Friday, April 27, 2012

My Birthday

Hello April babies! It's still not too late to wish all of us HAPPY BIRTHDAY APRIL BABIES!!! As always, I will receive tons of love on my birthday. How so? Because I always get triple celebration! One with family, one with friends and one with bf. Birthday is bliss! 

This year my birthday falls on Monday, which was also the first day for the Sushi King annual RM2 per plate promotion. How lucky! But before that, on Saturday night, the weekend before, Kent brought me out for superlicious dinner at Chef @ Home. I've only been there once and I love the environment though nowhere beats Garden Hill.

Here comes my lamb chop. Yum yum! I think I'm kinda switching from steak to lamb chop nowadays. Not sure why. Maybe it's cos I still have yet to get that awesome steak taste I've once had. Miss!

Kent's mixed grill. Love this too! He asked me a question which I don't know how to answer: Why do you love western food so much? I can only say, I have no idea why. Hahaha! I just prefer western food than chinese food.

Our drinks and mushroom soup. Love this dinner! But the rain kinda spoil the beautiful night so we head off elsewhere for drinks with friends.

Bing at Hills! My 2nd time there but 1st time sitting down and have my cup of coffee. No wait. That's hot chocolate. Which.....................................there's milk inside =.= My dear boy didn't know that hot chocolate actually has heavy milk taste so in the end, he had the whole cup. Haha! In case you didn't know, I don't drink milk =P I just can't take the smell of it and will vomit =X I know I'm weird.


Awesome day! A day I never thought will turn out like this. Oh memories~ Me love! Me miss!

It was a beautiful day in the morning when suddenly.....................IT RAINS! =.= But the love for rains! I was once again being kidnapped to this unknown place. Our memories start here. Kent brought me back to where we first hang out =) Maybe I should mark this place as our dating spot. Haha! Wanna guess where is this? No prize given to winner though =P

Finally my birthday cake! Kent went for much hassle just to get me this super yummylicious cake from Secret Recipe. It's chocolate plus cheese cake with strawberry fillings! Super fat super yummy and ULTIMATELY SWEET!

Yes I actually blew my candles in his van! New way of celebrating birthday but I LOVE IT! It's an extraordinary celebration! Tell me how many of you actually ever blow candles on your birthday cake in a van while facing the beautiful river? =D

Yay happy birthday to me! One year older, one year more beautiful kan? Hahaha! But after I finish that cake, I'm pretty damn sure that I'm one kg heavier! =P

Thank you so much Dear for everything you've prepared! =)

Monday! The actual day of my birthday. Needless to say, I went for Sushi King promotion with my mom and bro. Of course, bf was there too. And then.......................

I finally received my present from dearie~ I was tricked by him cos he told me that it's fragile and will break if I shake it. So I stupidly handle it gently. But when I opened it up...............

Guess what I saw? =D

Bf gave me my favourite facial products! Cleanser and tonic lotion from Thalgo! Me love! I never expect him to get me this. I didn't bother to guess anyway. Hee~ But I must say, I'm very very happy with this gift. Comes in really useful =)

It was a wonderful birthday celebration for me this year. Things came unplanned and unexpected and most of all, beautiful =) I'm being loved!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

RISK The Game

Back to the days when I was only 10 years old, my cousins, Chee, 12 and Ing, 11. We were introduced to this board game called RISK by Chee. I think it's one of her 3 brothers who bought this game and left in the cabinet after they got bored of it. But the 3 monkeys took it out and tried to conquer the world =D No wait, it's the world map.

We somehow got addicted to it and will gather to play almost every weekend until our parents got tired of sending us over to Chee's house and we retired. It was a game of battles and wars. You get your territory and try to conquer other people's place by taking up a battle with them. Not the swords and cannons type of battle. But the battle of dice!

Some of you may have known this game for long but I know many are still new to it. Recently, Mike brought back the inner child in everyone of us. He took out his set of RISK and welcomed the few casuals to his house for battle. And then the addiction was passed on. Until one of them got so addicted that he managed to find an online version of RISK! That was not it. He even head to the mall and got himself a set which is a different version than Mike's. It's the newer version with missions to complete. Awesome!

So few weeks back, me, Cyril and Elisha was invited for a battle at Kim's place. It's my first time after so many years of retirement. It's like the king is back for war! =P And I kinda forgotten how to play so the gentlemen had to explain to me one step at a time. Hehe =)

After about 2 hours of battle, I'll let you guess who won the war judging by the color of these arrows =D Oh did I mention? The new version uses arrows as their armies unlike the old version which has real standing armies!

