The story of Ho's big family

Ok continue from yesterday's story. Hehe =) Today my grandpa got into newspaper again. It is a full page story today. So in order to put all the stories and pictures up here, I had to cut them out into pieces so that will be able to scan. And I know my cutting is cacat. Kekeke =P~
My grandpa is now known as the Jin Mian Ren of Kuching. Hehe =) Oh and today West Malaysia's newspaper also got publish. Fung at JB told me about it. Hehe proud leh~~

Pic above shows my grandpa took some of his Hindi movies collection. He happens to like to watch Hindi movies. I guess I got the genes from him. Haha! Cos I used to watch them every weekend when I was little.

Sitting to my grandpa's right is my 3rd uncle, Uncle Ling and next to uncle is my Aunty Cindy. The other guy is the reporter I think. Cos I wasn't there that morning. Regret!!!!!

How did my grandpa found out about his 'mirror image' structure was when he had the appendix operation. The doctor couldn't find is appendix when they did the xray. So he had to open in the middle of the abdomen to look for it. Hahaha!

Now this is my family portrait. Picture was taken about 8years ago I think. I can't really remember already. My grandparents have 11 children which consists of 3 sons and 8 daughters. Then their 11 children gave birth to 32 grandchildren! Hahahaha!!! So you can imagine now that our family have all the sons-in-law and daughters-in-law. And few years ago, our family increased by a few more granddaughters-in-law and also great grandchildren! Hehehe =D Big kan? Hiak hiak~~~

You may think that big family doesn't have good connection. But no you're wrong! We contact each other quite often and we always have those family gatherings. My mum and her siblings are really really close to each other.

This one's about my grandpa's health and love life. Haha! The story goes....

My grandpa and grandma doesn't have any dating or love feeling among them. It was during my great grandma's time at China that she brought back my grandma. My grandma was somehow being taken back by my grandpa's mum cos the family too poor. She was only 7years old when she came to Kuching.

When she start to grow as teenage girl, my grandpa likes her. Say my grandma pretty worh~ Haha! So they got married under bit match-making. My grandma is 1year older than my grandpa. They got married when grandma was only 20years old. Hehe =) A very simple love story. Hehe =)

It was the life after, that has lots of ups and downs cos of the world war. They had to run to Indonesia. And that was how my 3 uncles and 3 aunties plus my mum was born at Indonesia. They only came back to Kuching after the Malayan Merdeka. Mum said she was about 3years old when they came back to Kuching.

Mum said this picture is about my grandpa still have the Indonesia pass. Or something like that.

This is about his life after marriage. My grandpa used to be a fisherman. Always goes out to sea and only came home once in awhile. Sometimes didn't even go home. Only asked friends to send money or fishes back. My grandma used to sell kuih by cycling around the Malay kampung.

There was one time my grandpa's boat got crash by the storm. He was on sea for I don't know how long until one man came to save him. Then later the man who saved him became in-laws with my grandparents because his son was married to my 2nd aunty. Hehe =)

After grandpa no longer fish around, he and grandma started the 'vege car' business. The one that brings vegetable in a van to sell around. Life was definitely tough back then. Poor and had to feed so many kids.

Due to financial problem, my eldest aunty only studied until Primary 5. 2nd aunt, 3rd aunt and my mum only get to study until Primary 6. Whereas my uncles get to go to university.

When my 3 aunties and my mum started working, they paid for the school fees of my younger aunties. So yeah, they get to go to university as well =) But then it was worth the toughness. It's paid today as my aunties are manageress and my uncles are engineers.

Anyway, always remember and do trust the saying "what goes around comes around". All of my grandparents hardwork is paid off now. They're eating good and living good and are very healthy except for my grandma who can't walk on her own. Cos she cycled too much last time. Her knees couldn't support anymore.

Oh well~ That's about my family. From time to time, I'm sure we will have more shocking and interesting news~~


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