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Specially delivery for Timothy~

Last Friday was Tim's birthday. I wasn't able to join in their surprise party cos was having class. Sowee Tim~ Anywayz, what should I write about him hor? Hmm...he's a very special guy. Someone who is very artistic, creative and has his own style in all ways. He does fabric designs!!! Hiakz!

I wana apologize for making this post so late cos was busy throughout the whole weekend. 3 days late oh~ Sowee~ Well, as always, and again, I ordered a cake for u via online =P I know they bought chocolate cake for you and this one's chocolate as well, but this one's with strawberries leh! =D
I heard you enjoy lots on that night. Nice to know that =D I saw all the pics as well. Hehe =) And since I wasn't there, I had to ask pics from people. Sorry la. Was browsing through KB team's site but none have your pic without watermark. And none have your pic with only you in it. Hahaz! Hope you don't mind I put up this pic =D
Hereby I wana wish you :-

~Happy happy happy alway…

HaPpY BirTHdAy aDeLinE~!

Happy birthday to you~ Happy birthday to you~ Happy birthday to Adeline~ HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU~!~!~!~!

Already 19 looo~~~ Old liaw old liaw. LoLx!!! Cannot cannot. If you old means I'm older. Haha! You're at KL now ler. Can't celebrate wit you =( wait you come back we go shopping~~~ Hiak hiak!!
Sweetie, I ordered a cake for you via online. It's Hersheys Kisses!!! Lotsa muacks muacks!!! But sadly the delivery man said they doesn't deliver on road. They can only deliver via blog. Hahaha! Oops! I forgot to order presents! Uh oh~~

Hmm...Can I replace it with this ---> XOXO! Hahaha!!! When you're back then we long-leng la. Now still early to talk. Wahaha!!!
Ei? Someone dy got roses for her birthday worh. Then I can skip mine la hor? Hiak hiak! So pweetttyyy~~~~ I mean the roses, not you. Hahaha! JK!!! Anywayz, hereby I would like to wish you :-

~Happy sweet 19~
~May you get good grades in studies~
~May your life be filled with lotsa loves~
~May all the angels and saints …


Can I say life sucks? Well yeah it does. Getting sucks these days. Urgh! Can I say again that life sucks?


HaPpY biRThdAy dODi~!~!~!~!

**Caution: This post will be in a new language. It's call the ED Language!**

Today is Dodi Paul's birthday~ Who is Dodi Paul? EarthDance's handsome man la! No la. He's only handsome to Momi. Hahaha!!! Anywayz, we were suppose to head over for steamboat to celebrate Dodi's birthday, BUT LEH! Dodi too good lor. He said he doesn't wana go cos he doesn't want us (his ED kids) to spend money ma. So leh hor! The party cancelled. So sad lah!

Dodi!!! Must replace the party ok??? We want party!!! Hahaha!!! Not only me leh weh! Ask the rest also ma. They all sure wana party. Even Momi also wana party. See Momi even told me her birthdate say must remember oh! Then must got party oh! Hahaha!!! Si ai bin! JK!!!

Since Dodi so nice la. Still asked us to save up our money to buy CNY clothes then he'll be more happy. Haiyo! Anyway, since Dodi so nice, so I decided to dedicate a post specially for him~

Dodi DoDi DODI!!! I MADE YOU A BIRTHDAY CAKE!!! online~ =D I don't kn…

Wedding dinner @ Hilton

Last Tuesday I received a call from my cousin, Chee asking me to accompany her to a wedding dinner at Hilton as her parents weren't able to attend. Since it's free, who doesn't want right? Hiak hiak! So that day I left office earlier to go home get ready for the dinner. We reached Hilton around 7pm. Not knowing who the bride neither the groom, we just went in. The only thing we know is that, we will be sharing the same table with my aunty's dance classmate.

I took the invitation card from Chee and have a look at it. Groom's name Chua Kim Hock and bride's name Annis. When I saw the name Chua Kim Hock, one of my colleague's name suddenly came into my mind. I was wondering whether are they related. Just as I sat there for few minutes, I saw him! Hahaha! He was busy walking around. When he finally saw and greeted me, I asked what's his relation with the groom, he said he's his bro. What a small small world!!! Small small Kuching!!!

