Monday, September 30, 2013

The Raintree Restaurant International Buffet Dinner

Tired of the same old cafe you go on every Friday night? Or contemplating about having Japanese or Chinese or Italian for dinner to start on a great weekend? Need a change from all the homecook and clean food? And to the gym-ers, want a total cheat day? I know just the place! Wahahaha! Cos I just had my total cheat meal last Friday night and it was awesome! Savouring those buns, cheese, mayonaise, cakes, rendang, and ooohhhhhh I love the taste of black pepper sauce!

Let me bring you back to the around-the-world-dinner~ All available at one place. One comfortable restaurant with beautiful view of Sarawak river. The Raintree Restaurant located at BCCK~~ They're having the international buffet every Friday from 6.30pm to 10pm. The buffet started last weekend and I'm not sure how long it will last. Probably until New Year. 

The price to dine in will be RM72++ per person for adults and RM34++ for kids aged 5 to 12 years old. So if you're above 12 years old then you're consider as adults. But why our parents never treat us as adults when we're in Form 1? Haha! Any child below age 5 will get to eat for free. 

Always start a good meal with appetizers. Appetizers are too good to be missed! Don't skip straight to the main course cos you might find gold in appetizers =D

Ham! Love how they displayed the ham. Instead of the normal plainly laying flat on the plate they had it forked up. Haha!

Look at how adorable the view is from top. Hehehe

Gold like salmons are food you will miss if you skip appetizers. Smoked salmon! But I still prefer my salmon the raw way. Hehe =D Raw salmons with wasabi! Oh nom nom nom!

Prawns wrapped in I-don't-know-what but this one's good. Oh and they actually dipped it inside marinated cucumbers and pudding. Nice combination! Love the sour and spicy!

I seriously do not know what is this but this tasted awesome! The best appetizer I had ever had! Or probably I had clean food for too long and I really love everything I taste that night. Haha! 

Buns and bread! I love buns and bread and pastries. I'm a bakery person. Never bring me to a bakery cos I will not walk out empty handed. Hahaha! And I've been holding back by buying ONLY wholemeal bread from bakery these days. So you can already imagine what happened to those buns that night.

What more to say when there's this platter of CHEESE just next to them! Hancussssssssssssssssss!

Sushi! No I'm still good at holding back not to eat rice. Hahaha! I'm not a rice person anyway~ Always prefer noodles than rice. Was tempted to try these but I knew I had to save my stomach for something else. Something better. Hehehe

Buns! Yes I can't have enough of buns. I love buns so much that my mom once said that if I continue to eat more buns, my face will look like one =O

Baked potatoes! They even have sweet potatoes too. But potatoes fill your tummy so fast that I decided to skip this as well. Hehehehe But then again, whoever judge a potato's taste kan? Potatoes always taste so good be it baked or boiled.

Dim sums! These are pretty normal though. I can have dim sums like every week. So yeah, this one's just ok ok to me la. Probably what's missing is some really good chilli sauce but then again it will spoil the whole taste =P

Baked chicken with olive and potato. This one's rather normal as well. Cos I eat chicken everyday. Hahaha! Except mine is without olive. Hmm olives =D Me love!

Oh sweet Mediterranean lamb tagine~ Complicated name to imagine the taste? In short, it tastes totally like rendang. Love this one! Nope there's no roast lamb for this buffet. Roast lamb are kept for the special occassion. Hehehe

Looking for something Italian? Tadah! They have lasagna! I looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooove this lasagna!!! How I wish I can finish the whole plate by myself =P

Baked salmon with olives, herbs and lemon. Now this is the one dish I kept going back to =D Countless rounds of baked salmon. Baked salmon taste so much better than smoked salmon. Well to me that is. Hehe Oh and they topped it with cheese!!!! Ahhhh!!! I think I need to learn this recipe from the chef. This is good!

Lastly, no roast lamb? No worries! They have roasted beef with roasted root vegetable and baked potato. Sauces available? Black pepper sauce, mushroom sauce and BBQ sauce. English mustard and dijion mustard are available too. This beef is so tender and juicy and roast to perfection! Yes! PERFECTION! It's been so long since I had such good beef. Thumbs up to this roast beef!!!

