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Reflecting On The Tragedy

I was reading this post from and somehow it got me reflect my own past.

About 2 years ago, something huge happened to my life. Well it's not that huge because it's a lie and fake story after all. But it did impact me very hard. I was reluctant to tell people around me cos I won't want people to judge and start spreading news that I was crazy and etcetera. So I only told the whole story to friends who are closed and involved during that period of magical dreamy story.

I'm not sure if I am already healed and let go off that story. I was pissed off when I realised it was a total lie. I mean, how can someone drafted a story so well and made me believe in it through my heart and soul and in the end, crash and burn just like that. Gone and poof with the wind!

I started avoiding people. Friends, acquaintances, colleagues and families. I was ashamed and embarrassed by my own action. I didn't want to meet people. I was mad and somehow scared to bump into that person…