Langkawi-KL Trip Day IV

The next morning at Genting starts with an alarm call to wake Aureo up for breakfast together. Haha! Me and baby already woke up since I don't know what time but when I called her, she's still asleep. PIG! Haha!

Anyway, we headed for the free breakfast which comes in package with the room. It's at third floor of First World Plaza. My first time having free breakfast there =D
And it's call the First World Cafe. I don't know what fiesta is this cos didn't go =/
The main entrance with two counters packed with lotsa people trying to get a table of their own.
AND I SAW THIS HUMONGOUS DURIAN!!!!!! They have 2 SUPER HYPER HUGE durians having at each side of the entrance. It's super big when compared to me. Hahahaha!!! I paiseh wana do stupid act cos there's too many people walking in and out the door and some are just standing there looking. Or should I say lepaking?

And when I walked in. There are MORE HUMONGOUS FRUITS greeting me. OMG~!!!! What's with this cafe? Hanging all these super duper hyper big fruits around. And HAHA! I actually used this big bananas to tell Aureo where's I'm standing but she kept telling me 'WHERE GOT BANANA????'. Haha!
Yeapz! Whenever I get to have free breakfast, I'm sure to have all these!!! Especially the cereals~~ Yummy~~~ I loVe cEreAls~~~ And I love baked beans and bacons~~~ Sluuurpsss~~~
Tea or coffee anyone???
Baby took eggs and baked beans =)
And fruits too~~

The food served were awesome! Sadly we were both too hungry to take all the food pics. Haha! So makan sajalah!!!

Outside the cafe are small booths selling stuff from numorous places. As in every country lah.
They've got Thailand. Sa wa di kap~
And then China. Ni hao~ Looks like new year eh? Hehe =D
And Indonesia and Philippines.

Wait wait. I remembered! It's call the Cultural Village of First World. Ah! They've got all the stuff from almost every Asian country. Malaysia of course isn't forgotten. I saw Singapore and Vietnam too. I remember there's Korea. And don't know what else. Too many things to see with only 2 eyes. Haha! Oh oh! They've got the South East too. Eh wait. Unsure but I know it's special. Blek~

Then we went back to our room and packed for check out. Still got some time left. So baby and me went for bowling. Keke =D
Game time babeh~!
I wonder who puts all those heavy number 11 and 10 balls there. And I'm using only 8. Haha!
Sui leh~ It's my first time bowling at Genting. Hehe =D Surely I enjoyed Genting ALOT!!!
Baby in action! He's not bad but I'M BETTER! Bleeeekkk~~~
My turn to haolien =DD
Why do I look like aHloSt???

After two or three or was it four games? We headed down to KL and back to Aureo's place to start packing our stuff cos rushing to check in to Bintang Warisan~
See how messy is her room? Haha! THANKS TO ME!!! Our things were SOOOO HEAVY!!! We had all those liquors into our luggage and mafan Aureo to help carry the chocs. Haha! Thanks gurl~ We 3 took the lrt then mrt to Bintang Warisan and had to walk our way there! Urgh! My luggage kept slipping off my hand. How I wish I had some ropes to tie it to my wrist. Haha!

Reached hotel. Showered. Aureo went walking around on her own to buy stuff to ask me bring back for her mum. Nice girl hor? Haha! Then came Hellen and her bf. Then papa came had dinner with me and baby. Hehe =D

We went down the road and to the back where Nova hotel is. There's lotsa of stalls there at night selling seafood mostly. So we tried the tomyam seafood~
Yummy~~~ I miss this.
Baby loves it too~~~
But it's quite expensive though. Hehe =D

Ok lah. Then we go back hotel and sleep. Haha! Will post about the day after later. Cya~


aureoreo said…
Innocent lor!!! Pig pulak! hahahaha! I slept at 3am or 4 am or was it 5am that nite!!! And u morning call me at 9am~ lolx!! Say me pig! U guys sleep at 12am ler~ lolx!! Miss u lar!! >.<

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