Mines Shopping Mall & TBowl

Dated 23rd December 2012. We took the bus back from JB and reached Tasik Selatan Bus Terminal just in time for lunch. Dennis picked us up and brought us all the way to Mines Shopping Mall. My mom's been talking and talking about this shopping mall with river inside and some snow place which I have no idea at which corner was it situated. 

So here we were. At Mines Shopping Mall. The Big Bad Wolf book sales was held on that day at MIECC which is just next to the shopping mall thus the jam was super horrible! I actually felt bad cos Dennis had to bring us all the way there and it's not near ohh >.<.....

Our first time at Mines Shopping Mall. I almost take a tour in these cute boats but the weather was killing me so I decided to stay in the air-conditioned area. Superb!

Later we head over to The Summit to meet my aunty, Nong Ee for dinner and then we head off to iCity. Oh crap! I forgot to upload the photos we took at iCity! Dang! Now I need to edit more photos =.= Haiya!!! Ok that will come in another post.

Skip that. Let me show you where we went the next day.

YES! Christmas was around the corner and I love beautiful Christmas decoration. This one was set up at Sungei Wang Plaza. Nice kan?

I wanted to try out this eatery place. It's called TBowl located at Sungei Wang. Gotta use the lift and stairs to reach the top section. Kinda hidden. But once you're up there, you can get lots of eatery cafes and kiosks.

TBowl. A toilet concept restaurant. A very interesting place to dine in.

Drinks came in toilet bowl shaped mug. Cute!

Rice came in plates shaped like...............sink? Or toilet top?

And this! Was seated on a toilet bowl too! Grilled salmon. Yum!

Another rice. My parents are so traditional especially my paps. Always need rice for their meals. Haha! Least my mom will try western food but we always call my pap the China man =D

My Japanese spaghetti. So so only but the portion was huge. Price wise, I think the place is just nice. Standard price for an eatery place in KL.

And the soup came in a bathtub! Haha! My mom was laughing at this before she saw what comes next.

Ice cream shaped like you-know-what and is placed right at the toilet bowl.

And the furniture of the place were all toilet bowls and bathtubs and sinks. Nice concept! Love the place! Not so with the food. I guess I won't be back again. Hehe~

Til then~ Need to dig out those iCity photos. Haiyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!


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