Steak House

Last weekend, me and bf went out on our casual Saturday night date. Bf suggested to go Petanak Market for our dinner. I know about a steak stall there for long time already but never got the chance to try out. I've only been there once at night time which was few years back.

This is the Steak House stall. It's very easy to locate as the signboard is very obvious from the entrance gate.

Bf ordered pork chop. Funny why they put a piece of pineapple there. Does pineapple actually goes well with pork chop? Well I don't know that. Hehe =)

And when my beef steak came, I didn't see any pineapple slice! Why ah?

Anyway, I somehow ordered wrongly. Should have ask them not to give me fully cooked steak. Very hard to chew =.=''' After we finished our meal, I was still itching for more food. So we ordered the sweet 'char kueh' from another stall. I miss Mund's mom's 'char kueh'. Hehehe =D Maybe I will wanna learn how to cook it. Slurps~~~

My comment?

The place is still clean =) The food is just ok. I won't say it's super nice like Garden Hills or Pumpkin Cafe but it's acceptable. Would love to go back to those two places sometime.

I have a 'thing' for beef steak. Been searching for 'that' very same taste. But has yet to find. Hmm.... =) Memories.....Not good!


yonglim said…
ngam ngam ho..that was the last piece of pineapple , haha..

the cha kueh was nice BUT too little n expensive.Still wan go thr for dinner..? mayb try the food at next stall.. kekeke..
Only photos of food? What about the photos of you and your bf? Hahaha kiddo! Thanks for telling us about this place..
Putting pineapple on the pork chop seems weird. Did you try to squeeze the pineapple into the pork?
aNgeL-cuPid said…
willie: er....hahahaha!!! nope didn't try squeezing it. it's bf's meal. not mine. LOL photos of me and bf? nah~ we seldom take photos of ourselves when we're out on our usual date. hehehe =D
Anonymous said…
Wow,so niceeee!! Thanks for sharing!

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