Thursday, June 23, 2011

Desktop Organizer

I am messy. 

But I love to be tidy.

But I am lazy.

Therefore my room is messy =.=

Yeah and mom said I'm a MBKS. Ish! I want to be tidy. I keep my office desk very vERy VERY TIDY!!! I always arrange things according to sizes and alphabets. But I just can't bother to do it at home. Ok part of my room is tidy. accessories table! I put everything into a box and arrange them nicely. 

But then again, most part of my room is messy. Hey if it's not messy then it's not my room! It's a hotel room! =D (that's what a lazy person always say)

So here is how my computer table looks like. I have lotsa papers. Be it forms or letters or rough papers or books or cards. I just dump everything there and let it be. It's been like that for years!!!

Until recently the amount of paper can no longer stand on it's own and I have nothing to hold it, I know it's time to get something from the stationary shop. So off I went to Think in Motion after browsing their online catalogue. Online catalogue is so user friendly! Me love!

This is call a desktop organizer *duh!* I'm so happy that it comes in the size that I wanted it to be and of course, so hype to see the color black available!!!

After minutes of tidying and sorting out everything that should and should not be on my table. I'm happy with the end result =) Who isn't? Heeee~~~

Everything neat and tidy. Ahhhh satisfaction is bliss! I no longer need to fuss over papers flying around my room~

Monday, June 20, 2011

Kim Bay Portugese Tart

Last weekend while I was out dining on a usual Saturday night, mom called up to ask me buy some breakfast for next morning. Since I was at Kim Bay @ Hills, I decided to give their egg tart a try. I'm not a huge fan of egg tart but many said that Kim Bay's egg tarts are awesome. Gotta try for myself to taste how awesome can it be =)

I bought 2 Portugese tart, 1 durian, 1 green tea, 1 chocolate and 1 original tart. The Portugese tart is RM4.80 for 2 pieces while the rest will be RM3.80 for 2 pieces. They really do smell good when the waiter gave me the package.

My opinion? I don't like the durian ones. Still prefer original durian fruit itself. HAHA! My bro ate the chocolate ones so I didn't get to try it. My first piece was to try the Portugese tart. Oh man! IT'S ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL!!!! Serious!!!!! I said it, I'm not a huge fan of egg tart but this is awesome!!! As for the rest, I ate the original one and it tasted just the same. Only crispier =)

I'll surely go back for that Portugese tart! Good job Steven!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

MixFM & Alysha House

I'm getting obsessed with joining contest and competitions and lucky draws now =P

Story One:
About 2 weeks ago, on a work day morning, as usual I tuned into MixFM right after I got into my car and then I'll tune in to the station for the whole day at office via my phone's radio. That's my only source of entertainment. I would die of boredom if I forgot to bring my phone or even the charger.

So, what happened? MixFM has this fun game every morning called Brain Freeze. Previously I did try calling in for other programs but it's either no one pick up my call or the line just went busy. That morning, I was chosen! Someone from the station actually picked up my call! I was already putting my hopes down and all of a sudden there's a voice coming from my phone! Of course I was already flying high!

After my details was being asked, the guy passed me to the announce, JD and Dilly. And yes, I got the answer correct! But sadly I was so nervous and excited that I forgot to thank them! Ugh! I kept thanking the guy instead. I think he should be Eric, the Mix Breakfast producer. He told me to wait for them to call me back regarding sending the prize over. Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee~~~

Story Two: (shorter one)
Man my memory sucks! I totally forgot when did I join this lucky draw thing organized by Alysha House. I just randomly saw the photo on Facebook one night and decided to join in. And yes again, I was lucky to be picked by a rabbit as one of the 3 lucky winners!!!

My prizes! The GDex is from MixFM. The day when I decided to pick up my prize from Alysha was also the same day GDex people actually called me up to ask whereabout is my house. You can never tell how happy I was last Thursday!!!

My lucky draw prize from Alysha House. Got a new shopping bag! Weeeeeeeeeeeeeee~~~ It's been so long since I last carry a bag like this! Used to bring it to school and tuition class. Haha!

