Ramadhan Buffet at BCCK

YES! I went to the Ramadhan Buffet at BCCK last night! Oh good food is all I can say! Can't stop going round and round for more. Prepare yourself for the delicious food photos coming right up! 

BCCK is doing the Ramadhan buffet for the second year round. Located in the Great Hall. The place is comfortable. The decoration is beautiful. And of course, the main point is, the food is really good!

This is the Great Hall. What is your expression right now? How do you feel? For me, to be able to be there and see this absolute beautiful decoration, I was mesmerized and went speechless for minutes! It was only moments later that I found out I had been standing there alone looking around the nicely decorated hall. I'm so glad I own a Nikon dslr that allows me to take lovely photos,

This is the VIP table. Hmm.....why weren't we seated on the VIP table? Hehehe Ok so I'm not any minister. I'm just a very small blogger =P

Ah enough of words. I shall let all the delicious photos lure you all to BCCK =D

Appetizers. Futomaki rolls & condiments. Poached snapper fillet on ice. And that octopus, the one on the spoon. Oh that is an absolute MUST TRY! I wish they serve in bigger portion =P

Poached prawn on ice. I'm not a fan of prawn so I didn't try this. But I had the marinated salmon. OH man! If you love sushi, you MUST try the salmon!!! No photos taken because when my camera reached the dish, there's only 5 pieces left so what did I do? Of course take them all before it's being swept away!

Keropok, acar, jeruk, cencaluk, sambal mangga and the famous tempoyak! I prefer my durian fresh. But my tablemates, they fell in love with it. Hehe =)

And many more appetizers to please you all! Spoilt by choices already? This is just the appetizers! You have yet to see the countless main dish!

Porridge is available. There's also soup and white rice. I'm not going for the usual food. I always aim for something that I cannot get from home.

Something like mussels with CHEESE!!!!! This is the dish that kept the chefs busy for the whole night. Carrying in and out new trays of mussels cos they finish so fast! Staring at this photo now, I can still taste the cheese. Yum~

Beryani kambing. This is about the same as rendang except it's lamb. This one is good. Better than the rendang served. Hee~ But this is not my favourite so far. Let me show you something else.

AYAM PANSUH!!!! I'd fell in love with ayam pansuh since Gawai. It was my first time having ayam pansuh at my bro's friend's house. This is my favourite dish of the night! Can't had enough. But then, I do hope they can cut the chickens into smaller pieces.

Moving on from the dishes on table. They too have stalls where the chef are there ready to serve you. You can watch how they prepare your food. It's pretty interesting to see how they wrap the roti canai and bakar the fishes.

This is the roti canai and kuih Dhall stall. I can have roti canai everywhere so nope. Am saving my tummy for something else.

This is the ikan bakar stall. They have kembong and saba fish for you to choose.

This stall made me stay for a few minutes. Haha! I was curious at how they prepare the sharwarma. I wanted to ask the chef about sharwarma but he was so busy so I didn't want to disturb him.

This is the cendoll stall. Ah speaking of cendoll. Let's move on to desserts!

Desserts has always been my favourite part of a dinner. Hehe who is not with me? My friends always asked, why do I have more photos of desserts than the main dishes itself. Um.....because that's how much I love desserts that I can spend my whole time just standing there, enjoy taking photos, wanting to capture the best angle and make them look as delicious as the real thing!

Desserts are pretty little things!

Tartes! It's soft and just the right sweetness.

Chocolate cake with raisins! This one's good! Hmm.....I wonder if I can learn how to bake this cake from the chef. Can I? =)

Traditional Malay kuih. 

Jelly!!!! Love love love!!!

Fresh fruits. What is a dessert without fresh fruits right?

Thinking why they have fruit skewer and marshmallows? Because the best thing is always served last!

CHOCOLATE FOUNTAIN!!!!! I can finally has my marshmallows dipped in chocolate pool!

The place was packed even during the first night. I was very surprised because normally during the first night, most people will want to buka puasa with family. But they chose to go over BCCK. For the sake of good food!

Another view before I leave. Oh this place had me mesmerized. Not only by the beautiful decoration but the good food that is gonna make me gain so much weight. Haha!

Why don't all of you youngsters out there, give your parents something different during this Ramadhan. Treat them to a great meal at BCCK. I'm sure it's gonna be worth every penny! How much you ask? All information below =)

Do remember! Give BCCK a ring for reservation before you head over. The food is so good that it could be hard to secure a seat without reservation =) 082-392889 Hope you see you all there~

Last but not least, thank you Mike for extending the invitation. 


cyrildason said…
Waaaahhhh.. glorious foodd!! Wait, that's salmon in the prawns?? I didn't know that.. ahahah.
Jong said…
Nice photos you got there~ BTW~ Great post and you are really efficient~!!! Love it~!

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