Secret Garden

Many people are blogging about this Privilege book thingy. So the kiasu me also wana blog bout it. Haha! I got this Privilege book from Jimmy just now. Since he's going KL tomorrow so I 'stole' his book. Wakakaka!!!
View view and view....Then we saw this Secret Garden. So we decided to drop by and have our lunch there.
My first time there so surely snap here and there with my no mega hp. Kekeke =D
The design not bad. Hehe =) I like the lightings. Rounded plates. Haha!
The seats...
This is the toilet...I didn't go check it out. Haha!
Green apple juice belongs to me while watermelon juice is what Jimmy ordered. It costs RM5.50 per glass. Haha!
This is sweet and sour fish rice. Everywhere I go surely I'll try the sweet sour fish. Haha! Finally found another place where I can enjoy my sweet and sour besides Jadepot. The sweet sour fish here cost RM6 only oh! Hehe =D
This is Teriyaki rice ordered by Jimmy. It costs RM7.90. Hehe =D
Secret Garden is a nice place to go. It's comfy and cosy. The price is also reasonable despite looking at the exterior which looks so high class. Hahaha! It has another interior section which I didn't explore. Hehe =) Probably I'll go back again sometime later. Cheers~


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