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Sarawak Blogger


Am proud to announce myself as a Sarawak Blogger now. Well, I have always been a Sarawak blogger. But now I'm more. I'd decided to checkout the new Sarawak Blogger team when I saw the logo up at Irene's blog.

Turns out it really caught my attention. Always wanting to be able to attend events. I just missed out one. The go-kart demo at Hills. Why no one inform me????? Sigh~

Although I'm categorized as a Casual Blogger but it's alright. I'll just have to do some little touch-ups to my posts and I should be fine. Probably I should write with more proper english =) Being under the Prime Blogger category will be more fun cos you will be their priority at inviting to events and parties!!!

So my target now is to try and brush up my english to meet with their criteria. Wish me luck!

Anyway, calling all you Sarawakians out there!!! Just click below and hop on to the site for a visit. Support us ya~~

Make ups...haiz...

Why girls need make-ups? Why guys like pretty girls? Hahahaha!!!! I like to make-up but not the heavy type for dinner. Always suck at putting on foundation, concealer and whatever powder needed. So nope! I don't use all those.

I think an eyeliner pencil is good enough for me. Haha! Lazy pig here~~~

But I can't just go with an eyeliner to a grand dinner!!! Have a very very grand dinner to attend next Friday. My head is now filled with lots and lots and lots of questions!!!

How to do my hair? How to make-up? What dress to wear? How to put on fake lashes? Or do I even wana put it on? How to this how to that???? So yeap! I am now watching YouTube for tutorials =.='''''
Last night went Spring to buy some 'needed' stuff. My mascara had dried out so I bought one just to replace it. I don't wana smudge my eyes during the grand grand night, so bought a liquid (said waterproof) eyeliner. This time, I feel like enhancing my lashes so I bought the glue cos I…

Poker time!

This is what I mentioned in my Plurk yesterday. Hehehe =DD Let the pictures tell the story~~~

Want a set of these? Hehe =D Head down to your nearest Sports Toto outlet now!!!! They're giving it FREE if you buy the new games!!! Grab it fast while stocks lasts!!!!

Popular Book Fair

Last weekend, Popular had a huge book fair at Tun Jugah food court. It occupied about half of the food court eh. The sale was up to 70%. I guess they were trying to clear some stocks. Hehe~

As a novel reader, surely I can't miss this opportunity. So I went to Tun Jugah with darling on Sat night. Made 2 purchases. Yeap! Spent RM57 for 2 novels~~

Bought this two novels by Sidney Sheldon. Actually I bought the wrong one on that night. I read wrongly. Then the next day I went to exchange, luckily the staff is nice. So I manage to get my book changed and now this 2 is added to my collection.

Now my next target is the latest novel by Cecelia Ahern. Can't really remember the topic. Spot it at MPH already but then it's rather expensive. So am waiting for sales now. Hehe =P~

Haven't start reading this two yet. No time so far. Busy busy busy~~~

2nd Year Anni

This year we celebrated our 2nd year anniversary a little earlier cos the actual day falls on a Monday which I have class to attend. So we celebrated during the weekend before it.

Darling kept asking me where to go. We're kinda out of places to try in Kuching. Haha! Probably we should fly out of Kuching just for a dinner eh? Kekeke =P~

Well, I said since Silhouette had been opened for quite some time and we haven't try, so why not? Though we both know it's expensive there, but it's a once in a year thing. And it's a memorable sweet date. So we both agreed to splurge a little on the day.

We were there quite early I think. There were no one in there. Except for a few man sitting by the bar for some drinks.

Now I can have this picture of my own. Hehe =) Always spot it around people's blog.

And then I realized that the wine shelf is like super huge and nice! Dang I wish to have one just like that at my home. Full of wines~~~

Quiet huh~ Is it always this quiet or only o…

My 1st birthday pressie

Ok so here I am to show off my first birthday present this year~~~ I know it's early. And it is SUPER early!!! Hahaha! Actually I received this present last month! February!!! Someone very nice gave this to me cos he saw I posted in fb saying that I want this thing to accompany me during office hours.

And yes, you all should know my office pc is super hyper lousy that I can't even plug in a pendrive! And the most stupid thing is that, it doesn't even have a Windows Media Player! What a waste~!

So here I am. Not going to reveal the nice person =) Cos of a little personal matter.
Yeap! It's original Sony stuff~~~ Wana guess more? Hahaha!

