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Edmund's Farewell Dinner

One by one grew up. One by one pursue their dreams. One by one leave their hometown. One by one to be missed. Ah! It's time for my brother of different mother leave his comfort zone and face the world outside. 
Edmund, friend since I-don't-know-when. Brother since forever. Someone who is always there. Someone who never fought with me. A quiet person who knows how to be a great company. Someone who finally step up and fight for his dream. To help the needy. Yes that's who he is. Always putting others before himself. 
This post is so late. We organized a farewell dinner for him on New Year's day and today is already the 30th of January. I've been so lazy and busy with CNY preparations and lots of other stuff. Yes I'm lazy to blog nowadays. I'd broke up with the internet world. Spending more of my time outdoor than just sitting in front of my lovely desktop for the whole day. 
Gathering was at Kado.

The familiar faces around.

This was what happened when the a…

Chinese New Year @ The Raintree Restaurant BCCK

Chinese New Year is JUST NEXT WEEK!!!!! Time flies a lot these days right? And time is still flying. So are you flying too? Have you prepared everything? Food? Snacks? Drinks? Clothes? Shoes? Decors? Or are you the true-Malaysian whereby you're still doing your last minute shopping and still going around town searching high and low for places to dine for Reunion Dinner?
Ah! I'm here to bring you good news! I too went searching for places to dine for the whole week of Chinese New Year. Um....ok I lied. I'm helping all of you to do your homework. Oh don't thank me. Let's just hear my story and view my photos before you thank me alright? =)
Presenting to you, awesome food from The Raintree Restaurant located at BCCK. This time I'm not gonna force you guys to sit the traditional round table but instead, we're gonna go the buffet style. Oh yeah! 
How much you ask? It's ONLY RM68 nett per person and as for children age from 5-12 years, it's RM34 nett per …

欢子 - 得到你的人却得不到你的心


You! When I wanted you, you told me to stop. Now I stopped and moved on, you came back to me.

Months ago, you came into my life. Bringing changes. Bringing new life. Bringing happiness. Bringing laughter. You know how to tickle my soft bone. You know how to talk things into my mind. You know how to communicate with me. It's been a while since I felt that much alive. Oh you know, new stuff.

And then I started to crush. Crush hard. Tried to pulled myself back. Saying I MUST RESIST. But I can't. So I worked my way up. I pushed through locked doors. I lifted fallen logs. I tear and tore the tall grasses. And in the end, I hurt myself.

Then God's will came. He brought it to me in a very very ugly picture. It gave me a bang in my head. Real hard bang. Might even caused PHD. Permanent Head Damage. Yeah that's the way it works on me. God knows I'm stubbor…


A song that I miss listening to. Was on this dilemma for 4 years. Throughout this whole 4 years I repeatedly asked myself, why. Why can't we be together? Why wasn't there any base for us to start? Why there wasn't even an opportunity? Not even for a split second. Why...

And then I realized. It's for the best for both of us. We were not meant to be. You and I can never be us. It's not that I've been clapping one hand but my hands are just not meant for you to hold. We've been good. We've been bad. We've had so much memories together. It's all gone for good now.

I'm now proud to say that I finally let you off the hook. I'm glad I did. After hanging on for 4 years, I know that it's not supposed to be this way. Even if I were to hold on longer, it's not gonna be. Even if that time when both of us are available, we will never be us.

So dear You, thank you for coming into my life. Thank you for teaching me so much about life and relat…

Welcome to 2012

Well hello everyone! I know I'm a week late but hey HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!A week had passed and I'm still stuck at only one post =.= Things got caught up and I got lazy. That's it. No other reasons. I'll make this a short post.

As always, I'll do a resolution every single year just to get myself motivated and go for it! Looking back, last year I told myself that I must graduate on time with the title Diploma in Accounting and needless to say, I got it! =D Happy, satisfied, excited, awesome! 

Now, I've been thinking for quite some time. What should I do this year? Should I aim for more vacation? But I already have the whole year's vacation planned out. I'm not planning to further my studies nor change my job. So really, what should my 2012 resolution be?

After much thought, I found what I want =)


This is gonna be different....

I really hope I can hold on to this resolution...

It's something that I never thought I would do at this age...

It's someth…

2011 Review

Oh how time flies! It's already 3rd of January of year 2012 today!!! And yes this is my first post this year. Let's do a review shall we? Just some annual stuff that I do =)

* Enrolled for Level 3 of LCCI. Last level. Fuh! 4 nights a week =.= And I faint of SCR bloat!
* My long awaited result for Level 2 finally came out. DISTINCTION IT IS BABEH!!!
* And it seems like I can't really remember what went on during January cos I was way too occupied with blogging about my China-HK vacation =.= Guess it's just preparation for Chinese New Year

* It's a PURPLE Chinese New Year oHH yeAAHHH!!
* Organized a group visiting with primary schoolmates. AWESOME!!! Best day of CNY ever!
* Ok so again I filled my February with my vacation posts. So gg now I do not know what happened in February. HELP!

* 3rd Anniversary dinner at Mr Ho. Surprised YL with cupcakes from My Sugar Bakes =)
* 7th March. Lost a good primary school friend. Was shocked by the news ea…