As for desserts, I had to choose carefully what I eat. Haha! Kinda disappointed there's no cheese cake. This one's bread pudding. My first time having this. It's warm though. I prefer my dessert cold. Hehe

What's dessert without fruits right?

Or some might prefer fruits tartlet. Cute little strawberries and peach.

Pandan cake. I miss their chocolate cake.

Last but not least, BCCK's dessert trademark. The chocolate fountain!

Think this is what they have? Actually not. I didn't snap photo of the pumpkin soup, buttered prawns, panseared fish and fried kuay teow. Oh the fried kuay teow is good! I miss eating those oily fattening food. Hahaha! Ok enough of my clean food craps.

Once in awhile we must eat some good food to treat our tummy well. So when is that once in awhile? Let's make it once a week. Every Friday 6.30pm can I have someone date me to this international buffet at Raintree Restaurant BCCK? Pweeeessssssssssssss! It's only RM72++ for adults and all you have to do is call up 082-392988 for reservation. Hehehe =D Ring up the place, make a reservation and drop me an invitation email ok? See you there!

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Christmas Dinner at KL

Food time!!! And fun time with the cousins. Hehe =D Dinner was called early around 5pm. Started off with my aunty's colleagues and friends. Families came later cos we tend to party harder than anyone else. Haha! The Ho family sure knows how to have fun and yes we're closer than we look =)

My aunty's maid is super awesome! She can cook all the nice food!!!

My cousin baked this chocolate cake. Love it much! Why lah didn't I ask for the recipe! But then again, I need a better oven if I were to bake any cakes now.

Shot for the sisters =) Don't they look the same? Hehe

My beloved aunty! Love her to the max!!! <3 p="">
The party will never start without the cousins arriving. Ing who had moved to KL few years ago. Now what we need is for her to get a place of her own then I can fly there and bunk at her place. Wahahahaha! Oops! =P Teeheeheeeee~~

My adorable niece Caylee! She's so hyper so adorable to sweet so naughty! She stole the spotlight for that night. Haha! Always does and always will!

That's when she's hyper. Hahahaha! She's always moving around. It's so hard to get her sit still for a photo. Just like the aunty I guess? Wahahaha! bro decided he needs to trace back his ancestors by being a cow =.= HAHAHA!

The fun crazy loud wacky hyper KACHENGS! We're missing a few else I think the house will be upside down already by our laughters =P

Another shot with the aunties. Eh no. The elder sisters. Hahahaha!

These are the presents I got from my aunties and cousins. Secretly love the bangle most. Hehehe =P

And this is my Christmas present I got for myself. But sadly this pair of sneakers had been worn out. Love it so much! But just won't last me long enough til next Christmas....

Ok! So I'm done with my JB-KL vacation post. Like FINALLY! Do wait up for more posts. Gotta take some time to edit all the photos. Dang I'm like rushing everything before September ends. Hahahaha! Alright. Now next will be a work post. MUST do it tonight. I just don't like to submit my work late. Hehe =D Wait up!

Christmas at Berjaya Times Square

Christmas day! Yes I know it's last day of September tomorrow and I'm still at December 25th last year. Hahaha! Ok ok I'm rushing my posts now =P Will dig out all the 2012 photos and post something soon. Hopefully that soon is next weekend la. Hehe 

So I decided to do some last minute Christmas shopping with my cousin at Times Square on the morning of Christmas day. My bro tagged along too. My dad dropped the 3 of us there and we shopped the whole day! It's really shop til we drop!

Yin my beloved cousin. We're just 3 months apart~ Hehehe =) she's a Chinese physician and I'm idea. Haha! Just someone trying to enjoy my life to the max now =P

Look at the beautiful decorations at Times Square! They really went the extra mile!!! I vote them the best!

Cute little snowman that's grey in color. I want that huge candy cane behind! Er....what's that lady looking at??? Why frown when you can smile? Heeee~ =)

This is the view from above. I don't know which floor was this. 3rd or 4th floor. These are actually the little kiosk. They made the whole place looks like a garden. A huge garden filled with candy can and those hugeass Christmas balls.