Don't have to guess that hard lah. I'll show it anyway. Oh the cap is a free gift by Sony. Heee~~~ I now have a cap! A black one! A Sony one!!! Honestly this is my first cap!!! I never own a cap in my life~ I mean this type of cap lah. Now I can go jogging with my cap AND MY WALKMAN~~~~~

Ok I know the price tag is still there. Hahah…

The story of Ho's big family

Ok continue from yesterday's story. Hehe =) Today my grandpa got into newspaper again. It is a full page story today. So in order to put all the stories and pictures up here, I had to cut them out into pieces so that will be able to scan. And I know my cutting is cacat. Kekeke =P~
My grandpa is now known as the Jin Mian Ren of Kuching. Hehe =) Oh and today West Malaysia's newspaper also got publish. Fung at JB told me about it. Hehe proud leh~~

Pic above shows my grandpa took some of his Hindi movies collection. He happens to like to watch Hindi movies. I guess I got the genes from him. Haha! Cos I used to watch them every weekend when I was little.

Sitting to my grandpa's right is my 3rd uncle, Uncle Ling and next to uncle is my Aunty Cindy. The other guy is the reporter I think. Cos I wasn't there that morning. Regret!!!!!

How did my grandpa found out about his 'mirror image' structure was when he had the appendix operation. The doctor couldn't find is appen…

My Grandpa in Paper!!!!

Hola!!!! I purposely put the pictures for this post super big so that you all can read as I don't do translation. Hahahaha!!!

The story is like this, my grandpa is born naturally with his body structure and system different from all of us. His heart and I think other parts as well, is at the opposite side of the normal person. For one I know is, his heart is at the right side instead of the left. Hehe =)

And then, as research says, this type of people actually won't live long BUT my grandpa is already 80years old!!! Remember we celebrated his 80th birthday with my ah ma on 3rd day of Chinese New Year?

Oh and it was on the 3rd day of CNY morning that the reporter went to interview my grandpa. My aunty, Cindy arranged the reporter for him. Hehe =)
Well in order to show that his body structure is really that way, they need my grandpa to go for an xray and show us all. Hiak~~

My proud happy 80years old grandpa!!!!!

This is the doctor showing the xray of my grandpa. Ok I don't kno…

CNY Day 4

4th day of CNY, also is the day to have fun with my cousins before they left Kuching to go back home. So since they all wanted to go sing some songs, I booked a room at Popwave Banquet for 8 of us. Hehehe =DD
My attire of the day. I love love love skinny jeans now!!! Hehehe =DD I used to be very scared that I might look fat in skinny jeans cos I have wide butts. But heck no! I look so nice in it!! *proud!* Hahahaha!!! You are welcome to vomit. Kekekeke =P~

The three happy ladies~ They're the KL version while me, Chee and Ing are the Kuching version. Hahaha! We're the ladies of the Ho family! Yay!!!

Ah Han and Shin Yin singing duet oohhh~~~ Yin was back from China for about 2 months if I'm not wrong. She went there to study chinese physician. Don't play play arh!!! Grandchildrens of my ah kong and ah ma all came out to be doctors, accounts related job and engineers! WoOtz!!! Do not fool us cos we'll fool you back! Blek~~

Han!!! Why sing til so chi cham? Don't so emo…

CNY Day 3

Come to Chinese New Year Day 3. The big day for my grandparents. Why?

Because on that night, we whole big Ho family celebrated my grandparents 80th birthday and 60th anniversary!!!! We have tons of games that night. Check out my photos~
This is my 2nd aunty. She likes to take photos. Haha!

Me and my cousin, Wen Kah. She's a grown up now. Pretty pretty~~~

The trios again =P~ Why do I look so tired in every photos?

Before we get to the programs that night, everyone ate at my big aunty's house. Potluck dinner.

Me and cousin, Ing. A soon-to-be doctor for ear and nose. Hehehe =D

There. The birthday cake that me and mum ordered from Taka Cake House. But then to be honest, I was rather disappointed at the design. I wanted the "shou" word to be as huge as possible but it ended up so small.

My Ah Kong and Ah Ma. Already 80years old lor. They were married when they're only 20years old. So young hor? Unlike us now. 40years old still don't want to marry. Hahaha!!!

Cameras all up…