Sunday, July 22, 2012

Ramadhan Buffet at BCCK

YES! I went to the Ramadhan Buffet at BCCK last night! Oh good food is all I can say! Can't stop going round and round for more. Prepare yourself for the delicious food photos coming right up! 

BCCK is doing the Ramadhan buffet for the second year round. Located in the Great Hall. The place is comfortable. The decoration is beautiful. And of course, the main point is, the food is really good!

This is the Great Hall. What is your expression right now? How do you feel? For me, to be able to be there and see this absolute beautiful decoration, I was mesmerized and went speechless for minutes! It was only moments later that I found out I had been standing there alone looking around the nicely decorated hall. I'm so glad I own a Nikon dslr that allows me to take lovely photos,

This is the VIP table. Hmm.....why weren't we seated on the VIP table? Hehehe Ok so I'm not any minister. I'm just a very small blogger =P

Ah enough of words. I shall let all the delicious photos lure you all to BCCK =D

Appetizers. Futomaki rolls & condiments. Poached snapper fillet on ice. And that octopus, the one on the spoon. Oh that is an absolute MUST TRY! I wish they serve in bigger portion =P

Poached prawn on ice. I'm not a fan of prawn so I didn't try this. But I had the marinated salmon. OH man! If you love sushi, you MUST try the salmon!!! No photos taken because when my camera reached the dish, there's only 5 pieces left so what did I do? Of course take them all before it's being swept away!

Keropok, acar, jeruk, cencaluk, sambal mangga and the famous tempoyak! I prefer my durian fresh. But my tablemates, they fell in love with it. Hehe =)

And many more appetizers to please you all! Spoilt by choices already? This is just the appetizers! You have yet to see the countless main dish!

Porridge is available. There's also soup and white rice. I'm not going for the usual food. I always aim for something that I cannot get from home.

Something like mussels with CHEESE!!!!! This is the dish that kept the chefs busy for the whole night. Carrying in and out new trays of mussels cos they finish so fast! Staring at this photo now, I can still taste the cheese. Yum~

Beryani kambing. This is about the same as rendang except it's lamb. This one is good. Better than the rendang served. Hee~ But this is not my favourite so far. Let me show you something else.

AYAM PANSUH!!!! I'd fell in love with ayam pansuh since Gawai. It was my first time having ayam pansuh at my bro's friend's house. This is my favourite dish of the night! Can't had enough. But then, I do hope they can cut the chickens into smaller pieces.

Moving on from the dishes on table. They too have stalls where the chef are there ready to serve you. You can watch how they prepare your food. It's pretty interesting to see how they wrap the roti canai and bakar the fishes.

This is the roti canai and kuih Dhall stall. I can have roti canai everywhere so nope. Am saving my tummy for something else.

This is the ikan bakar stall. They have kembong and saba fish for you to choose.

This stall made me stay for a few minutes. Haha! I was curious at how they prepare the sharwarma. I wanted to ask the chef about sharwarma but he was so busy so I didn't want to disturb him.

This is the cendoll stall. Ah speaking of cendoll. Let's move on to desserts!

Desserts has always been my favourite part of a dinner. Hehe who is not with me? My friends always asked, why do I have more photos of desserts than the main dishes itself. Um.....because that's how much I love desserts that I can spend my whole time just standing there, enjoy taking photos, wanting to capture the best angle and make them look as delicious as the real thing!

Desserts are pretty little things!

Tartes! It's soft and just the right sweetness.

Chocolate cake with raisins! This one's good! Hmm.....I wonder if I can learn how to bake this cake from the chef. Can I? =)

Traditional Malay kuih. 

Jelly!!!! Love love love!!!

Fresh fruits. What is a dessert without fresh fruits right?

Thinking why they have fruit skewer and marshmallows? Because the best thing is always served last!

CHOCOLATE FOUNTAIN!!!!! I can finally has my marshmallows dipped in chocolate pool!

The place was packed even during the first night. I was very surprised because normally during the first night, most people will want to buka puasa with family. But they chose to go over BCCK. For the sake of good food!

Another view before I leave. Oh this place had me mesmerized. Not only by the beautiful decoration but the good food that is gonna make me gain so much weight. Haha!

Why don't all of you youngsters out there, give your parents something different during this Ramadhan. Treat them to a great meal at BCCK. I'm sure it's gonna be worth every penny! How much you ask? All information below =)

Do remember! Give BCCK a ring for reservation before you head over. The food is so good that it could be hard to secure a seat without reservation =) 082-392889 Hope you see you all there~

Last but not least, thank you Mike for extending the invitation. 

