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Horoscope of the month August Part 1

March 21 - April 19

After weeks of being in a total funk, you'll finally feel the fog lift. You'll be in particularly good spirits on August 2 when a great job comes your way. Keep flashing that killer smile - a bunch of really cute guys will definitely take notice.

p/s: feel free to ask for yours~

My prize!! *Bloop de Paris*

WeEeEe~~~ After I waited for sOoOo LONG finally my prize reaches my hand! Hahaha! My cousin Sam Koko brought it back for me! Then my mummy go get it from my uncle today. Well, the prize isn't as amazing as I thought. Haha! It's a set of 5 separate stuff. Picture below.
From left to right: Shimmer powder for the eyes, Lipgloss, Moisturizer lipstick, Nail polish and that's the Lipliner pencil in front. The red paperback comes with the gifts. I can't believe only 5 of these stuff can cost RM128. Must be wrong price. Haha! Jk~

Chinese Love Test

I know some people may not believe in this kind of stuff. But just for the fun of it. I played the game. The result? Not bad at all! Haha!

You are most compatible with the following signs:

Love: Rat, Monkey
Friendship: Ox, Tiger, Snake, Pig

You are most compatible with the following signs:

Love: Rat, Rabbit, Dragon, Monkey
Friendship: Ox, Tiger, Horse, Rooster, Pig

Haha! That's just the love match. Now I got here the love test. Dragon with monkey. Heee~

This relationship generally works quite well, partly because the Dragon woman has unlimited admiration for the Monkey man - it is indeed extremely rare that she admires someone - and partly because he is clever and tolerant enough to successfully manage his fiery mate.

Sharing her life with the Monkey, the Dragon woman will feel that she has an ally, not an opponent. To others, she is prone to show aggressiveness, but his conciliatory attitude will have the effect of giving her some beneficial sense of measure. Of co…


I finally confessed. This morning. To him. But we didn't ride in the same car, yet. Career is the matter now. For both. Someday somewhere sometime... I hope... We can go for a joyride...


"You will know that forgiveness has begun when you recall those who hurt you and feel the power to wish them well"


I just prayed 3 days ago. Prayed for all the goods. But look what happened now? Truely, I don't know whether to really believe in God anymore. But I can't blame Him. He sure has His ways. That I am to be blamed. But why him? Why...

Star Cruise Celebration Party~

Weee~ Just chatted with Henry minutes ago. He's now at Singapore airport waiting for flight to Melbourne.

Ok. About last night, it was FUN! Haha! For the first time I drank so much at a night! Gosh! I nearly drunk. Haha! It was very fun but there's only one thing not fun. I didn't get to talk to him! What more to say take pic. *sigh* So sad... I did take a few pics la. Don't dare to upload all though. =) Mmm...the fun part? We dance and drink! Yay! Hehe =) Our table was full of jokes and laughter. Thanks to Uncle Yong and the rest of them too. Heee~

From left to right: Ms Chan, Choon Fung, Sze Sze, Uncle Yong and ms Chan's husband, Ah Phen.
WeEe~ Manage to take pic with Rose! Haha! Ey? Black and white? Nah~ Still good sisters! Haha!
And this is Dawn. She was sick leh. Kesian her. But well, she always manage to pull a smile =)
And these are the clerks. Muahahaha! This is the first shot by Johnston. They all complained. (I had to delete the other pic cos smth's wro…

HapPy biRThdaY SiOng!!~~

This post is specially dedicated to my dearest friend Siong~ Paiseh! I wait til today then post this up. Haha! Happy birthday to you~

Last Saturday was Siong's birthday. We planned an outing in the noon. Time set 3.30pm. Meeting venue is Henry's house. I was told to message Henry and Darren Ko when I'm on my way there. So ok lor. I miss called them instead. Haha! I came right after Henry's car. He went out with Melvin. Reached his house. Only me and Melvin was there. Melvin came out of nowhere. Haha! Then Darren Ko arrived. This is what Koko did while waiting for Siong. Online! Macam own house. Haha!
And this is Henry playing ps. Boys will always be boys! Haha!
Melvin pula play Henry's laptop. Don't know what's he doing there. All of them treat Henry's house like their own house! Includes me. Haha!
Sitting there waiting for Siong, I got nothing to do. So just take pics lor. Koko willing to be my model. But why his pose like that? Haha! Siong arrived at …

What we want most

Have you ever cried all of a sudden? Or when you wana stop crying, you just can't? Or even cry over small matters like talking to your ex?

