Langkawi-KL Trip Day II

There~ It's our last day at Langkawi. We didn't really go many places on that day. Breakfast in hotel room. Then pack and pack and pack. Then headed out to McD for lunch. After that we headed over to another mall at Kuah Town. It's the Langkawi Parade and it is by far the largest and most beautiful and the ones with more people in it. So.... =.='''''

And no. The pictures below ain't from Langkawi Parade. It's actually taken at Billion Supermarket the night before. Billion is a connecting supermarket with another one which I don't know what. Keke =D Bad memories~
Found this small small pond very nice with all those Langkawi designs.
Surely eagle's the best recognition for Langkawi.
Nice right? I love how they crafted the eagle on the stone.
Ok so this is it. The one that I mention. With the most people (do you see human?) and also by far the largest (big or not?). Sorry lah. But I think I would rather go Spring than there.
Finally the two men have a picture together. Ok they're not taller nor shorter. They're the same height. And yes, I hate baby's hair here. It's so long cos he hasn't cut. Hmpf! Looks like those back in the 70's. Hahaha!!!! Honestly, don't you think so? Blek~
I love stars~~~ I heart stars~~~

So after lepaking at Langkawi Parade, had some tea break food at the food court (so-called food court). We drove to the airport and lepak there again. Until it's time to fly back KL~~

Upon reaching LCCT, we grabbed our luggage and bought the taxi tickets from the small booths. It costed us RM79 to go from LCCT to Aure's place at Taman Melati. SI BEH FAR OI! I was kinda scared while on our way. Cos it's so late at night and only two of us in the taxi. Hellen and bf went straight down to Melaka. At what time? It was already 10pm!!! Our flight got delayed bit again.

Our taxi driver isn't that familiar with Taman Melati so I spent quite my credit at calling Aure. Brrr~~~ Reached Aure's place at after about 11smth near to 12am! Aure and friend came down to greet us. Lala~ And aiyah! I forgot to take pic of the water refill machine at her place. It's so cute that you need to bang on it so that your coins will go down. Haha! And at a second I thought she was gonna destroy the machine. Keke =P

Went up, unpacked, showered, washed clothes, packed for the next day Genting trip. And and and!!!

YUMMM~~~~~ It's nice lah!! Hehe =DD~~~ It's so nice that when I came back here, I went to Ta Kiong to look for it. Haha!
Nah see! Sampai terus online. Apalah! Like his own house.
There. Our sleeping place prepared by Aureo. She went to buy two more pillows for us. So nice lah! But we ended up sharing one cos another one she wana hug =.=''' Keke =D And yes, that is her monkey name Kapo. Big headed monkey~

Itu saja~ Slept at around 2am. Haha! And woke up at 8am. Keke =D


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