DarN! I'll be bored to death EVERY SINGLE WEEKEND starting from tomorrow!!!! My bro's havin sch hols and even TUITION HOLS! So....

Sch hols + tuition hols = I'M STUCK AT HOME!

Sienz ah!!!!!!!!!!!! SoMeoNe pLeaSsSsSsssSsSsseeeeeeeeeeee

TAKE ME OUT!!!!!!!!!

I need something. I need a plan. I need business. I need appointment. I need fun. I need frineds. I need outings. I NEED ACTIVITIES!!!!

Hope I won't grow mushroom! UrGh!!!!!!! Life like that sucks SO MUCH!!!!

Just imagine staying home for weekends!!!!! If alone stil ok. BUT I HAVE TO COOK FOR HIM!!!!! And that really sucks when the food you cook, doesn't get appreciated! Shiatz!

sobs......... (o_o,)


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