Hennessy Artistry 2011


I'm so glad I didn't miss it =P Nearly didn't get my pass to go thanks to Soul lah. Last minute told me that he's going and I had to go around begging for pass =.= Lucky for me that Jason of Mynjayz.com was giving out passes just 2 days before the party. Phew~ 

So on Saturday noon, Iggy brought me to collect the pass from Jason at Penang Street. And again I almost miss-look the comment part and nearly missed it. But ah all is done and well now =)

My party pass babeh! The ultimate party of the year! How can I miss this when I was actually at KL at the right time kan? It's The Global Art of Mixing! Yum~

The pass is actually a piece of card to be exchange with the tag. The other 2 is just the cover and the map. Good stuff to be kept for memories =)

And the party begins....................................

What's a party without pretty sexy ladies right? A few friends I met at the party. Awesome girls they are!

Another shot taken by Jason Yao. Dslr photo quality memang different~ I was only using Evelyn's Sony digicam. Comes in handy. Don't need to carry my bulky dslr.

And the naughty guys!!! Hmm....where's the proper shot ah? Must be in Jason's fb which I wasn't tagged.

Me and Jing Yan. A cheerful easy going girl. Love her max! No I'm not les but hey she's fun to chat around with~ Glad to have met her that night.

Sam TM. My driver of the night. Wahahahaha! Thank you much Sam! Without him I don't think I'll be able to party that night cos Soul was having dinner and by the time he reached there, he actually missed out so many artists!!! Thank God Sam stayed near me. Hehe =P

Ahhh......do they look like a couple? Hahaha! Boleh tahan kan? =P~

Us with the Hennessy! It was too packed that we had to squeeze and cut short the word =( Nevermind we two shall represent the S (Shuen) and Y (Yan). Haha! I just realized it's so accurate!

Hennessy anyone? Feel free to grab a glass. They're all yours~ Nope I only took 3 sips that night cos I wanted to keep myself sober and just dance the night away...

Ah! Famous blogger! Shii Teck! Finally met him after so long. Er....since CNY right? He's so busy walking around that he met everyone that night. Haha! I didn't get to meet Jun Fook cos I don't know where he is =.= Probably partying hard at the blogger zone.

Everyone filled in their tummy before the liquor comes in =) I didn't eat much cos was still full. But then I regretted later cos I danced until hungry =.= Stupid me! Miko sempat pose! =D Camera alert girl~

My Hennessy pass. Ok the round tag isn't mine. It's Sam's. Hehehe =P~ I curi'ed to take photo only.

This is where the music belongs! Park Jung Min was the first to perform but I failed to capture a nice shot of him cos I was figuring out how to use Evelyn's camera =.= I never touch Sony camera before!

Sexy Landy Wen was next. Bet all the guys were drooling away~ She's got a good voice!

Next up! CHRIS WILLIS!!!! Alright I admit I do not know who is he but he came all the way from USA! I was there waiting for Yolanda Be Cool but when they came out, I was outside with Soul. And missed part of it. Therefore end up with no nice photos =.= Damn gg!

Party people going wild~

It's so jam packed that I hardly move =.= Had to keep my foot still so that I won't fall down cos people were moving here and there. But ah! It's an awesome party with awesome music!

Reason why I kept myself sober? Cos I'm a HARDWORKING BLOGGER! Hahahahahaahaha! Photo taken by Sam. I was snapping photos all the way!

Party hard didn't you? =) Let's party harder for the next Johnnie Walker Black Circuit Brazil! 


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