JJ Lin Concert

Last Tuesday, Aurelia gave me tickets to JJLin's concert. Hehe =D It was kinda last minute though. Aure gave me 4tickets. So I went with my mum, bro and bf's niece, Elina. I reached there later about 7.40pm cos was working til 7.15 marh. It was raining heavily so darling drove quite slow. Mum was there earlier with bro so they got us seats. Hehe =)When I reached, the show haven't start yet. So I quick quick snap a few shots of the stage. Hotlink was the main sponsor I think. They distributes JJ's posters and also giving out goodie bags to those who bought the new Hotlink pack. I only managed to get the Hotlink big hand from one of the girls.
This is the organiser, I don't remember who is he but he's representing International Time (Guo Ji Shi Bao). They invited quite a few people to give speeches. So bored lah!
They also had dance performance before JJ came out. The dance was great! They were doing hip-hop together with breakdance. How I miss EarthDance~
Hehe =)
And then came this guy. Forgot his name. He was the guy who won some singing competition. He sang one of JJ's old album's song.
The host. The guy was the same guy from Rynn Lim's concert. As for the lady, she's Ah May from MY.fm.
Then~ Time for JJ to perform~ The cheers was so LOUD when he came on stage!
The concert was more noisy than Rynn Lim's. People likes him more I guess. Haha!
He sang about 4songs that night.
After the 3rd song, they stopped for some games. Asked a few people to join the games. Hehe =)
They were asking JJ to show some dance move. And the contestants were to follow how he dances.
The winner goes to a pretty girl. She really dances well. Congrats to her!
She even danced alongside with JJ! OMG! People were cat-whistling all over. Haha!

That's all for the night~ JJ is cute! Hehe =D



jimmychin said…
blek u...haha... tat night cannot bring u in front... hahaha...
next time i prepare extra pass.. lol

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