It happens. Girls, especially. Guys will never understand why we cry so easily. They will always say we're a cry baby or we're being controlled by our emotion. Then they're not there to hug us, but just watch or even worse, scold us. Asked us to stop.

Sometimes it feels good to cry. Whether to cry alone in the dark or over a friend's shoulder. Crying do makes us feel better. It's like, we can take a part of the sad memories from our heart and mind after crying.

No one cries without having something to hold to. A bear, an arm, a pillow...anything. But what we all know, what we want a hug from our loved ones.

Something fun to play. heee~

Your Details

Line of Heart
Your Line of Heart is a curved line. You are creative and sensitive. Sometimes ruled by emotions, sometimes by imagination. Sometimes you let feelings get in the way of clear thinking, and often for the better.

Shape of Fingertips
The tips of your fingers are pointed. Sometimes your dreams get in the way, and sometimes they lift you above the fray. You value physical beauty and can be overly sensitive, but seldom waste too much time over thinking situations.

Thumb Flexibility
Based on the flexibility level of your thumb you are generous and open to suggestions. Flexible and friendly, original at times but willing to cooperate with the right persons. Open to experimentation and exploration.

Highest Mound
Your highest mound is on the base if your thumb. A people person. Outgoing and going out. Likes to laugh and party. Appreciates good food, good friends, and good drink.

#Found this game somewhere. It's fun to play. heee~ The site is
Try play around.…

The Goat's Family

I've recently created a goat family at my office. Haha! Well, today is my happiest day at work I say? Hehe =) This morning Grandfather Goat came to office til lunch time. Then he's off til now. An hour ago, Father Goat came to office. And he's gone dy. Half hour ago, Big Goat came to office, which made me WeEeEe~~~ Hahaha! I knew he'll come! Then just few minutes after he came, Small Goat walked in! OMG! My eyes was sOo wide open looking! Of cos not at them la. At my colleagues. Haha! What a SurPriSe!!! Did talked and played around with Big Goat but Small Goat no nothing =( sad sad...The only word he said to me today is "Bye". And that's ALL! Can you imagine that? Just a goodbye? Haiz...Now Small Goat had left. Leaving here soon will be Big Goat. So 'bu she de' they go leh. Want peek peek awhile more. Heee~ But I'm happy today~~~

Colourful Boutique~

Two days ago, after work, mummy said wana go Green Road take my bro's medicine. But we reached there earlier than timed. So mummy said go kai kai around first lor. I found this newly opened boutique. It's located opposite Sports Toto. It's called Colourful (smth la). Haha! Anyway, went up and see, the clothes there quite cheap oh. Not bad la. Some cheap some expensive. Sure different material different price. I viewed around. Picked up this very smooth cloth spaghetti. Tried on and mummy said nice. heee~ Very rare to hear my mum say clothes that I picked are nice. Haha! So I decided to buy that top lor. Cost only RM12.90. The taukenio gave 90cents discount. LoL! But not me pay. Mummy paid. WeEeE~ Thanks mum!
This is how the back looks like la. It's pink color. But don't know why it looks like peach in this pic. Haha! The front is just normal la. Plain pink. Then yesterday I came office and told my colleagues about it. They all said wana go. So at lunch time. We all…


Yesterday I went shopping with my colleagues. Was searching for gift to buy. Wana give Darren Koko and Henry something to bring over Melbourne. I planned to buy each of them a t-shirt and maybe a bear. Haha! There's a story behind this. Anyway, I bought two t-shirts from Diesel. One red one black. As for the bear bear, don't know leh. Still thinking whether really want buy or not. Kinda pok here. Haha!
The red ones is for Henry and the black ones is for Koko. heee~
Nice or not? I think nice lor. No price available. Just in case they do read my blog. Haha!

Nothing to post about...

You Are a Normal Girl
You are 60% Good and 40% Bad
Sure you've pulled some bad girl stunts in your past.
But these days, you're (mostly) a good girl.Are You a Good Girl or a Bad Girl?

