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From Macau to Hong Kong!

So~ After we left Venice (the fake one) we headed over for dinner at Macau. The dinner place was located near the airport and I do wonder why and then when we reached, I saw the sign saying it's a hotel o.O??? We actually went to a hotel near the airport to have dinner? LoL???
See the sign? No lies~ But hey this restaurant served AWESOME FOOD!!!!!! Ok at least they're like TEN TIMES BETTER than China's food. No food pic cos it was too nice that I gulped them all before remembering I need to take photos =.= Hmm...Probably we're more used to Canto food. Heeee~

And again the awesome Christmas decor~ Whylahhhhhhh Kuching's Christmas decor suck like shit compared to theirs???

See how amazingly and greatly and creatively they use up all the lights to beautify the decor? Learn from it people! We need better and much MUCH better decors here!!!

After the finally-good dinner, we rushed to catch the last ferry and off we went to Hong Kong!!!!!

The effing dizzyshit ferry that…

Welcome to Venice!

Let me bring you back to Venice!!! =D Yes yes I WENT TO VENICE!!! Which is located at Macau. Hahaha! The fawesome casino with amazing indoor Venetian city!!! =D
The view from outside. That's the hotel lighting up for the night~

I WAS AT VENICE!!!! Yes that's Venice alright. With a fake sky which amazingly changes color~

I traveled by foot and reaches the fawesomemax shopping area!!!

Oh it was Christmas eve!!! And then I found a faximax Christmas tree! there such word?


ME ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

Hello Macau!

After we bid goodbye to China, we went off to the immigration center and cross over to Macau. At Macau, we were greeted by another tour guide. But we didn't stay at Macau for long. Just a half day trip. First we went to tour around and tour guide kept telling us stories about all the casinos and food and people and life in Macau. But all I tasted was bitterness. My heart was left at China......... =(
Ok before I drown you all with my sadness, let's just continue to my short post.
This is the first place we went at Macau. It's a shop that sells all sorts of tit bits and cookies and candies. Sadly tour guide did not bring us to buy the famous Portugese tart.

Mom bought some stuff and then we left.

A never-to-be-missed tourist spot! The St Paul Church!!! It was Christmas eve and therefore the mountains of human heads. It's so hard to get a nice spot for group photo so we snap as much as possible and this was the only one presentable. We were given only 20 minutes there s…

Goodbye China, I'll be back!

Since I'm waiting for my video to be uploaded, might as well make a quick post. 
The last day I spent at China on my vacation was at Zhuhai. A town famous for its pearls. There's a legend behind this little town. Lazy to story about it cos I've got no photo of the landmark.
This is the bus that had been taking us for the whole 5 days. Sifu Sun was our driver and he's a very friendly man. One who doesn't talk much but helps alot.

A photo with 小朱 before we leave the hotel. Til we meet again!

The first place we went that morning after breakfast was this silk factory. They showed us how silk was made and they too sell alot of silk products. I only bought a set of chopsticks with silk cloth. Wanted to buy the panda soft toy but it's not worth it. So I didn't bring home any panda =( Anyone willing to sponsor me a panda soft toy?

Next we went to visit some Chinese physician. I hate this place! Ok I'm not gonna comment more. Leave it to you to find out why I h…

Dr Sun Yat-Sen's Resident

Chinese New Year is officially over. Gotta roll back to normal work days no matter how much you hated it. But well, it's another start! So heads up peeps! Stay strong for year 2011!!! The best has yet to come!
Does anyone here knows who is the first president of China? Let me bring you back to history =D I'm a sucker in history subject in school but I think this vacation had taught me alot about China's history. I get to know who is the president, who is the patriot and who else is who. Some of you may say that this is boring but I think what's boring is just texts on books. Try going to a school where they bring you all over the historical place. I'll tell you it's fun!
I'm lazy to introduce much. If you want more info, you can always ask Google. Haha! Here is Dr Sun Yat Sen's house in Guangzhou when he was young. Man this house stood there for over 200 years!!!! He was a Chinese doctor who then known as the Founding Father of Republican China. 
You c…

Bee Farm & Bao Mo Garden

Ok no matter how no mood I am to blog, I MUST BLOG TONIGHT! At least make one post. Else my blog will go RIP for one whole week again. 
So, yesterday was Valentine's Day. How did you celebrate yours? Receive roses and chocolates? Or some exquisite dinner at special hotel restaurant? I didn't celebrate mine this year. Not that I'm alone or what. But I had to 'date' my lecturer for 3 hours straight after work. And you will say 'Go after class lah!'. You try to work whole day and class for 3 hours. See you fall to bed or not.
Now, continue my vacation post. I know it's long and dreadful but HEY I still have tones of photos to post and there's a video which I still fail to upload into YouTube all thanks to Streamyx or should I say Slowmyx.
On the I-forgot-which-day-of-the-trip and I'm lazy to count back, we went to a bee farm after breakfast. It's located rather far away from city center. Well it's a farm. So what can you expect. It's n…

Guangzhou Pearl River Night Cruise

Alright! Back to business! Err I mean blog. =D I've been so busy lately. The work + school week started right after 4th day of CNY *yawn* And to be even more happy (maybe I should cos can eat chicken rice everyday) I'm gonna have class every single night from Monday to Friday for the whole February. Oh love my life or not?
And now that the roads are getting dug, traffics became more and more 'smooth'. I'm searching for alternative roads to get me from office to school. Argh!
Ok continue from previous post. I was at Guangzhou just 2 months ago! And I wana go back see panda again!!!!
So after we left the zoo and the uberly cute panda, tour guide brought us to shop around the streets of Guangzhou where I FINALLY FOUND MY BOOTS!!! I've been searching all over Shenzhen and Dongguan until I got so frustrated. Haha! I know I'm fussy. Hehehe =D
This is the main shopping street if you wana shop at Guangzhou. It's call Shangxiajiu street. One thing about this pl…

Guangzhou Zoological Garden

It's already the 3rd day of CNY and I'm feeling tired and a lil bored. It has always been the same. But well, it's gonna be different tomorrow! I manage to organize a primary school gathering again. This time we're gonna go visit around houses instead of just dinner at a place. I hope it's gonna go smoothly =)
Since I've got some time to kill while waiting for the bosses gang to arrive, gonna make a quick post about my trip. Hehehe =D I wonder how many more post to go. This one's gonna be more interesting. 14 photos. Enough to satisfy you all?
The morning at Guangzhou, we went to the zoo. Who will wanna miss the chance of visiting pandas when you're already at China right? =D It's not only a zoo to see land animals. There's also an ocean park inside.
The main entrance of the zoo. I do wonder why they call it zoological garden. There's no garden ler. Only animals. Haha!

Dolphins!!!!! These dolphins are made of roses!!!! Creative aren't t…