Another wrinkle to Mr Great Guy!

Last Wednesday night at EarthDance, we (students) gave another wrinkle to our Mr Great Guy! Hehe =D

I went down earlier from home to buy cake at Taka. Budget budget! What to get? Then this very very beautiful cake caught my attention!

Sweet! Know the name? It's called Cinderella 2 in 1. Why 2 in 1 you ask? Cos there's chocolate and vanilla. 2 flavors. Nice!!! Not only the appearance I say. It does taste DELICIOUS! Recommended!!!

1 cute strawberry cut into half. Hehe =D We were there to surprise Great Guy. So I ask Ama helped to stop him from going up to see us dance for the whole night. Haha! And then hor~ We ended the class about 10minutes earlier. Asked Christine to go down and pretend that class has ended but hor!!! She fail fail failed lor!!! Hahaha! Surely Great Guy sensed something not right dy marh. But he still pretends to be surprised =D

We lit the candle and get ready our camera! Rose on video and me on snap mode! It took Great Guy quite some time to come up though. Haha!

Nice kan? Not that nice gok! I only blurred the side. Still trying out various stuff from Photobucket. It's fun!

There. Ama waiting to signal us. Picture taken when she's so concentrating there =DD

And when she noticed =.=''' Bopien~ Her signature pose. Hahaha!

There! Our Mr Great Guy of the night~! He posed that way for at least a minute! Hahaha!

Making wishes. Eek! Can see me at the mirror reflection =.='''

Wishes already done and blowing off the candle. Only one candle. Haha! Don't wana make him feel old~~ =D SEE I SO GOOD!!! =P~

I think he's crying inside. Hahahahahaha!!!

But still can smile. Not bad lah. But then after he put down the cake. He went to pantry and emo there~ Hahaha!!! JK!!! Hmm...maybe I should draw some wrinkle? =DD

Take 1. A lil too far though. And I hate hate the lights!!!

Take 2. Nearer shot. But what is Steph doing? Hiding behind there! And Man Man also~ Apu~

Ok lah. That's all for the night. The next day which is Great Guy's exact birthday, he chia'ed us all to Hartz Buffet for dinner~ Weeee~~~ Mamamamamam!!!!!

Why I kept calling him Great Guy? There is a reason behind that. Maybe Rose need to post that pic she took. Hahahaha!


ahlost said…
Oh mien.. I think I didn't take picha of the card wor.. Dang..

Let's go get it from Great Guy and take pic of it *LOL*

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