And when we got hungry. Savor for burger!!!!

This cake attracts me too much. Been wanting to try how the rainbow cake taste like. Only one word: SWEET! Dang those sugar intake!!!

After a whole day of shopping, we head home and waited for the dinner my aunty was holding. What's Christmas without any dinner kan? This time it's Christmas dinner with friends and family. How I wish BiBoo could join us that night =(

Right. Gonna rush my last post about this vacation and off I go to dig New Year celebration photos =D And those photos I left out throughout the whole year. Gotta do this fast! Rush rush rush!

iCity With Family

Aha! Here's to the missing photos. Haha! Finally found them and done editing. Hehe =) These photos were all taken by Dennis. Thus the thanks to Thinker_D. 

When I said I will be back to iCity, I know I will and I did. But this time with my family. I've been really wanting to bring my mom to iCity and let her see the beauty of lights. Of course, she was mesmerized! Although the mood was a lil spoilt cos my dad was sick and we wanted him to stay home but he stubbornly insisted at following. Sigh...It's ok. He just wanted to spend time with us I know =)

The view of the whole iCity. I heard there's a water theme park next to iCity. Is it open yet? The place has changed from the last time I was there. That's been a year!

Can't seem to capture the lights. Was this shot taken by me? I think it was. Haha! A Nikonian trying to capture beautiful lights with a Canon gear and there goes the failure =P

Starting our journey at iCity!

This looks like the Celcom Christmas tree that has always been up and around during Christmas season in Kuching. Haha! Except it's not purple.

Fat snowman made out of lights and not snow =D

I just love this angle. The perfect colourful lighted trees. Nice kan?

My most treasured photo. Love this shot!

Thank you so much to Dennis who brought us around. Alright. Next up will be shopping session around the city. See ya!

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Mines Shopping Mall & TBowl

Dated 23rd December 2012. We took the bus back from JB and reached Tasik Selatan Bus Terminal just in time for lunch. Dennis picked us up and brought us all the way to Mines Shopping Mall. My mom's been talking and talking about this shopping mall with river inside and some snow place which I have no idea at which corner was it situated. 

So here we were. At Mines Shopping Mall. The Big Bad Wolf book sales was held on that day at MIECC which is just next to the shopping mall thus the jam was super horrible! I actually felt bad cos Dennis had to bring us all the way there and it's not near ohh >.<.....

Our first time at Mines Shopping Mall. I almost take a tour in these cute boats but the weather was killing me so I decided to stay in the air-conditioned area. Superb!

Later we head over to The Summit to meet my aunty, Nong Ee for dinner and then we head off to iCity. Oh crap! I forgot to upload the photos we took at iCity! Dang! Now I need to edit more photos =.= Haiya!!! Ok that will come in another post.

Skip that. Let me show you where we went the next day.

YES! Christmas was around the corner and I love beautiful Christmas decoration. This one was set up at Sungei Wang Plaza. Nice kan?

I wanted to try out this eatery place. It's called TBowl located at Sungei Wang. Gotta use the lift and stairs to reach the top section. Kinda hidden. But once you're up there, you can get lots of eatery cafes and kiosks.

TBowl. A toilet concept restaurant. A very interesting place to dine in.

Drinks came in toilet bowl shaped mug. Cute!

Rice came in plates shaped like...............sink? Or toilet top?

And this! Was seated on a toilet bowl too! Grilled salmon. Yum!

Another rice. My parents are so traditional especially my paps. Always need rice for their meals. Haha! Least my mom will try western food but we always call my pap the China man =D

My Japanese spaghetti. So so only but the portion was huge. Price wise, I think the place is just nice. Standard price for an eatery place in KL.

And the soup came in a bathtub! Haha! My mom was laughing at this before she saw what comes next.

Ice cream shaped like you-know-what and is placed right at the toilet bowl.

And the furniture of the place were all toilet bowls and bathtubs and sinks. Nice concept! Love the place! Not so with the food. I guess I won't be back again. Hehe~

Til then~ Need to dig out those iCity photos. Haiyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!