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Ramadhan Buffet at BCCK

YES! I went to the Ramadhan Buffet at BCCK last night! Oh good food is all I can say! Can't stop going round and round for more. Prepare yourself for the delicious food photos coming right up! 
BCCK is doing the Ramadhan buffet for the second year round. Located in the Great Hall. The place is comfortable. The decoration is beautiful. And of course, the main point is, the food is really good!
This is the Great Hall. What is your expression right now? How do you feel? For me, to be able to be there and see this absolute beautiful decoration, I was mesmerized and went speechless for minutes! It was only moments later that I found out I had been standing there alone looking around the nicely decorated hall. I'm so glad I own a Nikon dslr that allows me to take lovely photos,

This is the VIP table. Hmm.....why weren't we seated on the VIP table? Hehehe Ok so I'm not any minister. I'm just a very small blogger =P

Ah enough of words. I shall let all the delicious photos …

Ramadhan Buffet is BACK!

To all my Muslim friends, I wish you all well during the Ramadhan month. 
The best thing of BCCK is back!The Ramadhan Buffet 2012! I wasn't there last year but I heard the food was good. So no matter what, this year I must not miss the opportunity to give it a try. 
I've only been to BCCK three time. Well, of course only when there's event then I'll be there. It's not like I work there =) I remember early this year, I was there for the CNY food tasting at Raintree Restaurant. It was a very pleasant experience as it's my first time dining there. The chef was so friendly that he described all the dish to us. How it was cooked and what ingredient was being used. You all know I'm very busybody right? So yes we asked alot and boy, the chef must be tired after the dinner =P
Let me just tempt you with some food from previous CNY post: Chinese New Year Buffet 
I'm hoping that this year the Ramadhan Buffet, which is gonna be my first time, will not let me down. I…

Padawan Fair 2012

It's Friday night and I'm stuck at home with Gossip Girl. It's the night where the Rainfest had begun. Many went, but some don't. So, what are you doing on this Friday night? Partying with the crowd or uptown? Anyway, I'm looking forward to my very first dance at Rainfest this year which is happening tomorrow night! 
Meanwhile, I need to calm myself down before I explode again. Ah it's such a bad day. I mean, yes it's been very ordinary, nothing special. But that's the problem with me. Going in and out of this same routine. Nothing more than that everyday. Ok I'm just bored. Ignore me. I better do another post about all these craps.
Here, I'm supposed to be posting about Padawan Fair that happened at MJC Township couple of weeks ago. I'm not sure if it's still there or has it ended. Passing by several nights, the sign sure caught my attention. So one weekend I dragged bf there for dinner. Well, it's a very small fair compared to Kuc…

My First Trip To Miri

Aaaaahhhhhhhhhh!!! It's already 10th of July! Time! Can you please stop flying??? No wait. I think it's my laziness that's causing the time to fly without me knowing it. Hmm....I feel so.......speechless when I saw my June archive has only 3 posts =.= So mengesiankan diri only. I wonder what happened to all my blogging mood? I used to blog alot kan? I used to crap alot kan? What happened to me?!?!?!
Ok ok let me finish this post before I crap some more. Else it's just gonna be another procrastination.
MIRI! Was where I went during Father's Day weekend. Flew in on Friday night and came back on Sunday noon. My very first time to Miri. Was very excited cos I'm gonna explore the city, like finally!
Friday night when we reached, bf's stepmom picked us up from the airport and we went to his dad's stall to eat. His dad works at 5050 Cafe in case anyone wants to go there and try =P I was so hungry that yes I ate the food without first taking the photo of it =.= …