My 21st Birthday Bash~~~

Hey there~ Finally I'm here blogging about my birthday bash~! I'll let most of the pictures do the talking k. Muahz~

These were the earlier birds. Evans, Ah Wei and Kelly darling. Kelly and Ah Wei came the earliest. Arrived before 7pm! Haha! And Evans came right at 7pm sharp.

These were the decors my mum and bro and me set up for the night. Just balloons. 21 balloons! Oh my! We had a hard time blowing them ok.

Baby bought me this birthday cake from Taka. Designed by ME!!! Hehe =D

Sheep is me! Me is sheep! Me name is Aries! LoLx~!

Baby helped me lit my candles. 21 of them overall. Haha! 20 small ones and one gigantic one!

Awww~ Kelly you know I love you too! Haha! Thanks for the candle girl~! Muah muah!

Cut cake cut cake! Why was baby looking away???

Me mummy and me and bro. Yay~ I'm officially 21. Hehe =D

Now now...punishment time. Hmm...whose idea was it anyway to set this tradition??? I was asked to take those candles out with my mouth ok.

See that hand??? But I know it wasn't him who did that. Cos he scared I angry at him. LoLx! It was my naughty cousin Chee.

Oh well, surely everyone have this icing facial mask. Haha! Once in awhile~

I tend to like this pic. Don't know why. Haha! Was it Evans who took my camera that night?

Weee~ Happily taking salads in my hand~ I made salad that night ok~

These were the last round of people who came. A lot didn't appear to my party though. But nah, it's ok =D

Gamers will always be gamers. The pros were playing like mad. My oh my~

Oh did I forget to mention these are my colleagues?

And together with one of their bf?

The leng luiz~ Li Lung and Chai Sia~

Kekeke =D

I am here to stalk!

And disturb their games!

Girl power~ YaY~~~

Thanks baby for this beautiful pic~

Thanks to all who came to my party~ Presents coming up next!

Muah muah muah!!!



ahlost said…
Happy belated birthday girl.. Sorry.. couldn't make it to your birthday party !!

But glad that you had fun ;)
aNgeL-cuPid said…
its ok lah. thanks nyway~

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