Colourful Boutique~

Two days ago, after work, mummy said wana go Green Road take my bro's medicine. But we reached there earlier than timed. So mummy said go kai kai around first lor. I found this newly opened boutique. It's located opposite Sports Toto. It's called Colourful (smth la). Haha! Anyway, went up and see, the clothes there quite cheap oh. Not bad la. Some cheap some expensive. Sure different material different price. I viewed around. Picked up this very smooth cloth spaghetti. Tried on and mummy said nice. heee~ Very rare to hear my mum say clothes that I picked are nice. Haha! So I decided to buy that top lor. Cost only RM12.90. The taukenio gave 90cents discount. LoL! But not me pay. Mummy paid. WeEeE~ Thanks mum!
This is how the back looks like la. It's pink color. But don't know why it looks like peach in this pic. Haha! The front is just normal la. Plain pink. Then yesterday I came office and told my colleagues about it. They all said wana go. So at lunch time. We all quickly ate and I drove them there. One of my colleague bought 3 tops for RM120 and I bought a black dinner tube top. Looks so nice la. Hands so itchy so bought it for RM33. Haha!
But this top only can wear to dinner. Cos it's the smooth kind of cloth. I mean those you see being used as dinner gowns. I bought this top hopping to wear it next Thursday to our Star Cruise dinner at Lok Thian (don't know going or not). heeee~ This pic not that clear la. Got a ribbon that can tie into butterfly knot below bust. Nice la. I love it sure say nice. Hehe~


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