Village Fast Food

Last night went to dine at Village Fast Food. Darling said wana give me surprise. Bring me to somewhere for dinner. *Jeng jeng* That's the place he brings me to. Haha! I love it when he says he wana surprise me. HEhe =D *muax*The exterior shot~ The place looks nice from afar. Hahaha! But the interior is very common. Nothing much special.
The Village is own by the Green Bento Company. It's a catering service company. Provides breakfast, lunch and dinner. I think! Haha!
They had this newly built interior waterfall. The tauke said it's not done yet~
I ordered potato salad. Don't know why these few days crave much for salads~ Yum~ I was afraid I will be disappointed with the portion but well I wasnt! I couldn't even finish it! It's worth my RM4.50. Hehe =D
I had fried mee with tomato sauce. My all time favourite~ I still miss the one I used to had at Sungai Apong! Can anyone help me find that uncle back? His one is superb! Wrapped in newspaper and the portion is really alot!
Darling ordered lemon chicken~
The rice came in another bowl. So cute lah. It's like what people always use to put soup. Hehe =)

The price there is ok lah. Oh ya! The drink is definitely worth it! It's so gigantic! For me lah! I couldn't finish my Nescafe peng. Haha! So wasted! It's worth to go if you're on budget =)



ahlost said…
You're the first to give compliment to this place :D
aNgeL-cuPid said…
har? yameh? hahaha! cos I thought Jimmy went before. Or was it someone I also don't know. Hehe =D

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