Sematan here I come!!!!!

WeEeEe~~~~ Today marks the day I'll be going to Sematan for the first time! Haha! Laugh all you want, I won't mind cos it's really my first time. Heee~ It's also my first trip to overnight at beach with friends! Yay! Hahaha! I do sound crazy am I not? Hehe =D

Current status: Online too early, no one chatting with me, browsing through friend's blogs and blogging here. Oh! And having my breakfast at 8.20am on a Saturday! Haha! Sotz!

I'm just sOoOo E.X.C.I.T.E.D! My very nice colleague Choon Fung will be up here picking me and Ms Chan around 11am? I'm not quite sure. No confirmation yet. Then we'll be going to Boss's house and he'll drives us all up to Sematan! WeEeEeE~~~~

And as for my Yang, ok. Not mine I know. But just display the 'my' for fun. Haha! Anyway, he'll be going up with of course, their unit people. Robert will be picking him and they'll meet at Fern's shop. Then off they go to Sematan~ We'll sure be meeting each other there la. Haha! And sure lor. That's part of my reason to be sOo HAPPY! Hahahaha!

For the rest of the program, gotta wait til Monday then I can post up (though I know everything now) Hehe =)

So, what am I suppose to do now? Still no one chatting with me. And no one msg me. Apu~ Go play games first la. Tata~


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