Guangzhou Zoological Garden

It's already the 3rd day of CNY and I'm feeling tired and a lil bored. It has always been the same. But well, it's gonna be different tomorrow! I manage to organize a primary school gathering again. This time we're gonna go visit around houses instead of just dinner at a place. I hope it's gonna go smoothly =)

Since I've got some time to kill while waiting for the bosses gang to arrive, gonna make a quick post about my trip. Hehehe =D I wonder how many more post to go. This one's gonna be more interesting. 14 photos. Enough to satisfy you all?

The morning at Guangzhou, we went to the zoo. Who will wanna miss the chance of visiting pandas when you're already at China right? =D It's not only a zoo to see land animals. There's also an ocean park inside.

The main entrance of the zoo. I do wonder why they call it zoological garden. There's no garden ler. Only animals. Haha!

Dolphins!!!!! These dolphins are made of roses!!!! Creative aren't they?

Guangzhou is represented by these 5 goats. There's a story behind but I forgot about it already =/ And Guangzhou was the place for some international games right? I couldn't remember either. Bad bad bad memory!!!

Then we came to the aquarium section. Lotsa fishes to see. Not interested. Hahaha! But something caught my attention.

Try guess how old is this turtle. Hehehehe =D Kena pun tak ada prize lah hor. Sendiri go buy ice-cream cukuplah tu~ This turtle is as huge as erm.....bigger than my car tire =O

Then we watch some shark show. Nothing much. Just human going in and swim with the sharks and then feed them. White fat sharks =.=

And then I found jaws =.= I think the shark doesn't even need to chew me. Just swallow. Hahahahaha! I've got nothing for it to chew also. All bones. LOL


Next was the ocean park show.

There's seals performing. They're so smart!!!!! These seals are imported from US.

There's also whale! Yes this is a whale. A tiny ones. But I think it looks more like dugong to me =.=

And of course, dolphins!!!!! Weeeeeeeeeee~~~ I love to watch these dolphins making their super awesome jump!!!

After the show, we went to the zoo for a walk~ It was a warm day but I wasn't at my best condition so I wore jacket =(

Raccoons!!!! Cute aren't they? I love their fur colors~

Kangaroo!!!! These kangaroo are so lazy =.= Actually I think we scared them away. And only left one here for me to take photo. Haha! The rest hopped into the shelter.

And here's to panda!!!!! I looked so tired =( And that panda didn't even bother to look to my camera =( Sad wehh!!! Even pandas don't wanna hirau me =(((

Ok after a few whistle and cat-calls, the other panda finally look at me. I mean my camera. Hehehe =D Cute kan? I want to hug them so much!!!!

After a long walk, we left for lunch~

Family photo with the roses dolphins~



Nikel Khor said…
this was fun trip..

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