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NYE 2012

Last post for year 2012. Celebrated my new year's eve with Tony and Hin. Brought them for dinner and around town. Ended up at Porkies =) 
Guinness. Declaring this as my all-time favourite liquor.

Simple yet delicious~
Keep them tasty keep them clean.

Many things happened in year 2012. Learnt alot. Especially from quitting my job at Lim & Teo to joining 100yen. Jumping from one relationship to another. It had been a heartache. Hearts broken, tears wasted, lesson learnt. We fall we get back up. We got lost we seek our way out. We learn we grow we know what to do next. We all became wiser as time pass. Things changed. People changed environment changed. We adapt to the changes around us. I've always live without regrets because regrets bring nothing out of me. Appreciate your past because without them you will never be where you are today. Be it bad or good. Say thank you God.

Happy New Year~