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Ramadhan Buffet is BACK!

To all my Muslim friends, I wish you all well during the Ramadhan month. 

The best thing of BCCK is back! The Ramadhan Buffet 2012! I wasn't there last year but I heard the food was good. So no matter what, this year I must not miss the opportunity to give it a try. 

I've only been to BCCK three time. Well, of course only when there's event then I'll be there. It's not like I work there =) I remember early this year, I was there for the CNY food tasting at Raintree Restaurant. It was a very pleasant experience as it's my first time dining there. The chef was so friendly that he described all the dish to us. How it was cooked and what ingredient was being used. You all know I'm very busybody right? So yes we asked alot and boy, the chef must be tired after the dinner =P

Let me just tempt you with some food from previous CNY post: Chinese New Year Buffet 

I'm hoping that this year the Ramadhan Buffet, which is gonna be my first time, will not let me down. I heard a friend saying he's so willing to pay for another round of Ramadhan buffet after he came back. When someone said he's going back for more, you know the food is surely good. I can't wait til this Saturday for the big feast!

Join me everyone! Let's hangout at BCCK during the month of Ramadhan~

Friday, July 13, 2012

Padawan Fair 2012

It's Friday night and I'm stuck at home with Gossip Girl. It's the night where the Rainfest had begun. Many went, but some don't. So, what are you doing on this Friday night? Partying with the crowd or uptown? Anyway, I'm looking forward to my very first dance at Rainfest this year which is happening tomorrow night! 

Meanwhile, I need to calm myself down before I explode again. Ah it's such a bad day. I mean, yes it's been very ordinary, nothing special. But that's the problem with me. Going in and out of this same routine. Nothing more than that everyday. Ok I'm just bored. Ignore me. I better do another post about all these craps.

Here, I'm supposed to be posting about Padawan Fair that happened at MJC Township couple of weeks ago. I'm not sure if it's still there or has it ended. Passing by several nights, the sign sure caught my attention. So one weekend I dragged bf there for dinner. Well, it's a very small fair compared to Kuching Fest of course. Less varieties of food. But then again, at least it's there for the few weeks and can occupy the boredness out of the many people like me.

Set up are much like Kuching Fest. They sell mostly same stuff. Sio bee king is there, fried durian is there, kuih stall is there, Taiwan sausage is there as well. But within a few minutes, I see nothing as interesting as Kuching Fest. So we just settled ourselves with very simple dinner.

Nasi lemak! I know it's nothing special but we were so attracted by the rendang. I have no comment about this dish cos it's just another local dish available everywhere.

And then I found my new found love, Takoyaki balls! Ever since I had them at Kuching Fest last year, I fell for them. Then I found it at Tarot Cafe too! So now everytime I'm there, I will order this =P

A stage was also set up for entertainment sake. All I heard was aunties and uncles singing Hakka songs, Hokkien songs and so on.

I can't wait for Kuching Fest to start. It's coming on the 20th of July and the next day Ramadhan bazaar is gonna start too! Oh awesome July and August! I found out that the 2nd half of the year is always better. There's more events to check out.

Right. Better off to pack my stuff for RWMF tomorrow. Holler me if you're there~

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

My First Trip To Miri

Aaaaahhhhhhhhhh!!! It's already 10th of July! Time! Can you please stop flying??? No wait. I think it's my laziness that's causing the time to fly without me knowing it. Hmm....I feel so.......speechless when I saw my June archive has only 3 posts =.= So mengesiankan diri only. I wonder what happened to all my blogging mood? I used to blog alot kan? I used to crap alot kan? What happened to me?!?!?!

Ok ok let me finish this post before I crap some more. Else it's just gonna be another procrastination.

MIRI! Was where I went during Father's Day weekend. Flew in on Friday night and came back on Sunday noon. My very first time to Miri. Was very excited cos I'm gonna explore the city, like finally!

Friday night when we reached, bf's stepmom picked us up from the airport and we went to his dad's stall to eat. His dad works at 5050 Cafe in case anyone wants to go there and try =P I was so hungry that yes I ate the food without first taking the photo of it =.= We headed home straight after that and rest for the night cos it's gonna be a long day tomorrow.

Saturday morning!

Breakfast at bf's dad's best friend's cafe. Ok that's a long acknowledgement. Let's just call him Mr Boon. I don't know what's the name of the shop cos I didn't manage to check in. It's in chinese word anyway. His cafe was so packed early in the morning cos of his famous char kueh tiaw. He had been in the cooking industry for more than 20years. Before we flew in on Friday night, bf kept telling me stories about Mr Boon and of course, about his char kueh tiaw.

