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I can't really remember the tag but it's something to do with my life in 2007. I'm lazy to copy paste the rules and all. So here goes...A simplified ones. Haha!

Went interview at lots of place. Haha! Fell sick all of a sudden also.

Had a VERY VERY STUPID IDIOT CNY! Am going to forget about that. It's a horrible month for me. But one thing good is that, I finally have Streamyx =)

Finally got a job. My first full-time office job at KY Kuang Agency, ING. I'm loving this job a lot. Met lots of new people =)

My birthday, not good. It's another horrible month. Sigh...

Bought my new hp Nokia 5300 with my own money~ Weee~ It's not such a great month either.

Bought my first pair of sneaker. Went to Damai for day trip cos aunty back from KL. Mummy bought new hp too but dropped it and she bought back the same hp again. Took my P6 exam and failed. Haha! Ing flew to KL.

Won prizes from BluInc! Hehe =) Bought gift for Darren Ko and Henry. Both them left for Melbourne. He got into an accident...Officially off...

Went Sematan for agency Family Day. Sat for PCE exam. Had some fun wit Y but end up sad. Got new pendrive from Fung. Ex schoolmate lunch gathering at Zhi Wei.

Aurelia's bday, brought her to Secret Recipe. Joined hip hop class at EarthDance. Went Camp Permai for Team Building program for 3days 2nights. A sweet sweet memory. Got a bracelet from my beloved Granduncle, he bought it from China.

Went to a recycling exhibition. Changed my header, thanks to Tim! Went for a haircut at Summer Dream with Aurelia. The month where I'm invited into Skype! Weee~ Thanks Rose!

Went to Bridal Fair with Tim them. First time meet Alvin and Allen at the bridal fair. First dinner with them as well at Sin Wan, Jln Song. That's where I first met Jimmy and Irene. Had BBQ gathering over at my house.

Bloggers meet at Kaya & Toast. First time meet Cherry and Apple. Invited to the Rock Party at Fever. Momi Alysha and Dodi Paul Marriage @ Banquet! Another bloggers meet @ Tao. Partied over at Dodi Momi house for Xmas. Another Christmas party over at Gladys's house and NYE at colleague's house. Had my another haircut. Hehe =) Mum and bro went to KL.

Overall, the year 2007 was a year filled with lots and lots of happenings. My life hasn't been so colourful for so long. Ups and downs. Met lots of new people. Am now very happy with my life. And by the way, I'm back to school! Haha! Cheers people~ HUGS AND KISSES SPECIALLY TO ALL OF YOU IN SKYPE! I'm glad I met you all~


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