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Rabbit in 2011

Hola! It's already the last day of November 2010!!!!! In one month time, we're gonna say goodbye to Year 2010. Damn fast! But it's ok, I do want this year to pass quickly cos it ain't such a good year. Hope for better future. Anyway, taking a break from blogging cos I have 77 photos yet to finish editing =.= So it'll take awhile. Probably can make my post by this weekend. Heee~ Enjoy your last day of November 2010! Chaoz~


Well, his time has come! The charming Rabbit in 2011 year of the White Metal Rabbit will definitely feel the planetary support to eveything, even to his most ambitious undertakings. In this period, representative of this zodiacal circle, the favorite of Fortune can relax - his business is unable to be shaken even by the most brutal all-out crisis. He can rest, take a trip or just take good care of himself postponing the solution of insignificant problems for…

My First Charles & Keith

Holaaaa~~~ I'm back from KL and back to work on Monday. I know last weekend I 'curi tulang' a little for not updating my blog. Hehehe =D That's cos I ran away to KL for 3 days!!! Of course made a few purchase and played the whole fun and never to forget the ever welcome free gifts from my very dear aunties.
Will make a proper post about my trip this weekend after I compile all the photos. For now I wanna show off my gift from my aunty. Yeap you are right! She gave me a BRAND NEW CHARLES & KEITH HANDBAG!!!!!!
Brand new mind you!!!!BRAND NEW!!!!Purchased all the way from Singapore!!!! Kekekeke =D
This is my very first Charles & Keith item. I never thought I would own one cos everytime I walked into the store at Spring, I will only walk out empty handed cos it's just way too expensive for me. I for one, do not spend on branded items. =)
So yes I am superly hyperly uberly and whateverly HAPPY AND HYPER!!!!!
If the photo ain't that clear, here's the link…

Ox in 2011

Today is Hari Raya Haji. Or should I say yesterday. And the hot news of the day was a white skinny cow that ran away from being slaughter, I supposed. It ran around Kuching area. From the pictures that I saw in Facebook, it appeared at 3rd mile traffic light, along Rock Road, went til Lorenzo and into Bampfylde road which it ran into my bro's friend's house!!! Hehehehe =D What a day!
Anyway, here's another horoscope for you all to read. Call it an Ox day!
In 2011 year of the White Metal Rabbit (Cat), Ox would have to fairly worry for their destiny, although in general, the year will be successful. You are mistaken if you think that Ox cannot do creative work - his creative flair will show up in the near future, and present to those around this strong and inflexible representative of the zodiacal circle from a very different side unexpected for others. In the year of the White Metal …


Just some random camwhore of me and my cousin. It's been so long since I camwhore with her. Kekekeke
First shot. Not nice. My face look so big and I have a hugeass pimple. I tried to fix it using Photobucket but failed die die. So I just let it there =(
Second shot. Um....please don't ask why I smile until like that. Hahahaha!
Ok a better third shot. Heeee~~ I miss hanging around with my cousins lahhh!!!! Hate it that all of us had to grow up and start working and then have less time spent together cos we're just too busy with own stuff. Sob....I wana turn back time!!!!

Chinese Astrology Compatibility

Alright let's take a break from my very loso feng shui post about next year's life. Hehe =D I'll post up something which I find very interesting. My cousin had been bugging me about it and finally tonight I googled for it. I'll make a summary out of it instead of posting the whole chart. Cos I'm super lazy at taking down the photo then upload into Photobucket and resize until you all cannot even view it. Haha! I'll try to highlight them for easier reading ok? No promises =P~

****************************************************************************************** Angel's Summarized Version of Chinese Zodiac Compatibility Chart 
Rat         - Dragon, Monkey  (Avoid: Horse, Goat) Ox          - Snake, Rooster    (Avoid: Horse, Goat) Tiger      - Horse, Dog          (Avoid: Snake, Monkey) Rabbit    - Goat, Pig            (Avoid: Dragon, Rooster) Dragon   - Rat, Monkey       (Avoid: Rabbit, Dog) Snake     - Ox, Rooster        (Avoid: Tiger, Pig) Horse     - Tiger, Dog  …

Free Food @ Yado Cafe

Last weekend I was assigned as cameragirl by my cousin to capture some sweet memorable moments of a post wedding lunch over at Yado Cafe. I'm not gonna reveal any of the photos as they're rather personal. But! What have I got for myself on the day? FREE FOOD of course!!! Me and my cousin brought empty stomach to the cafe and expect free food from the owner. Kekekekeke =P~

Well, since it's free, I better grab the opportunity to order the most expensive food and drinks! Muahahahahaha!!!!

Everyone should know that ice blended don't come in cheap package. Hehehehe =D Looks yummy right? Come lets zoom in some more!!!

Ice blended vanilla Oreo. Yummmm!!!!! Tasted like the original Oreo cookies itself!!! 10 out of 10 I'll rate!!! Vanilla Oreo isn't my favourite drink and yeah, that belongs to my cousin, Celes. Hehehe =D

And this is mine!!!! Ice blended chocolate!!!! SUPER RICH CHOCOLATES!!!!! I dare say you will never ever regret ordering this!!!! Dang it's been so…

Dogs in 2011

Here's another horoscope prediction for year 2011. I know I've been posting about horoscopes only but that's cos my final exam is next Friday. So I'm not in the mood to write up a proper post. Please come back after November thank you. Hehehe =D
The Dog can relax - the post have been taken up by equally serious and thoughtful character who will retain the integrity of what has already been achieved in his life - 2011 year of the White Metal Rabbit. This year, though bears some instability in the financial life of the Dog, however it is the best time to build a new development of promising projects, make important decisions in life. This year you do not need to overwork yourself - it is enough to continue in that line of activity, which was launched in the past. The year of the White Metal Rabbit is good for education, training of Dog, sharpening of his skills, acquisition of new…

Roosters in 2011

Ok so here comes the second horoscope, Rooster. Not the second in the list. But because my bf is born in the year of Rooster so I'm posting this for him. Hehehe =) Check yourself out ya? Prays for good deeds!
What awaits the Rooster? The 2011 year of the white Metal Rabbit promises him a pretty calm, level life, without the typical abrupt jumps and somersaults both at work and in personal relationships - but only if the Rooster will be prudent. Hot temper and aggressiveness of the representative of this zodiac sign can greatly complicate his life and force him to get out of his usual circle of relationships, which, in the end, will lead to significant changes in destiny - alas! not for the better. Rooster may lose his family, work, left alone without a loved one, and all these because he is not able to curb his fiery temper and tame his ambitions. There is a feeling that the Rooster in the 201…

Dragons in 2011

Ola~~ It's already November and in just 2 months time, we will all be saying goodbye to 2010 and hola to 2011 =) It's year end and that means it's time for some horoscope catching up. I for one loves to read around horoscopes forecast. Not because I truly believed deeply in them but because I wana avoid anything bad and strive for those worth investing.

So here's what I found. I'll be posting a few in time to come. I'm a Dragon, an Earth one and so the first horoscope forecast I read must be my own. Hehe =) No pichas. Lazy upload. So enjoy reading else just close the page. Chaoz~

How brilliant and asserting will be the triumph of the Dragon in 2011 year of the White Metal Rabbit! Happiness of this representative of zodiacal circle will consist of victories in professional activities, in business as well as the best possible relationships between him and …