After breakfast, it's the merry-go-round-Miri time!
Commercial break: This is the princess of the family aka bf's youngest sister. She's only 4 years old =.= Such a sweety~ Talks alot! Hyper active! The lil girl I spent my entire time searching for hair clips and other accessories for her. Haha! Oh and she has mood swings too =.=

Ok back to business. First stop, we went to Bintang Megamall. I wanted to shop but then somehow they were not into shopping so we were there for about 30mins and off we went to another place.

From Avanza, we switched to yatch! =D Nope we did not go on board. That's just a jetty we passed by. I can only gasp when I saw this view. It's like Miami! Only smaller version.

We came to this old clinic. No no we're not here for the doctor. We're here for something else.

For this nice sheds? Nah~ But I think it's kinda creative how they build these er.....I don't know how to explain. Probably they used to have chairs and tables there for people to chill out but then it's no longer in use. If only the government take the time to maintain this place. I'm pretty sure it can be one good tourist spot.

See what I meant? You can always have weekend picnic here. Or maybe open up a restaurant then set up candlelit dinner on each of the square-fenced-box. It would be really romantic! Cos it's facing the sea!

Therefore, a seahorse was built there! In Sarawak, each city has either a fruit or an animal to represent. As for Miri, it's the seahorse. Standing proudly on top! It's really sad how this place is kinda not-well-maintained. Sigh.........

Oh Hello from Miri! =D This place is definitely windy cos it's located just by the sea. Ah breezy wind~

Again, Hi from Miri! =D I love how this photo turned out. Edited it from Photobucket. Gives me a picnic feel. I can just sit there for the whole day enjoying the scenery and wind. Lovely~

See how calm the sea is. The blue horizon....

Back in car and off we were swept away to another beautiful place.

Welcome to the famous beach of Miri, Tanjong. Also my bf's favourite hang-out place in Miri. The government (I think) are gonna build a resort stretching out from one jetty to another.

This is the jetty. There's another one to the right. As shown on the plan, if you view from top, it's gonna be the shape of a seahorse. I can't wait til it's done! Definitely gonna come! Hopefully they have helicopter service that can bring us up to capture the soon-to-be mesmerizing view.

After a long morning, we went back home to recharge our body for the second session. Shopping and dinner!

After we sent bf's dad to work at around 4pm, we drove to Boulevard and shopped there. Ok I must say this. I'm so glad our Boulevard at Kuching is SO MUCH BETTER than theirs. I'm sorry Mirians but you guys should come to Kuching's Boulevard. You'll go home with beautiful stories to tell =P Yes I am proud and should I insist, super proud of Kuching! 

Within half an hour of walking around, I gave up. Yes I did bought stuff. But it's just stuff for the princess and nothing for myself. Maybe I should head over to Bintang Megamall instead. I'm so not going back Boulevard the next time I'm at Miri.

Later, we went to search for Father's Day cake for the night's celebration. Bf's brother's gf brought us to a bakery nearby and we managed to secure a pre-made fruit cheese cake.

Father's Day dinner. Bf's stepmom booked a table at New Tanjong Seafood Restaurant. A very famous place for seafood at night. The place was kinda packed. There's a few restaurants located at the same place. Nice simple restaurant. Nothing luxury.

Uncle observing the cake we bought.

Happy with the cake and finally looked up for a photo. Haha!

Family photo after dinner. Yes. That's how many siblings my bf has. 5 brothers and 1 sister. Powerful parents kan? Hahahahaha!

After dinner it's just home. No where else to go at night. Not that we doesn't want to go out but because bf is not familiar with the road there cos it's been so long since he last went home. And we didn't want to bother the brothers so it's just home and sleep.

Sunday morning!

Woke up super early to accompany bf's dad to market. It's his daily routine to buy veges for use at work. He's a cook remember? Oh btw, bf's 2nd brother is also a cook who owns a cafe with few friends. It's called Golden Luck Cafe. Located just behind Boulevard.

After market, we went for breakfast. Uncle said this handmade noodle is very nice so I gave it a try. To me, I don't complain about food but I think this is just ok. A very normal noodle. The only thing that's making the noodle nice is the fried onions. =)

After breakfast, we sent uncle to workplace for him to prepare his stuff. The two of us just walked around the place while waiting for uncle to be done before going to lunch then airport.

It's time for us to head home now. Kinda sucks that the weekend had to end this fast cos I haven't finish exploring the whole of Miri. We're gonna go back every year for Father's Day celebration. Hopefully next year we will have a better weekend escapade~ See you again Miri!