The boss who tried so hard to protect his capital. Last one standing! =D

It was a very good game. Would love to have a weekly tournament. There's always a child in everyone no matter your age. This game sure brought me back much childhood memories. Love!

Monday, April 23, 2012

Goodbye Penang

The last night at Penang. Ahhhh how time flies when you're happy. After we left the temples, we took a taxi, sent Edmund back to his apartment and we went back to hotel. It was beginning to rain already and Edmund was lazy to walk out for dinner anymore. So the two of us head out for dinner back at Jalan Rangoon off Jalan Macalister. The same place we had the awesome Kopi Peng!

I miss Penang's Chee Cheong Fun so much!!! I love chee cheong fun and I have no idea why. Kent wondered why too as he phrase it "It's just a bunch of flour" =.= But who cares! It's nice what!

This is crab's meat inside the shell covered with cheese. It cost us RM10! I was kinda shocked when the girl asked for RM10. But damn this is superb! I've never tasted such delicious crab!!! *Thumbs up!*

Tom Yam Satay. Nothing special. Just normal satay with Tom Yam flavour sauce.

You know, I found out that Penang is not famous for its assam laksa, Hokkien mee or even the char kueh teow. Penang is famous for fried pork's fat!!! They have these fried fats everywhere in their fried rice, char kueh teow, Hokkien mee and every other rice and noodles dish! This is crazy! At first I still thought it's nice. But when Kent told me it's just pork's fats, I almost puke! I've been eating fats for days! Ugh!!!!!!! 

Walking back from dinner. That's the New World Park view at night. Nice right? Hehe =)

Ah this is what I bought from Penang. We didn't do much shopping. Or should I say, I didn't buy anything except for this magnet =.= I'm collecting magnets to stick to my fridge. I will buy one whenever I go travelling. Just to mark where I've been to. =D

These are the biscuits I bought from Ghee Hiang for mom. My aunty loves it alot! Mom doesn't really favor biscuits =(

Goodbye Penang! In conclusion, this was an awesome trip although it's pretty short and we were accompanied by rain every night but nevertheless, NO REGRETS! I love Penang to the max!!! I shall pay another visit few years later.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Burmese Buddhist Temple

Located also at Lorong Burma, right opposite the Reclining Buddha temple, is the Burmese Buddhist Temple, Dharmikaram. It's also known for the Standing Buddha. 

The entrance to the temple. There's lots of stalls selling souvenirs in front of the temple.

The main temple. I love the architecture!

Side view of inside the temple. I didn't go in because we had to take off our shoes and I was lazy. Haha!

The Standing Buddha. Beautifully painted in gold. I love all the carvings here!

This temple is rather huge compared to the Thai Buddhist temple. There's many little ponds, a pagoda and a bell tower too.

This is the wishing well. there's about 10 metal bowls there and the thing will spin. Try your luck throwing coins into it. There's different wishes for different bowls. Health, wealth, education, career, family, marriage and so on.

This is the bell tower. Edmund ran up without us! Try spot him. Hehe =P

View of the whole temple from top of the bell tower. The tall gold pagoda belongs to the Thai temple opposite.

High rise condos along Persiaran Gurney. The super high class and expensive place. Still more under constructions. Man Penang is really progressing fast! I wanna move there can? =D

Hello from Dharmikaram! Or should I say, goodbye Penang as this is the last day here. Flying back on the first flight the next day. Ahhhhh I'm so gonna miss Penang. I know I will because I am! =(

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Wat Chayamangkalaram

After we left Cheong Fatt Tze Mansion with full of disappointment, we took a taxi to the famous Reclining Buddha temple. It's rather far away and we're kinda out of energy to walk anymore.

Finally saw ING company. It's like a house! And One Ritz condo. Super classy!

Here we are. This is a Thai Buddhist temple called Wat Chayamangkalaram. It's very famous for the Reclining Buddha statue. Located at Lorong Burma.

Hello from Wat Chayamangkalaram! I felt like a dwarf =P

Lotus flower candles everywhere. Beautiful~

Gold carvings of Buddha on the wall.

As from what Edmund told me, if you donate to the temple, your name will be carved onto one of these Buddha carvings. I'm not sure about the amount of donation but hey it's a good deed right? =)

There's many other standing and sitting statues of gods surrounding the Reclining Buddha. They each have a name and a purpose.

Beautiful gold carvings on the 'bed' of the Reclining Buddha. It looks like a story. Hmm.....

