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The Bites @ Batik Boutique Hotel

Last weekend, I was given the privilege to dine at The Bites which is located at Batik Boutique Hotel. It's just right opposite Tun Jugah shopping mall in case you don't know. The place used to be Tarot Salmon Anyway, there's tons of photos ahead so keep scrolling and keep reading~
View from the main entrance. A small restaurant that opens for breakfast til supper.

There's a round table set for bigger gatherings. See that sliding door over there? It actually leads to a garden bar! Dang I love that bar! Gotta hang out there some time =P

Lemon soda with mint. Nope. Not my drink. Just for the sake of photo =P

My blackcurrant soda with lemon. Me love Ribena!

Pumpkin soup. Love how they decorate their food =)

And my beautiful mushroom soup with garlic bread =D They actually made this mushroom soup from scratch! It's not available elsewhere. The taste is just so different. You gotta give this a try!

Fresh vege salad. Yummy! Ever seen a salad with brinjal? You can definitely…

Food & Book Heaven

The last day of my weekend escapade to KL, we woke up late that morning. Was extremely exhausted. Dennis brought me to SS15 for brunch at a Japanese restaurant named Haikara Style Cafe and Bakery. The environment is nice. A small restaurant cozy enough for warm breakfast =)
I tried out their special coffee. Not bad. Nicely brewed~

While Den had tea latte with ice cream. I think I still prefer my green tea the fresh way. Hee~

This is my beef rice with seaweed and salad. It's very nice!!! What to do. A huge fan of beef here. Hehehe =P

This is his grilled squid filled with rice. Something very special to me. Ok so maybe I was kinda surprised to see the huge squid. I didn't know squid actually looks like this.

This is the rice inside the squid. With the multi colored capsicum too.

After brunch, we went to Amcorp Mall because I've been wanting to visit a bookstore there called Book Xcess. The books there are super cheap! All of them are half the price of what …

A Different Experience at KL

Oh boy! The end of October is nearing and November is coming! Nooooooooooooo!!! But then again, I'm looking forward to December cos it's gonna be my favourite month of all. Hehe =) Christmas bells ringing~ 
Anyhoo~ 28th of September, I took the jet out and escaped from this reality that I've been living everyday. Off I went across the sea to mi amore~ Ok so it's not a love story but yeah it's just a great escapade!
Reached airport around 11am and waited for my driver for nearly 2 hours. Zzzzz..........First thing was of course to lunch! Dennis picked me up from LCCT and we went to Pavilion to meet Wui Pin. He's flying back that night and we kinda squeezed the schedule for him to meet with Dennis. 
Hunger attack! I went straight to the food before even bother to text Wui Pin that we already reached Pavilion. Round and round and round. It was just my second time at Pavilion's food court. 
Ended up with Taiwan beef noodle. Nothing special but the beef are ten…

Rainbows and Stars

Hola hola hola!!! Yes I am alive! I'm still alive despite being hospitalized for 4 days due to kidney infection. Owh the stays sucks but with friends around me, I'm good as ever now! I shall make a long blog post with eerie photos of the needles and bloods next time round =P~

Previously when I quit my job, I was jobless for 3 weeks. Until a friend saved my life. Wilson was nice enough to hire me and now I'm working at 100Yen shop located at RH Plaza. Do drop by to say hi ok? Be polite. Anyway, when I thought flipping a new page will just merely be another chapter of resuming work and normal life. But what I did not know is that, this new chapter actually came with rainbows and stars!

Here before I forget, I wanna thank one person. Because without him, I wouldn't be here today. So hype and excited and *ahem* soon-to-be-hopefully-la FAMOUS! Hahahahaha! THANK YOU CYRIL DASON! I owe you one! One what? One laksa can boss? Hehe =P~

Enough of words, I'm here to show you a…

Last Day at Lim & Teo Adv

So I've been jobless for the third week now. Yeap! I left my previous company. I was working at Lim & Teo Advocates for the past 3 years. It's the longest I've ever worked with a company. I remember how it felt when I first walked into the firm. It was quiet, small and I actually had a room to myself. That feeling was unexplainable! 
My 3 years there was really good. My boss is a great lady. Colleagues are really friendly. My workload wasn't alot and it was because of that, that I managed to pass my Diploma in time with distinction =) In simple terms, I really enjoyed my time there. Although yes on every single morning I will get the dreaded feeling of not wanting to wake up and drive to work, but looking back now, I'm really glad to have joined this firm. 
Anyway, I need to move further. So I decided to quit and move on. It was a heartache decision to make. Took me days and nights to consider about it. So on 14th of September, I packed my stuff and off I went…