You are Totally Realistic
"Romance" means you're about to roll your eyes
Seriously, you can do without the sap or drama
Save it for someone who has nothing really going on in their relationship

For you, love is real - and easily integrated into your life
You don't need candles, flowers, or chocolates to know he's the one
Just some stimulating conversation... and maybe a great smile.Are You a Romantic or Realistic Girl?

Your Relationship Will Last... A Long Time!
Your guy is ideal, as close to Mr. Perfect as he could be
If you took this quiz, you may be doubting that...
Don't! No guy is perfect but yours comes really close
You guys will last for many years, as long as you appreciate him!How Long Will Your Relationship With Your Guy Last?

You Would Do Most Things For Love
You are willing t…

The Tens..smth I found in someone's blog..heee...


1. are you missing someone right now?

2. are you happy?

3. are you talking to anyone right now?
does chatting counts? if yes then Han, Hen, Selm n Darren Ko

4. are you bored?

5. are you german?

6. are you irish?

7. are you chinese?
sure la

8. are you asian?

9. are your parents still married?

10.are u alone?
nope. mum and bro at home too. i'm just alone in my room.


1. televison show:
Deal or No Deal

2. flower:
red, white and blue roses

3. color:

4. sport:

5. mall:
One U

6. music:
anything that suits my mood

7. food:

8. season:
Malaysia only has one season

9. animal:



1. hometown:

2. hair color:


4. hair style:

5. eye color:
black. I think.

6. shoe size:

7. mood:

8. skin color:
not fair not tan

9. available?:

10. lefty/righty:


1. have you ever been in love?

2. do you believe in love?

3. why did your last relationship fail?
cos I wana pursue …





The storm ended...

I'm my life like before..before all this storm and thunder and lightnings started..

I'm alone..But I won't let it be..

I will miss..But I will keep all them..All of them..In a treasure chest..Keep them safe and sound...

This morning will be the last time I hug you

Yesterday will be the last time I kiss you

3 hours ago will be the last time I touch you

The storm had ended...Unbeautifully..

Not good

Why when I want things to be good, it just turned out to be the other way round? I want to be back together in a good sailing relationship, but things just didn't go the way I want it to be. Even I want it to be good? Where is God? Where is Him to help? I wanted to forget about everything else and be good. Have a good relationship and job. But why?


I'm sick! Lovesick! Tummy sick! Knee sick! All sick!

Think twice...Act wise...

Don't make promise when you are in joy, Don't reply when you are sad, Don't take decision when you are angry. Think twice...Act Wise.

Hyundai on FIRE!!

Hahaha! Don't be so shock la. It's not the Hyundai car on fire la. It's the building. Just now noon around 3.30pm I went to Saberkas with Bryan lor. Upon reaching there, we saw lots of smoke at the sky opposite Saberkas. It looks like it's coming from behind the row of new building. Many people stand outside Saberkas to look at the smoke. Me driving ma. Can't really see also. Too far and got the view got blocked. So I don't care lo. Went shopping first.

Then around 6pm we came out from Saberkas. I wana send Bryan to get his car at West Wing there. So then, we found out what actually happened, where did those smoke come from. It's the Hyundai building next to Courts Mammoth that got burned! But luckily it's only the upper part of the building. When we passed by, the fire brigades were still there. The building turned black la! Fire is really scary!

I kepo'ly quickly took out my hp to take pics. Haha! first thing I thought of was to blog it. But stupid …

Bloop de Paris!!!

I'm sOoOoOo H.A.P.P.Y!!!! Know why? Cos i'm happy la! Haha! No la. The story is like this.

Yesterday I went home after work and saw a letter for me from BluInc(a company la). So I thought, 'ahh...later then read la. lazy now'. So I put it aside lor. Went to do house chores first. Then go pick my mum from work. Didn't even bother to open up the letter la. Until I was free, sat there waiting for dinner, I opened up the letter and read. (-_-).......................(O_O)!!! WHAT???? I WON A PRIZE!!! I couldn't believe my eyes so I proceed reading it. Bla bla bla.... I REALLY did won! Yaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hahahaha! I quickly tell mummy lor. Sure she happy la. You can see immediately there's a smile on her. hehe =D

This contest thingy was from the magazine Seventeen which I ordered monthly. It was during February that I joined the contest (now is already JULY!) but who cares anyway. Haha! I see the prizes so attractive so I joined lor. Sent two postcards…