Buddha's feet.

Another shot from the other end.

Next up is the Standing Buddha which is just opposite this temple. Wait up! =)

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Cheong Fatt Tze Mansion

Coming out from Pinang Peranakan Mansion, we headed to another beautiful mansion. This one's blue in color =) Based on the direction from the map we've got, the 3 of us walked under the scorching hot sun.

We found Love Lane! <3 I wonder why is this small road called Love Lane. Hotspot for couples? Hehe

Here we are! This is the Cheong Fatt Tze Mansion. The elegant blue color mansion located at Leith Street. This beautiful mansion belongs to a very rich businessman named Cheong Fatt Tze. He built this mansion according to all the advice he got from Feng Shui guru. The whole mansion was built to make sure the Qi is at the centre and that it will stay there for good. But too bad, after years of passing on to his grandchildrens and grandchildrens, the maintenance of the mansion was too heavy and they had to sell it off. Luckily one man is kind enough to buy it and maintain the whole mansion the way it was first built.

But we were so disappointed! Why? Cos we were late for the tour and the security guard told us that we're not allowed to enter on our own. This is such crap lah. Can't they just open it like the Pinang Peranakan Mansion? Isn't it better that way?

See that? That's the last tour of the day. Timed at 3.30pm. And we weren't even allowed to join them halfway =.=

The front garden. We are only allowed to stand at the gate and snap photos. I heard photos are not allowed to be taken inside the mansion.

I'll be back! No wait. We'll be back! =D

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Pinang Peranakan Mansion

Anyone remember this mansion? Or should I ask, anyone remember the drama Little Nyonya? The heartbreaking Baba and Nyonya story that made this mansion super famous. You should really watch that drama if you haven't =) Worth the watch!

Anyway, one of my mission to accomplish during this trip was to visit this mansion. It's in my compulsory list. I wanted to visit there on the 3rd day but I was held up by Edmund cos he insisted at going together. Haha! So I had to reschedule everything according to his time =P

Located at Church Street, it's a beautiful green mansion in the middle of a row of shophouses. You can recognize this mansion from afar. There's lots of mini vans there bringing tourists in and out of this famous mansion.

The front part of the mansion facing the street. But you gotta enter the mansion from the gate at the side. Why do old mansion has 2 doors? One wooden and one metal gate. Hmm.....I wonder....

Hello from Pinang Peranakan Mansion! I finally made it here! =D There's an entrance fee of RM10 per person. Tours are available too. At 2 different time. We didn't manage to catch the 3pm tour as we arrived around 2pm and by 3pm, we were heading out to another mansion. Ok let the tour begin.......

The main section of the mansion. I love how old houses have an open area in the middle of the house. Love the sunlight and fresh air!

Some cards that Baba and Nyonya play. I wonder what you call this. Interesting pieces of cards.

Ah there he is. Long lost brother of another mother =P

The beautiful stairs!!! I love all the classic gold paints here and there. Made every furniture look like a treasure!

Random cabinet placed at hallways.

The open area upstairs. But then....what happen when it rains??? Can those wooden floors survive??? Hmm.....those must be super water-resistant woods.

The beautiful carvings found everywhere!!! Beautiful gold wood carvings! Love!

One of the old times bed. With curtains and lots of beautiful wood carvings!

Old times tv and radio. Mom said she used to have this type of radio when she's a teen. Nice!

This is the bed/chair that the people use to enjoy their marijuana =.= Ok so I shouldn't use the word 'enjoy'. They have the pipes on display too.

We found a unique chair! It's S shaped, made of wood and rattan. Kent said it's a chair made for the times when two argue. Haha! Sit facing opposite side =P

Love this classic camera! We were fiddling with it wondering how it actually works. And the boys start to act as pro-photographer.

Looking down from the open area upstairs.

The vain us! Even going down staircase also want to take photo. And the other trying to be the Mafia leader =P Kononlah!

The main dining room. They have 3 dining room. One main one and two smaller ones in separate rooms at each side.

Me at the main dining table. Super long table! How they 'kiap' the food??? I know the people from the old times are super polite. So how do they actually take their food from this long table???

This is the back alley leading to the kitchen. The kitchen is a separate building from the main house.

And then I was appointed as the main chef of the mansion! NOT! =D As if lah I can cook Nyonya's food. Haha! Though I love to eat Nyonya's kuih but I'm a fail housewife =P

That's all from me this time. If you are going to Penang or have never been to this mansion before, it's a MUST GO! Worth the RM10 entrance fee =D