As you all can see ABOVE!!! A new BEAUTIFUL banner being set up! All thanks to Sharon @ She'd done a very nice job! I love it much much much!

At first my thought of changing my blog to be more colorful. Then I decided to give the banner a change. My requirement was simple. As long it's not black and white, and a must-haves is the Message In A Bottle trademark. And you saw the result!

My dear Sharon even added the poem I wrote to my baby. Haha! Was surprised myself. Anyhow...


Thats her =) Sweet as ever~ Love this pic Sharon!

Familiar? Hehe =) My old banner was done by a graphic designer called Timothy. Thanks Tim for my first nicely done banner. You did a great job too!

Alright. That's Tim. Ask him to smile, he made that face =.=''' Hehe =)

So, people~ Do leave me some comment about my banner alright? Muax to you all!



sharon (^.^) said…
welcome dearest!

owhh.. last time banner was Timmie's work huh? no wander it looked familiar.
ahlost said…
Wah.. Leng blog maintained by leng lui with leng banner done by another leng lui .. tsk tsk.
aNgeL-cuPid said…
*continue from ahlost*

And had been commented by another leng lui. Hahaha!
sharon (^.^) said…
hahahah yeahhh.. perfect complete sentences
T-MO-T said…
waseh...nice nice...! gud gud...

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