The Common Ground

I believe in every relationship, both of you have to have at least one similar interest. Be it the love for food, similar hobby, practice the same sports or even simple as love to read.
Similarity is very important in a relationship. Without the similarity, you can’t find a common ground to agree on. I always go against the Yin and Yang concept and the opposites attract concept. The one that says you compliment each other by being the different person than him/her. Yes there should be some compliment, but a couple can never be the total opposite character of his/her other half.

Nothing will go wrong during the dating stage. The romantic stage is where both parties are blinded by the overly heated love atmosphere. But what happens when you argue as time pass? Two different people with different thoughts, opinions and characters will have endless argument. It is during this time that your common ground, similar interest that is going to bring you to back to reality.

You see, when you h…

From Blogging to Vlogging

Growing up with a brother 9 years younger than me, that’s a huge gap of knowledge transfer and a whole new world to learn about the new generation. Last night as I was at a TETHER session with the Sarawak Bloggers core team and a few new young blood, I realised how much blogging has changed. We were seated at a long table. Half the table are us, the 30 and above with our beers in hand talking about health. The other half, is the group of active social media users. The group that talks about YouTube, Instagram, cinematography, digital nomad and mostly there’s this new word called Vlog or V-log. I still have no idea how to pronounce that word.
Looking at them playing around with their phones, taking videos or “stories” for their Instagram, my mind was asking myself “What was I doing or where was I when I was 20 years old?”.

This morning I got my answer. I was learning how to customise my blog template.

The journalists or reporters in the olden days have to buy pens and papers to write…

Time Out

Time out. It's good for you. It's good for everyone actually. We all need time out once in awhile. It's sort of like a meditation which some people do it every morning or every evening. I don't do meditation because I can't focus. I just started yoga. Which it does help with clearing your mind for that one hour. But at times I couldn't find my peace during the class. I will stare into the ceiling and my mind starts to plan what to do tomorrow. Now speaking of that, I think I have something planned but then I forgot. Will get back to that planning later. 
So, time out. I'm talking more on a longer hours time out. A day or two or even a week to a month. We work everyday. We have our daily routines to follow. We have meetings and deadlines. We have friends and family to entertain. We sometimes give ourselves a little me-time during the weekend but some weekends will be allocated for gatherings and there goes our me-time. 
Work is fun but work can be stressful…

Friends and Effort

Friends. They come and go. Everyone cross path with you for a reason. Either to be your lifelong dependable friend or just to teach you a lesson. Some come and go as quick as the quicksand. Some stayed on for couple of months and take their departure once the mission completes. While some, is just a phone call away since day one. 
So how do you know who belongs to which category? 
The answer is, you don't.
Living for 30 years, having friends for as long as 20 years, I realised that it is all about the effort. The phrase, 'It takes two to tango' is so accurate that it can even predict the rainy and sunny days. What kind of effort are we talking about here? We're talking about the effort to make friend(s) and keep up the effort to make that friendship last with even the smallest step.
Have you ever thought about the effort you make? What did you do to keep that friendship? Or the effort your friend(s) made to meet up, to call, or merely just a simple text to say 'Hi…

Summer Holiday

Sunset by the bridge
Sunset by the beach
Sunset is so beautiful
Sunset is unforgetable

Breakfast, lunch and dinner
Endless stories of adventure
From the cruise to the castle
All the dance and dazzle

Those who were strangers
Those who you keep in your prayers
Those moments are precious treasure
Those now you promise to be friends forever
Time flies by so fast
People say enjoy while it last
So go and have a blast
Because soon the present became the past
Summer is memorable
Summer is irreplaceable
Summer has come to an end
Thank you for the wonderful weekend

Yours truly
Perpetua Angeline

Reflecting On The Tragedy

I was reading this post from and somehow it got me reflect my own past.

About 2 years ago, something huge happened to my life. Well it's not that huge because it's a lie and fake story after all. But it did impact me very hard. I was reluctant to tell people around me cos I won't want people to judge and start spreading news that I was crazy and etcetera. So I only told the whole story to friends who are closed and involved during that period of magical dreamy story.

I'm not sure if I am already healed and let go off that story. I was pissed off when I realised it was a total lie. I mean, how can someone drafted a story so well and made me believe in it through my heart and soul and in the end, crash and burn just like that. Gone and poof with the wind!

I started avoiding people. Friends, acquaintances, colleagues and families. I was ashamed and embarrassed by my own action. I didn't want to meet people. I was mad and somehow scared to bump into that person…


Mask. Something that we wear everyday. To conceal the personalities we choose to keep within. No matter who you are or who you think you are, there will always be personalities that you keep to only yourself. Or to conceal from certain people.
How often do you reveal your true self to people? How much do you know about your true self? You may walk around with a smile, but are you truly happy? You may go around showing anger, but are you really that mad? Do you really know who is your true self? You may and you may not. It is a very subjective question.
Sitting at a cafe in the mall. Watching and observing people around. Promoters busy promoting. Cashiers busy counting money. Assistants busy packing goods. Parents busy feeding their kids. Children running around. Security guards standing and watching. Baristas busy pouring coffees. Everyone is busy. Everyone is occupied. Everyone, is concealing what's really happening behind in their life. 
It is only when the door is close. The c…