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Unique Design Doorhanger

Creative doorhanger..''Come in'' and ''Go away''


Ways of save money and petrol

Dear Friends,

After the recent increase of the price of petrol, we have to change our way of life style. Below are the suggestions that are able to save your money and save the petrol. ....

Funny ~:p
This is not encourage in our M'sia road...

Waloa.. Camry 8888... so so impossible..

Hati-hati di jalan raya ~~

Wow... so romantic...

Modern ''San lun che'' ... 三轮车

Lovin' ESPRIT!

My latest love! Muax to my new baby~ Hehe =DLast week while I went on duty at roadshow at Spring, I shopped around sure lah! Hehe =D Then then then, my hand super itchy that I went into Esprit which~.....
Caused me to buy this expensive bag! Urgh! I feel in love with it the first time I saw it! Love at first sight! Gosh! Hahaz!
It's a sling bag. I've been wanting one looooooong time ago~
Love the buckle strap and the soft comfy material of the bag~ Awww~
That's how the interior looks like. There's a hook tied to a band in it. Don't know what's the purpose anyway. Hehe =)


Want to know the price? Hehe =P


I miss so many many people...
I missed all those times spent with bloggers. They are all so fun...

I missed the times when I hang around with my bro. Sobs...Ko...when are you coming home?...

I missed this floor...The floor which I used to tap my feet and set my freedom on with the rhythm of music. A place which I enjoy most! Dodi Momi! I miss you two!!!

And....I seriously missed the times I had with the family of KYK. I missed having fun times with them. I missed working with them. Even til late night occasionally, I wouldn't mind at all. I miss them much much much!!!

Heck! I missed the oh-so-vain me!!! Urgh! I don't know why but I found out that I haven't been taking pictures of myself lately. I mean, look at my blog and friendster and facebook. Gosh! No updates punz!

Sigh...What had gotten into me???

I miss having fun alright....


I'm so tired!

I'm so bored!

I'm so sien!

I'm so lazy!

I'm so exhausted!


and now!


INCREASE,INCrease,INcrease and increase

INCREASING of petrol so sudden had give us alot burden in our life nowadays.. life suckssszzz.........suffer life..

For 4th June 2008 is a nightmare. Our domestic petrol price increase by 78 sen (40%) and diesel price by RM1 (63%). (from RM 1.92 to RM 2.70)... What a day. I think WE ALL will remember this day for a long time.

WHATELSE will increase in few month time.. any idea...


Feeling horrible tonight after a hell long hour of work for the past week. And again, what got me into this column...this the same old thing that brought me to write. My feelings...

I need a break, I told my baby. I need a break for all things. But it ain't right. I can't escape from my responsibility. Sometimes life just suck like hell.

There are times when you're high up in the sky but there are times when you're down in hell. Decisions and decisions and decisions. I'm still in the middle of the sea. Floating, hoping to find a safe land.

Don't you just hate the times when you need to decide between your family, loved ones and career? It's hard. It's tough. At times, I thought of being selfish but in the end, I still step back. Sigh...

How long can I hold on to this situation. I don't know. If I were to give up, I would never know what brings me in the future. If I were to stand tough, then I'll be exhausted by the time I reaches the …

Big Apple Donut...(B.A.D)

6 different favours of donuts :- Almond,iceberg,mango,alien,green tea,peanut butter,alien.Each of the Donut cost RM2.00.. hehe :-(

the plastic bag.. wa pian eh... plastic bag oso
不放过,.. need to take pic.. never mind la.. for fun ba.. :p..

Duan Wu Jie Kuai Le


A night down the valley

Last Wednesday night, I went to dine at Happy Valley with my baby after his exam. Hehe =) Well, it's our first time there. I heard it's quite beautiful inside. So we went in, settled down and ordered food.
The interior is indeed very nice. There's a small bridge and underneath it is a pond filled with stones and water. The lightings are very nice!
The small valley in Happy Valley =)
One of the candlelight stool.
Before our food came, we were being served with some kind of chips? Hehe =) Ate this thing somewhere before but forgot what's it called.
Our drinks. I had Hawaiian Delight, the orange ones while baby had Pink Lady. I like my drink. It's very sour. Haha! As for the Pink Lady, it's just some gassy drink =/ Disappointed lor!
Then~ With the benefits of My Privilege Book. We had 2 mushroom soups FOR FREE!!! Nyahaha!!! But hor! The mushroom soup isn't that nice though. Not creamy enough. For me lah!
Baby ordered grilled chicken chop. Part of it were burnt! Ngait…


As you all can see ABOVE!!! A new BEAUTIFUL banner being set up! All thanks to Sharon @ She'd done a very nice job! I love it much much much!

At first my thought of changing my blog to be more colorful. Then I decided to give the banner a change. My requirement was simple. As long it's not black and white, and a must-haves is the Message In A Bottle trademark. And you saw the result!

My dear Sharon even added the poem I wrote to my baby. Haha! Was surprised myself. Anyhow...


Thats her =) Sweet as ever~ Love this pic Sharon!

Familiar? Hehe =) My old banner was done by a graphic designer called Timothy. Thanks Tim for my first nicely done banner. You did a great job too!

Alright. That's Tim. Ask him to smile, he made that face =.=''' Hehe =)

So, people~ Do leave me some comment about my banner alright? Muax to you all!


Wine knowledge

You don't have to be a sommelier to impress at a wine-tasting session...

#Always hold the wine glass by its stem. Holding it by the bowl of the glass will heat it up, changing the flavour of the wine.

#Know the five "S"s of wine tasting - see, swirl, sniff, sip and savour.

#Request for your glass to be rinsed with warm water, then explain to your friend, "Dish detergent affects the taste of wine."

#Randomly say things like "Did you know that red grapes are used to make white wine too?"

#When people mention which bank a particular wine is from (only Bordeaux wines in this case), they mean the left or right bank of the Gironde River in Bordeaux, not Maybank or RHB.

#"Dry" in wine terms means a wine that is not sweet, with less than 0.2 percent of natural residual sugar.

#Swirling wines is necessary to better smell and aerate the wine, but don't overdo it or you'll just come across as a poser.

#When "spicy" is used to describe…

My Man

The weather was stiff
Cold like the December winter
Windows were covered with mist
Of the heavy wind outside

Warm and cozy I stayed within
Beneath the blanket of cotton
Beside me lies a man
Whom I'm here to give everything

He, who brings me breakfast on bed
He, who prepares me hot shower
He, who came home for dinner
He, who kisses me before sleep

Every touch makes a memory
Every kiss leads to wonderland
With him, I shall never worry
Of my past, present and future

p/s: Specially for my sweet baby love, Yong Lim~


Hugs and kisses
Perpetua Angeline

Flower de Language

As promised, let's have a look at the newly opened florist at Rock Road Kuching. The beautiful shop is called Flower de Language. Situated next to Amazing Pets at Fortune Land.That's where the shop is located. Owner of the shop is a friend of mine, Victor Chen. He and his partner, Michelle Yong are the owner of this shop. Very nicely decorated even the exterior. As you can see, it's not like any other florist found in Kuching.
Why is it called Flower de Language? At the main entrance, placed a purple board full of words. Written on it were the meaning of each and every flower found in the shop. Not only that, each stalk of roses added up will bring out different meaning. Do get a good look at the board =)
Flower de Language isn't just a florist shop which sell flowers like roses. But of course, nothing comes first than the red roses of loves~
They too have nice colored wrapping papers if you order the flowers in bouquet.
Different colors of wrapping papers and ribbons will…