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Reunion DInner @ Kado & Maurice

Last Friday, on the 22nd of January, a call was up! A night to go back to the past. To have a chat with friends for over 16 years! A night of reunion for our primary school after 10 years!

I arranged and called up and texted and searched everywhere I could to look for old friends for the past weeks! It was hectic and I nearly gave up but of course I didn't =) And I'm very very glad with the outcome.

We had it at Kado. I reserved seats for 14 people but more than that turned up! How awesome is that! I can never be happier when I saw those who rejected at first, to appear there that night!

Time set was 7pm but as you know, Malaysian time. Haha! So we early birds had our drinks while waiting for the rest to come =)

See how happy we all were? =D hehe...

Still waiting. Though some of us were hungry and had ordered for food~~

The more we chat, the more the past came back to us! And it's a good thing! Good that we remember stuff after that 10 years of growing up~~ Am so glad everyone …

Another wrinkle to Mr Great Guy!

Last Wednesday night at EarthDance, we (students) gave another wrinkle to our Mr Great Guy! Hehe =D

I went down earlier from home to buy cake at Taka. Budget budget! What to get? Then this very very beautiful cake caught my attention!

Sweet! Know the name? It's called Cinderella 2 in 1. Why 2 in 1 you ask? Cos there's chocolate and vanilla. 2 flavors. Nice!!! Not only the appearance I say. It does taste DELICIOUS! Recommended!!!

1 cute strawberry cut into half. Hehe =D We were there to surprise Great Guy. So I ask Ama helped to stop him from going up to see us dance for the whole night. Haha! And then hor~ We ended the class about 10minutes earlier. Asked Christine to go down and pretend that class has ended but hor!!! She fail fail failed lor!!! Hahaha! Surely Great Guy sensed something not right dy marh. But he still pretends to be surprised =D

We lit the candle and get ready our camera! Rose on video and me on snap mode! It took Great Guy quite some time to come up though. Hah…

Jerome's birthday

During the previous weekend, at this very sunny rainy Sunday afternoon, Jerome my old old friend invited me to his 22nd birthday mamam over at 4 Points Sheraton. At first when I received his sms, I read wrongly. Instead of 4 Points I saw After 4. Haha! Which at first I thought, 'ok just a simple lunch'.

But then when I was driving back from office on Sat noon, my head was spinning and thinking about stuffs. Then it suddenly hit me! Reread the sms! OMG!!!!! 4 Points ui!!!! Don't play play arh!!!

SO!!!!! Since orang chia 4 Points, present must be BIG lah! Cannot be stingy!!! So me, Galvin and Andrew planned to get him something 'useful'. Hehe =D Ok enough of craps. Time for photos!
When people tell me 12pm. I will normally reach 10minutes earlier =D Aku bukan orang Malaysia. HAHAHAHAHA!!!! No follow Malaysian timing =DD So since the other 3 are PURE Malaysians, I need to wait lah. Don't wana wait alone in the lobby so waited in car with darling lor~ Sempat dating …