Feeling much better at…

HaPpY 6tH aNniVerSarY tO earTH DancE~

WeEeEe~~~~ As many doesn't know!!! Even Dodi Momi doesn't remember!!! But I do~! Hahaha! Today marks the day of the 6th year anniversary since EarthDance started!!! Heee~

Well, I don't really know the history of EarthDance since I'd just planted my seed 5months ago. Hahaz! I like going dancing at EarthDance! Then whenever we have any performance or gathering, everyone gives everyone the feeling of being in a big BIG family~! We are ONE! We are EarthDancers! Right Dodi Momi? Hehe =D

I'm gonna put up a few links below. It's where you can find out more about us @ EarthDance! And not to forget!!!

EarthDance was formed by Paul Lau Lee Poh (Dodi) & Alysha Toh Siew Wei (Momi). They both started dancing since then *ahem* that time they were 'paktoh'ing' if I'm not mistaken. Hiak hiak! Til now that they're married! Heee~

Here are the links peepz~

EarthDance friendster ~
EarthDance website ~ http://www.earthdanc…

HaPpy biRThdAy HeNry~!

WeEeEe~! Firstly I wana apologize for my late entry. Sorry Henz~! Was editing pics. Keke =D Birthday boy birthday boy~! What should I write about you? =) Let's list a few facts about you. Haha! Here goes:-

1. LoOoOoVES BMW!!! Who doesn't know that huh?
2. Cute and naughty!! Big boy already oh~! But there's a saying; Boys will be boys =D
3. Loves anything that gives him adrenaline rush. Hahaz!
4. Comes from a big happy friendly family who loves him lots!
5. Loves McDonald =D
6. Smart boy! Don't buy? Ask him anything =)
7. Loves sports too..badminton, basketball...etc etc..
8. Has a pair of sEXy eyes~ You'll melt if you dare to look deep into them. Hehe =P
9. Will always style his hair before he leaves home. Outlook matters!!!
10. Lastly! He's my baby!!! Wahahaha!!! How I wish. LoLx! JK! He's good-looking, smart, cute...who doesn't want aye? Hehe =D Actually, he's still single. Haha!

So I've decided to have him.....In my blog. LoLx!!!! There you go~ My baby…

Sushi King

Hehe =D So this was where I went after I left The Spring. SUSHI KING @ BOULEVARD! I wanted to bring my mum to Boulevard to see see since she never been there yet. Hehe =D We had our lunch over at Sushi King. Yummy!!!And as usual, as Jimmy had mention also. Nowadays trend is, queue for food =.='''
Fishy fishy fishy....The Manhattan Fish Market will be opening right opposite Sushi King.
How do you read this?
The menu....Love it the Jap way~
Mum ordered a set of Komento Bento. Something of that name. Can't really recall. Then I had salmon sushi, crabroll sushi also and etc etc etc...
I like the lamp. I think I'm starting to get attracted to lights, lamps and bulbs. Haha! Oh! And I applied for the discount card dy. They gave me the card on spot BUT the lady told me that their calendar and tea cups are out of stock already. So sad =( And cos of that, I got my card for only RM10. But I want the cups!!!!!
Me, mummy and bro =D

When we were leaving, I saw some familiar faces. It&#…

tHe Spring

Today marks the day where The Spring is gonna open. Weee~ So I woke up early morning, got ready and went for breakfast with my mum, bro and two of my cousins. Had our breakfast at Da-Light and met up with Mr Liong, Mrs Liong and Linda over there. Haha!
Then around 10am we head over to The Spring. I drove, kekeke =D Parked my car opposite cos I know if I parked it inside The Spring's carpark, later it's gonna take time to get out. Haha!
The Spring here I come!!!! I was there dy loooo~~~ Hahahaz! Kiasuz cinz!!!
This is the main entrance, Starbucks at the left and Secret Recipe at the right.
Oh My!!! There's SO MANY PEOPLE THERE!!!!! Just look how scary it is =/
All the Kuching-Kiasu-Kias. Haha! Include me!!! Me me me!!!
I saw Sharon posted about this fountain in her blog so I went to show it off to my mum. Hehe =D
Took few nice snaps of the fountain itself. Ran from first floor to ground floor just to snap the fountain. Kekeke =D
Nice~ The coloured plates will move by itself, it goe…