Kuching Fest

This is a very outdated blog. Haha! It's suppose to be up last Saturday but my hp cable was left at office so I can't upload the pics. So here I am today. Blogging at office. Hahaha! Hopefully won't get caught by AM. Heee~

So, I did went to Kuching Fest last Friday night with my mum. Rose was the first person I met there. Of cos she was with her darling JF. Hehe =) I walked one round with my mum and bro. Bought foods and search for place to sit. It was full! Biasalah. Haha! So we headed to the garden to eat. We found this very nice spot. Sitting right in front of a beautiful waterfall with bridge. A cute lil bridge which I don't dare to walk on. Haha!
Oops! Caught people walking by. Haha! That's the waterfall. But I didn't take the pic of the bridge. Hehe =)
Mamam! We had taiwan sausages, some kind of fried rice from Pandan Thai Delight and drinks. Bro had milk tea while me and mummy drank fruit drinks. Don't know what's it call. Hehe~
And this is mua chee. This year they have green tea flavor. Hehehe =D We also bought dragon whiskers but it was spoilt by mummy =( End up I didn't even eat a piece! And I'm so the very beh kam guan now. Can anyone buy me dragon whiskers??? PwEeEesSsS~~~

After eat, we had a walk around the garden. The rattan thingy so mahuan. Haiz.. Then we headed to the booth section. Kelly called me said she's there already. Then my mummy not happy =( Cos I'm not gonna walk with them ma. At first I tell Kelly to go eat first then baru meet. She said ok lor. Halfway walking at the booth, I came to this booth that sell wood puzzle thingy. I don't know how to explain la. I looked around lo. There's this green Eiffel Tower that caught my attention. So, why think more? I bought it for RM15. It's glow-in-the-dark. Hehe =D Gladly brought it home. After that, went to meet with Kelly. Got splitted with my mum bah. Haha! We went to Melvin's stall. But didn't buy any from him la. Sowee Melv~

Then we walked around, Kelly wana buy the dragon whiskers. Hehe =) While she was waiting for the person to prepare, we met Alice. Oh! And we saw this biatch! Urgh! We tailed her. Haha! Memang kepo! But then we didn't get her. End up losing her. Haha! Kelly was so not satisfied! Haha! I went home around 9smth.

The next day, Yang came over in the noon. We had lotsa fun la. We pieced up the glow-in-the-dark Paris Eiffel Tower. Hehe =) Chit chat and joked and shared stuff whole noon. Heee~
Nice right the Eiffel Tower? Sure nice la ho! Who built de? Haha! Memories~~~


Sharon said…
Eh the Eiffel tower so nice le.. haha.

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