Recently I've been asking myself. What are my dreams? Or should I start by asking, what IS my dream?

I don't quite remember how things goes back then for me. I know I used to sing and dance with cousiez and said I wanted to be a singer like the Backstreet Boys and the Spice Girls. Haha!

Then when I'm at my teens, I dream of renovating houses to my favourite types. Isn't that amazing? I even have this thought of wanting to open a bakery or even be an architect. OMG! Things were crazy back then am I not right?

But well, we dream alot when we're young don't we? And we let the dream somehow come into life by playing castle and acting singer and all sorts.

Anyway, previous night I lay awake on my bed thinking. What exactly do I want to do for the rest of my life? Work like everyone else, get a pay, cook for family and trying to figure out how to survive each day? No way! That's gonna be all so BORING! And people will start calling me gnirob. Keke =D

And then something somehow somewhere strike me. I guess it's the lightning. Who knows. Well, I tend to suddenly figure out what my dream actually is. Eh no! My dreams I shall say. Let's see 'em...

First of all, yes I will work. Work to get the money and get myself a dream house...Probably something like this...Hmm...Darling if you're reading this, I know you're laughing there. But can't I just dream? Hehe =D Aww...I'll elaborate more about my dream house in the next post k? Promise!

And then, with the mountains of money, again, I will buy myself MY DREAM CAR!!! I'm so gonna collect them all! Comes in sedan, convertible, 4x4. All sorts of them! From 330 convertible to 525 sedan and even the latest 6series. Yummy~ Gonna have Z4 too! *slurps!*

This baby is soooooooooo gonna be MINE!

Ahh....what job will I do to get such pay? I don't know. Haha! But I do have a dream job. A job that allows me to travel and see the rest of the world. A job which interest me the most. Something to do with entertainment. Something that will get me to know lotsa people. Something that will...*ahem*...bring me on tv~! Yay~! Well, think again...maybe not on tv...but on plane always. And I mean ALWAYS!

OoOoOooooo.........Gonna own myself a B&B by the beach....Dreamz..........

Alright. Enough with my house and car and job. What's next? Let me ask you a question. Someone who owns all the above, but has no one to share with, will he/she be happy? And very clearly, the answer is NO! Definitely not!

So why would I wana live alone when I have my prince charming waiting for me? *grins*

Baby love...til death do us part...

And and and!!! For those who knows me well enough should know that I'm crazy of having babies! And loads of them too! Haha! Let's see...I tried to google the word 'babies' and look what I found =D
Ok ok. So darling said 4 is enough for me. So here goes. They're gonna be Maverick, Derrick, Gwendolynn and Emmerlynn. Nice enough? Yeapz!

All set and done for me! Muah!

So now what am I waiting for? I'm going to set my target...Hehe =)

Wait for me on top of the hill. Cos I'll be there soon!

Loves loves loves~~~


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