And these are what I won from MixFM!!! They mentioned it's a cd hamper but did not tell me what cd will they give to me. Can't believe it! It's Bruno Mars!!! And Bon Jovi!!! And the 80s is a great gift for my mom! But oh well, since I tune into MixFM ONLY nowadays while I'm driving, all of these 3 cds goes into my mom's car. Hey mom's a huge fan of Bruno Mars ok! Heeee~~


Yong's 14th Birthday

My brother finally turned 14 this year. Kids grow up way too fast! I thought yesterday he was just 1 year old? Hehehe =)

I remember his 1st birthday was celebrated at Sugarbun, the one located behind St Jo. What does a 1 year old boy know? Nothing but crawling around the floor and laughing just cos he sees the adults laughing without knowing that they're actually laughing at his cuteness =P

14 years pass way too fast too! Now he's taller than me. Yes he's been comparing his height to mine ever since he know the existence of height. Now I'm in 3rd place. Pfffttttttt! Kids nowadays grow so much taller and bigger than us don't they? I wonder what they eat. Hmm.....

As always, chocolate cake is both our favourite so mommy dear will always know what to choose when she steps into the bakery. No other choice but chocolates!

7 early 8 early woke me up just to be his photographer. *yawn!* 

Happily getting old! =P

Oh I forgot to snap photo of my present for him. It's a wallet since his old one worn out already. Nice black and white wallet from FOS.

Lastly, HAPPY BIRTHDAY BUDDY! I hope you wish for straight As in your PMR =D

Friday, June 10, 2011

Astronomy Day @ Civic Centre

During the Saturday before my exam war-week starts, my bro attended the Astronomy Day at Civic Centre and I'm assigned to pick him up since mom's at work. I was told to pick him up only after he called me, but someone without patience like me, I thought I'll just do a few chores before heading over.

Reached there and saw a whole lot of people!!! And I turned to the carpark behind, what I saw was more people gathering there to fly airplanes!!!

Since I'm there early, I decided to go down and take a look around to see what actually is going on. My bro was supposed to be there for drawing and coloring competition. 

Oh yeah, in the midst of searching for my bro, I nearly got stuck in the elevator =.=''' The stupid old elevator door couldn't open when it reached ground floor, luckily there's people outside and I wasn't alone inside too. Two men had to pull open the door for us. Phew~

A few snapshots taken using my Samsung phone cos who would have thought I needed my camera there right? Hehe =)

Yellow airplane!!! Looks like the first few version of airplane.

Helicopters too!!! I've never been in a heli, have you? =)

This is the old version of fighting jet plane!!! Saw this plane in the movie Pearl Harbour. Only with different color~

Green army fighting jet plane!!! Newer version with machines loaded. HO ho ho!

You asked why Astronomy Day but all the have are planes? I wonder too.

And then I bumped into this thing.

Hihihihi!!!! The classic telescope!!! I wonder how to view. Hmm....I didn't ask though.

TADAH! The real telescope that allows you to view far far away into wonderland~ Call me sakai but this is my first encounter with a telescope =X

8 inch diameter mirror. Oooooooo!!!!!! I wonder how far can you see. Hmm.....

Yes that's the scientist wannabe. HAHAHA!!!! Hey my bro's good in science ok! I'm not =P

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Coffee @ Work

Hola! I'm back!!! Been away from this blogging world for nearly 3 weeks!!! Man that's long and my blog died =.= Ok now it's risen! I've been busy preparing myself for my final exam. Yes! The final one!!! I'm still keeping my fingers crossed hoping to pass all 3 papers so that I can graduate on time =) Pray for me ok? Hehehe~ 

I really hope I can pass this time's exam. I don't wana resit for any paper and don't wana repeat the whole thing. I need this cert! I don't wana be disappointed by myself again =( Result will be out after 2-3 months which will be around August. 

Updates: I have 2 trips coming in during September and February/March!!! Can't wait!!! Hehehe =)

Bad update: I just lost my Nikon usb cable =(( Couldn't find it anywhere in the house!! Even mom helped me search for it but just can't find it. *sobs~* Now I have to buy a new one and it's not cheap ok! Ugh! Broke!

Yesterday, I felt a little awkward at office after 10days of leave. Took my leave since previous Friday until Tuesday. Ho ho ho! Somehow my brain doesn't function that well after 10days =.='''

So, why coffee at work? =P

Because I brought my Coffee to work!!! Hehehehe =D I've been wanting to bring my toys to work =P And so I decided to bring Coffee over yesterday cos I felt that I needed it to be there. More comfort!!!

I stuffed Coffee into my handbag. Hahaha! It fits perfectly well!!! Maybe I should consider bringing it with me everyday =D

Alright that's all for current updates. Will try to update my blog as often as possible now that I'm so free. No longer attending classes at night. Hehehe =) But I still need my cable first =( Will have to shop for it this weekend. Haizzzz......