New pillow

Do you know what type of pillow suits you? And how do you always sleep? Are you a back sleeper? Or side sleeper?

Well, I came across one article somewhere I forgot where. It says if you're a back sleeper, meaning you sleep straight on your back, you should get a thin pillow. And if you're a side sleeper like myself, you should get a thicker pillow to support your head and the structure of your shoulder.

So that is the reason I need to change my pillow.

Last month when Boulevard was having big sale. Me and baby went to hunt for a new pillow for myself. I want it thicker and comfy enough. Hehe =D

Look look~ See see~ Try try~ Hug hug~

At last I bought one of the brand Novelle that costed around RM30 and guess what? BABY BOUGHT IT FOR ME!!! Weeee~~~ SUPER happy! Haha!
Ok so this is not the cover that comes with the pillow. It's my pillowcase =.=''' DON'T LAUGH JUST COS YOU SEE BOBDOG!!! Hey I love doggies wad!
See the difference? The green one is the new one and the other one is my old ones. Hehe =D I've been using that pillow for like super long time dy. Now it's time to change for a new one.
Lalala~ It does felt better sleeping sideways with this pillow. And with that, my shoulders won't ache anymore~ I've been having shoulder ache for months! Now it's better though still ache bit. Hehe =P


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