HaPpY BirTHdAy aDeLinE~!

Happy birthday to you~ Happy birthday to you~ Happy birthday to Adeline~ HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU~!~!~!~!

Already 19 looo~~~ Old liaw old liaw. LoLx!!! Cannot cannot. If you old means I'm older. Haha! You're at KL now ler. Can't celebrate wit you =( wait you come back we go shopping~~~ Hiak hiak!!
Sweetie, I ordered a cake for you via online. It's Hersheys Kisses!!! Lotsa muacks muacks!!! But sadly the delivery man said they doesn't deliver on road. They can only deliver via blog. Hahaha! Oops! I forgot to order presents! Uh oh~~

Hmm...Can I replace it with this ---> XOXO! Hahaha!!! When you're back then we long-leng la. Now still early to talk. Wahaha!!!
Ei? Someone dy got roses for her birthday worh. Then I can skip mine la hor? Hiak hiak! So pweetttyyy~~~~ I mean the roses, not you. Hahaha! JK!!! Anywayz, hereby I would like to wish you :-

~Happy sweet 19~
~May you get good grades in studies~
~May your life be filled with lotsa loves~
~May all the angels and saints be with you always~
~May God bless you and guide you through~
~May you grow prettier and prettier~
~Healthy and wealthy and then shopping!!! LoLx~

No more tears babe! No more! It's time for fun in life! It's time to open up to a new life~ Cheers gurl~



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