Penang Hill

Hello April! Right it's not time for me to exaggerate so let's just proceed with my Penang trip post. I know I've been procrastinating so much that I only wrote 4 posts in March. Man this sucks! Ok I'm gearing up this month. Gonna finish up my Penang post fast and then time to keep things up-to-date =)

Day 3 at Penang!

We decided to go back to Penang Hill because the day before we failed to go up due to maintenance of the cable car. Oh yeah! Day 3 too was our couple shirt day. Hehe =P Just to show off~ Nyeh~

Breakfast! We went to Lorong Macalister which is just a few lorong away from our hotel. We spot this place the day before. There's so many people there so we agreed to check it out and see what makes this place so popular in the morning.

To our disappointment, nothing much actually. Otak-otak. My first time tasting it. Er....I'll say I don't like it. But then again, probably cos it's left cold. Maybe I will like it if it's hot =) Kent ordered American breakfast, char kueh teow and char kueh. I wanna comment on the char kueh. Not nice! That char kueh can't even win over Kenyalang night market's char kueh. What's more to say compare to Edmund's mom's char kueh. =P

Then we continue to walk til Prangin Mall bus station to take the bus up to Penang Hill. There's so many ways going to the bus station. Thanks to Google map, I managed to find a shorter route. Hehe =D

Here we are! Penang Hill is also known as Bukit Bendera. The first cable car available in Malaysia! Well I would say it's more like a train than a cable car.

That's the old main entrance which they maintained it well til today but no longer in use. Lots of shops selling souvenirs and snacks for the super hot weather =X

Our tickets up! I don't know how much per person. You might wanna check it elsewhere online. Well, first cos I wasn't the one paying. Second cos I forgot to ask. Hmm.....Where was I anyway?

Camwhore while waiting for our train to come down. Hee~ Someone told me that you cannot camwhore with a 55-200mm lens so I showed him that yes I can do it! =P Oh you just gotta admit that we girls are way better are knowing the skills of camwhoring than you guys kan? Hahaha!

2 versions of the train aka cable car. The red one is the older version while the blue one is the latest which is the 4th version. The first version is made out of wood and there's no doors neither windows. There's history of the hill and the train there. I just briefly read through. I only remember, back then, Penang Hill as known as Strawberry Hill. No idea why. Maybe they plant strawberries here?

Going up! And going through tunnels! =D It was fun but then I hate the pressure. Ugh! Made my ears sick!

Ahoy! Bukit Bendera! 

View from top of Penang Hill. Beautiful Penang Bridge and Komtar standing proud in the middle of the state.

Hello from Penang Hill! We made it to the top of Penang! Highest point! Yay!

There's a Hindu temple on top of the hill and also a mosque.

A few hotel were available too. More like a B&B though. Just an old house being transformed into a hotel. There's bird park too.

And that's where I found this beautiful peacock feathers~ I have a love hate feeling for peacock. Love cos they're beautiful. Hate cos they are so arrogant that they do not want to open their beautiful tail when there's camera around. Dang!

Aha! Someone was so naughty that he went to 'massage' this bird. And boy that bird enjoyed it so much that it just clinged onto the cage and doesn't wanna leave!

Goodbye Penang Hill. I won't be back. Hahaha! Um....there's actually nothing much to see. Just sight-seeing. There's restaurants there but ah, those food doesn't attract me. So nope, I won't come back =)


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