeline

Sunday, March 1, 2009

It's tonight...

Tonight is the night~

It's our very special day...

After 365 days of ups and downs...

Today finally arrive...

I love you much baby love~~

Let's bring our hands together and walk the road again...

The journey which we started a year ago...

I'm off to dinner now~



Perpetua Angeline

Celebration @ Kado

Last Friday night, we had a secret plan up to surprise Gregory on his birthday. Hehe =D He was so blur, not knowing what's going on. Just being dragged out to dinner. We even had to lie that it's something else that's up. Hahaz!

Anyway, the time said were 8.30pm to meet at Kado. I've been there before and thought it's a nice place to go again. So all agreed and there we went.

Gregory came with Hellen while Siaw Wui, Li Lung and Chai Sia came together. Then Wilfred come alone. Kui Ing and Ah Hui came quite late cos Ah Hui was sick I heard. Kesian~This pic is taken by baby. I didn't take much pic that night. And many were screwed. Sighz! My photography skills somehow went down. I didn't really play with my camera lately. So saD larh!
See so blur! Kns! This is the cabonara spaghetti that I ordered. Not nice! I still prefer their chicken steak.
Baby and Greg both ordered bolognaise chicken spaghetti. They said it's quite tasteless. Probably it's the sauce that's too watery. Not that nice lor. Somehow the food that night kinda disappoint me. But not the burger! It was superb! Hehe =D Especially the lamb ones which the girls ordered. Baby and I ordered chicken burger too. It's was ok.
It's time for the cake and candles and songs and presents~
He was really surprised! Hahaz! Greg Greg~ What to do. 21years old already. So much be surprised once in awhile. Hehe =D
Happily diving into his blueberry cheesecake~
Smiled so widely! Haha! We got him a cake and 2 neckties as present.
Group photo will never be leftout! Hehe =) Hope you like it Greg~