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Westlife Concert

Remember I won Westlife Gravity Tour concert ticket from MixFM last month? Hehe Finally the time arrived after the long wait and I flew off to KL just to watch the concert and had myself a nice weekend getaway. 
We flew off on Friday morning with bro YC. Nope he's not going to the concert but to attend a friend's wedding. He's such nice brother. Willing to fly there just to be 'brother'. Nice to have such awesome friend kan?
Anyway, our hotel was located at Puchong. It's called 101 Lake View Hotel. Sadly KLIA taxi counter staff doesn't know the place and charged us the price to Bukit Jalil =.= Oh did I mention we flew Fireflyz this time? First time and ah......I still prefer AirAsia's pilot =P
So after dumping our bags into the hotel room, we walked to iOi Mall which is just next to our hotel! How cool is that! You know when you travel, the best place would be having a shopping mall right next to your hotel. It's so convenient.

3 starved monkeys we…

Jar of Hearts...

Today is the day....It's not something we all wanted. Not something anyone had been waiting for. But it had to be this way. The question is not 'What happened to us?' but one of us stop trying. Stop compromising. And gave up.

I'll remember the day I first met you. The day I first held your hand. The day we got together. The day we went for our first vacation. I'll remember them all. Memories left memories. What is past is past. I won't look back and regret what I did. I'll look back and be thankful for everything that happened. Because it made us grow.

There are good times and bad times. No one can avoid those. How will you ever see rainbow if there's no rain? How will you ever know the sun is shining when you didn't come out from your house? How will you know the city isn't far away when you didn't take the first step? How will you know?

I just want to say thank you. Thank you for everything that you gave me. Thank you for all the lessons t…

Dance Me A Story

Yesterday I finally got to meet Ms Serina of Studio23 in person! How excited! I've heard of Studio23 for long, have you? But the reason I didn't join is because I have always been a member of EarthDance Production. And I'm not a fan of belly dance. Love to watch the dance but don't wanna learn it for myself. Hehe =) So, what was the meet up about?
It's time for me to dance you a story.........
Ms Serina, the dance instructor has always been passionate about dancing ever since she was 8. She loves to watch musical and had pestered her mom since then. She went into ballet, belly dance, modern jazz and of course, the latest, Flamenco! She started Studio23 with her husband about 2years ago and also at the same time started all the planning and writing for her upcoming Dance Theatre event, Dance Me A Story.

It took her 1 year of learning choreographies, 3 months of intensive rehearsal and 2 auditions. Now the dancers are training almost everyday for the perfect night! Wh…

Elizabeth Kiing Charity Dinner & Dance

What did you do last Friday night? Partying like Katy Perry did? Or out on movies with friends? =) I had a great time with awesome ladies at a charity dinner. One which I cracked my head and almost tear down my wardrobe just to think of what to wear. Why? Because the dinner theme was 80s style! Hehe =)
Introduction: Elizabeth Kiing, for the love of beads and more beads! Originally from Australia, living in Hong Kong, had expanded their business throughout the whole world! Never judge what small things like beads can bring you up aye? What takes to be successful is quality, workmanship and of course, after sales service. Now that they've reached Malaysia, let's take a look about their beads shall we?
Arrival of YB Yong Khoon Seng just minutes after I reached. Phew I was almost late!

Hampers and awards ready to be presented to sponsors and winners =)

The bunch of photographers who would never stop clicking and flashing their lights whenever anyone walk pass. Made us all felt lik…

Colmar Tropicale @ Berjaya Hills

Welcome to Colmar Tropicale at Berjaya Hills. This little French town belongs to Berjaya Group. Awesome mind to set up this beautiful town. I wonder whose idea was it to make it French. One word: Worthy!
We took the shuttle bus from Berjaya Hotel to Colmar Tropicale. Round trip per person is RM55. Everything else available on Google search. Hehe =P
A French clock by the entrance. It's 2 sided so I suppose one side is Malaysian time and the other is French? Didn't bother to ask about it. 
Checked into our room. Always love huge mirror. Cos I can camwhore gao gao!
A little disappointed with our room cos ah well, people always do the trick using photos =.= Our room doesn't even have balcony!!! Nuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
But I love the bathroom! White means clean and neat and comfy!
Time for more photos. This orange building is our room block. There's different name for all different blocks. Don't bother asking, I forgot what's ours =.= Dragged too long to writ…