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Dated 2nd November 2012. Kuching Birthday Invasion was once again in town! I heard the one on 2011 was a huge hit so I vowed to go last year. I did not regret going! It was so fun!
The tickets that I got from the vouchers shared on Facebook. Went to KIRC which is now known as Le Park to exchange the vouchers into tickets.

The stage from where I stood. I was standing quite far away as we were there rather late due to search of parking space. Oh it's horrible looking for parking space. Sigh. I think we need more multi-level carparks in Kuching.

There. Greyson Chance performing on stage. I personally think that he's a way better singer than Justin Bieber. Age is never the matter. He's got the voice.

After the party, we went to McD for supper and guess who we bumped into. radio announcers! A photo must not be missed. Heee~

Although I'm a bigger listener of, but I think a party like this once a year is a great gather for everyone =) We do need more e…

BCCK Halloween Party 2012

Dated 27th October 2012. There was a Halloween party held at BCCK. I know Halloween is supposed to be on the last day of October but I guess because it falls on a weekday so they actually held it earlier. 
It was my first Halloween party. Was thinking quite hard of what to wear since I don't want to buy any bright costumes. Dug out whatever I can find from my wardrobe and I still fail to impress =P
So if anyone asked who did I dress up as during Halloween? I don't know. Some angmoh ghost that doesn't look scary at all maybe?

My scary boss aka Cyril! I barely recognize him from far! Man he really put so much effort at dressing and making up his face! *salute!*

And I was there not the for the sake of the party but for the sake of this guy. Fahri was performing that night and he's the reason for me to be there. Heee~

And he plays awesome music! It was not exactly the party of the year but a party to remember =)

And of course, another reason for the night to be remember~ O…

ST3P Family Gathering at Safari

This post was dated way back in October last year. Forgot the date but anyway, I organized a small gathering because Ing Liang was back from Pahang for holiday. I really miss our little gatherings every now and then because these days everyone just got so busy that we no longer meet up for dinner and drinks. Sigh. Someone please teach me how to get everyone back together again =(

Alright. On a short note, I organized the gathering at Safari Cafe located at Jalan Mendu. The place is closed down already. Sadly couldn't enjoy more of their food. But I heard there's a cafe located at Stutong area called Favoloso or something like that, is owned by the same owner of Safari Cafe.

This was what I had. Lamb chop with mushroom sauce.

I was so happy to see my foster daughters that night. Was very surprised that Yin decided to bring them all along. Heee~ Ah I miss them alot!!! Haven't meet them for months now. Gotta find time to bring them out to play since it's school holiday …