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First Time to Johor Bahru

Alright so here I am. Back to back-blogging. Hehe =) 
Last December me and my family went on a vacation to KL and JB. It was our first time to JB. My best friend had moved over there few years ago and I've been wanting to visit her but never did until then. Me, my mom and my bro flew off to KL a night before we head down to JB. Crash at my aunty's place and we woke up to awesome breakfast!
Winter soltice season was so coincidently fell on our first day at KL. My aunty made some glutinous ball for us. I love this dessert! Prefer it plain and dip into the mixture of peanut and sugar. Thank you Nong Ee~~

Then my aunty dropped us at the nearby bus station and we took the bus down from Tasik Selatan Bus Terminal to Larkin Bus Terminal at JB.

Bus rate was RM31 per adult. It was a roughly 4-5 hours ride. Thank God the weather was good.

Halfway during the journey, the bus came to a resting area and we had our lunch there. Nothing much. Chicken rice was the best choice available. Beca…

Meeting Goh Wee Ping

Ah! It's already 21st of August! What happened to my back-blogging you ask? Erm....laziness kicks in as usual =P Yeah cos I was so packed up with editing those photos. Not just tens but hundreds of them! Couldn't stand editing them every single day and so I slowed down and then it came to never ending history. Hehe... Gonna do a quick post here. 
Tonight I was invited by a dear friend Jenny to attend a seminar held by Tokio Marine Life, an insurance company from Japan. The highlight isn't about insurance though. Ok so I was hesitating to go until yesterday I finally gave in the opportunity and boy I was whisked off by the charm of someone =D
Tokio Marine Life Kuching invited a famous local tv host who is also an actor himself. Namely Goh Wee Ping. Hails from Sri Aman and moved to Kuching during his childhood times. Wootz! I never knew he's a Sarawakian! We Sarawakian surely did produce good talents! Lately the a director was being discovered as well kan? I forgot his …