2011 Review

Oh how time flies! It's already 3rd of January of year 2012 today!!! And yes this is my first post this year. Let's do a review shall we? Just some annual stuff that I do =)

* Enrolled for Level 3 of LCCI. Last level. Fuh! 4 nights a week =.= And I faint of SCR bloat!
* My long awaited result for Level 2 finally came out. DISTINCTION IT IS BABEH!!!
* And it seems like I can't really remember what went on during January cos I was way too occupied with blogging about my China-HK vacation =.= Guess it's just preparation for Chinese New Year

* It's a PURPLE Chinese New Year oHH yeAAHHH!!
* Organized a group visiting with primary schoolmates. AWESOME!!! Best day of CNY ever!
* Ok so again I filled my February with my vacation posts. So gg now I do not know what happened in February. HELP!

* 3rd Anniversary dinner at Mr Ho. Surprised YL with cupcakes from My Sugar Bakes =)
* 7th March. Lost a good primary school friend. Was shocked by the news early in the morning =( Wei Ping, we all miss you much! 
* I was shiet so much looking forward to Johnnie Walker on my birthday but dang! Missed!
* Attended Tomorrow's Leaders Summit at BCCK. Also my first time to BCCK. wOOtz!
* Had my first crazy McD breakfast meetup cos of free food! After breakfast, continues to touring Kuching and then lunch at Alvin's place and head for badminton and lastly swimming! One of the best day of my life! Thanks Evelyn, Hui, Yin, Jim, Thalia!

* HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!!!!!!! Celebrated my birthday at 3 places! =D
* First time celebrating birthday together with Ing Liang and Evelyn =) We're just a day apart! Also the night I puke thanks to Flaming Lambo =.=
* Booked a room at Damai Puri in conjunction of FlipFlops Beach Carnival 2011 and packed the whole ST3P Family up! Another best day of my life! You guys rawkz!

* Mothers' Day. Me and bro made momma 2 pizzas =)
* Bro's birthday
* Didn't actually blog much cos was busy preparing for final exam

* Hui's birthday. First celebration is bbq & steamboat at his house. Then on actual day we brought him to After 3 and Picca =)
* Won cd hamper from MixFM!!! Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee~~
* Won a bag from Alysha House! =D

* Baked a butter cake! At which I thought I'm back at baking but laziness decided to strike me after that.
* Dramas of Z
* Ok so it's another blogless month =.='''

* Kuching Fest month! Food here I come!!! First time going Kuching Fest on the first night just to snap photos of fireworks with my dear Nikon
* Extracted my 23 years old toothy =(
* Changed my blog header. Feels good!
* Mummy's birthday! Baked a banana chocolate cake for momma~
* Attended Magnum Movie Night 2011. Yeah~
* Won Westlife concert tickets from MixFM! Man August is so GREAT to me!
* Last but not least, I got my Level 3 exam result. Jeng jeng jeng! OF COURSE I PASSED ALL 3 PAPERS!!!!! 2 Distinctions and 1 Credit! Love me!

* Westlife concert ticket reached my hand! Best gift of 2011!!!!!!
* My faithful Nokia died on me =( So I went to buy HTC Wildfire S! Yes!
* Pc also died on me. Changed the whole motherboard =.= Ok I should be glad that the hard disk is fine.
* Siaw Wui got married! FINALLY!!! Haha!
* Flew to KL just to attend Ing's convo. Went to Colmar Tropicale. Went i-City. Finally meet Soul =)
* Bought my largest jigsaw puzzle collection so far. 4000 pieces =D

~October~ (30th October: A Date to Remember)
* Flew to KL again for Westlife concert
* Teck's birthday at Happy Valley
* Daphne's birthday. Didn't celebrate. Only got her a dress from KL
* Clarice's birthday at McD
* Elizabeth Kiing charity dinner
* Last day of October, the day we bid each other goodbye

* Attended Dance Me A Story dance theatre at BCCK. Thanks Serina! It's a great dance!
* Flew to KL again berturut-turut in 3 months. Amoi giler! This time I was there for SIA interview. First time flying alone. Actually teared a little when mom sent me to departure gate =( An awesome trip with many thanks to Adeline, Iggy, Soul and Sam! 
* It's Hennessy Artistry month! Party people heads up!
* Mike & Norman's birthday at Fahriee's place
* World Walking Day 2011
* Dance performance for My Astro CNY video at Friendship Park
* Worked as part-time promoter at Sunday Market
* The month I found a great companion =)

* SSPCA Christmas Bazaar
* Yin's birthday at Tropical Fish
* 8th December: Worst day of 2011. I lost a great buddy. Bro Hui, you will forever remain in my heart. What's left are only memories now.....
* TweetUp Kuching at Spring
* Opening ceremony of LaSenza Pin Up Store at Spring
* Andrew's birthday at McD
* Christmas at Santubong
* NYE at Kent's house

Reading all my short notes, I realized that the year 2011 isn't that bad after all. There's good times, bad times. Sour, sweet, bitter, spicy. Major stuff that happened really changed my life. For the first half of 2011, it's been quiet because I was just busying myself with studies and exams. It's the 2nd half that spinned my life 180 degrees.

Hui's words: It's not what happened to us. It's one of us stopped trying. One of us quit.

I remember those words well. And yes I actually quitted. I quitted my 3 years relationship with YL. Why? I don't wanna give you the list of excuses. It just ended. That's it.

Initially I was preparing to leave Kuching and head out to KL for a new life. Planned to leave right after CNY 2012, but worst case happened. Really, it's the worst day of my 2011 life. The news of Hui left us all, shocked me and left me sleepless for nights. He made me changed my mind. I decided to stay back in Kuching for his 3 girls. Maybe my help won't be needed now but sooner or later I'm sure my pair of extra hands can do little help here and there. A promise is a promise.

Lots of lesson had been learnt throughout the whole year. I will treasure what's left, I will take care of the present and I will prepare myself for the future. I foresee another great year ahead with my already packed schedule =) 2 confirm vacation, 3 still pending. I vow to travel more often! Life is just way too short to be wasted saving money in the bank for a future which you don't know how it looks like. You can never finish earning those money so why be stingy when you can use those money for better purpose?

Til then~


KeeMan said…
You're growing up sis! :)

Happy New Year!

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