CNY eve @ Kampung

Finally I'm here blogging about my Chinese New Year celebration. I know I know it's already the 14th day of CNY. But it's still CNY isn't it? Hahaha! I have been rather busy with stuff lately. CNY visitings and some happenings and working now too. So didn't really have the time to post up pics. But for those in my facebook, you get to see I've posted up my pics earlier on.

Anyway, I'll let the pics do the talking mainly k? Enjoy there~
As you all know, it's a rainy New Year this year. It was raining quite heavily when I was on my way back to kampung at AsaJaya. I so loved this pic which I took while paps driving. Hee~

This was taken at part of my kampung. And that's my pap eating some fruits from the tree. My uncle was actually up on the tree plucking 'em. Wana know what tree is this? Scroll down for more~
I had to zoom from my camera cos the soil was very muddy. Didn't wana dirty my sneakers. Hehe =D
Still can't get it? Will show you later~
Duckz! They're everywhere!
This one's below the house.
Lanterns in the temple...
My kong kong's seat.
Preparation for prayers...
My aunty shaking the bottle of stick with numbers. Don't know what's it call.
Then my bro will put the stick at the pot together with the it incense stick? Or something like that lah~
Then kong kong will pray to Niang Niang and....ask if the number is the one lah! Hahaha!
Tadah! These are the fruits lah! Langsat! That my uncle plucked from the tree just now. A lot leh~ One whole bucket of 'em. Hahaha! They're very very sweet!
See I told you. The ducks are everywhere!
Spot the chicken?
Time for decoration. I helped my cousin to put up those drinks. Kekeke =D
And that! Was all done by my youngest uncle. He simply hang the decors all over the living room. So..... (=.=)'''' Hahahaha!

Time for dinner! Can you see the clock? It's only 4PM!!!! They have early dinner. Compared to us at town. Our dinner is like 7 to 8. Hahaha!
My bro and cousin.
Slurping yet? Hehe =D

That's all for my reunion dinner back at kampung. This year when I went back, I had a total different feelings. It's like I'm getting closer to my cousins. Cos I know how to speak Hakka mah! Hahahaha! But also, they're all grown ups now. So they tend to communicate more with me *grins* Now instead of feeling the sienness everytime going back. I'm more hyper to go back! (although there's still no internet for me to use *blek*)

Another post will be up soon~ Stay tuned!



ahlost said…
You should take pic by pic for the foodz.. cos can't really see them :P
aNgeL-cuPid said…
hahaha! they all busy eating dy. So I cannot take. Else you'll see chopsticks everywhere! haha!

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