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Sze Min 21st Birthday

Last Wednesday I was proud to be invited to baby girl, Sze Min's 21st birthday bash. I know the party was gonna be huge and I can't wait for the food and cakes. Why? Because baby girl is the daughter of Taka's boss. So definitely her cake is gonna be super creative and beautiful. 
Reached Banquet on time at 7pm and I was seated alone at the table with strangers. Huu huu~ I was a lil not prepared for the dinner cos I went there alone and I don't know if I will bump into anyone I know. But oh well, no harm making new friends right? =)

The beautiful cake! This cake itself took 2 guys to carry it in. This is not the only cake that night. There's a total of 3 cakes. Another one was a 3 tiered cake with a mini cooper on top and the other is full of M&Ms. Hehe =) Such love~

Lots of cupcakes were being served that night. I didn't managed to try them all cos I was way too full. And since I don't have close friends there, I can't actually share half my cupca…

U Bistro

A newly opened Mediterranean bistro located at Jalan Song Thian Cheok, just right next to the old MAS building. Was grateful that I got the invitation for food tasting. I can already smell the pizza and lamb and sirloin from far =D

It's very easy to spot. Opened since August and the business had been pretty good. They even serve breakfast. Maybe I can drop by some day for a different kind of breakfast instead of just noodles or porridge.

Ever seen a kitchen set right at the entrance? Now you get to see how they actually grill their chicken and bake their pizza. Yummy!

Their design concept is cozy and modern. This small place can occupy up to 40 pax! A great place for small parties and events kan? Hehe =)

Now let's take a look at their menu and start slurping.....

Coral green salad. This isn't the portion for one person cos we're all sharing a plate.

Garden green salad. I love this cos me love croutons! Hehehe =P

Garlic bread with toppings. Another yummy appetizer.


Heart Destiny

Shattered like broken glass
Strong like blowing winds
Thorny like field of roses
Soft like flying dandelions

Unable to see
Who the liars be
Unable to feel
If the love is real

Happiness was what you brought
Heartache was what you taught
The happiness was merely a moment
The heartache was more of a lesson

You came and played your chess
I came and fought my best
The queen, she may be
But the battle, is not my destiny

Yours truly
Perpetua Angeline


Mini Sewing Machine

Back in the days where China was still being ruled by dynasty kings, they used to say that every girl must know how to stitch. But these days, many girls are losing interest at those itsy bitsy tiny minny work. To me, I fell in love with stitching ever since I know how to sew the first dress for my Barbie. Haha! Since then I start to sew everything I can sew. From Barbie clothes to fixing my own buttons to learning cross stitching from my cousin. Magic can be created using just a needle and a thread. Fix what is broken, create what is on mind.
My mom has an old fashioned sewing machine. The old wooden ones where you need to paddle in order to keep the machine running. I tried to learn few times. But in the end, I gave up. It just doesn't work well for me. Everyone told me it's like driving where you need to hold your steering and step on the accelerator but it's just not the same!
So ever since the electrical sewing machine was created, I've been wanting one. But this…

Steamboat & Games

1st of September, I posted on Facebook that I faced Life itself. Indeed I did. Not in a bad way but in a rather surprising way of telling me that this could be my fate.
The day started off pretty early. Initially wanted to go hiking with cousin but was cancelled so we both went back to sleep. Then when I woke up, I went on arranging for dinner to meet with Elisha and the rest since he was back in town. Plan kept switching from one to another. Til noon nothing was really confirmed. I received a phone call from cousin asking for tea break. So off I went for our girls session at Bing. 
Later Twitter became active and my phone rang non-stop from all the tweets received. In the end, we all decided to call for a steamboat party at Kim's place and board games for the after party. Kim and Cath did all the shopping and preparing. 
The food bought by Kim and Cath. Total 8 of us eating inclusive Mojoe who went around trying to pick a food.

After dinner, it's game time!

Mike brought his …

#TwtupSungkey 2012

Long long time ago, hahahaha! Alright, back in August, when it was still Ramadhan month, #TwtUpSungkey was being held at RJ Ayam Penyet which is located at Satok. I didn't know the exact location but my bro does. Nope he didn't join me but because it was just behind St Joseph school, so I supposed he hang out there alot =P
I joined in the fun cos mainly Cyril and Fahriee was there too. I don't know who else will be there and I need a place for dinner. Or more like a company to dine with. The event was (if I'm not mistaken), organized by The Collective and we, Sarawak Bloggers Society partner along. 
RJ Ayam Penyet. The other branch was called RJ Ayam Bakar. The place is famous among Malays cos it's certified Halal. Price wise, I think it's reasonable. No I don't remember the price =P

The many happy Muslim waiting for prayer time to 'buka puasa' together. Looking at the beautiful ladies in their baju kurung and baju kebaya, again I questioned myself…

RJ Ayam Bakar

A month ago when Elisha was back in town, we went for dinner at RJ Ayam Bakar. The one in town. It's my 2nd time there. A place famous for ayam penyet and ayam bakar. Wait, they're different right? Anyway, I'm not a fan of ayam penyet but there's just something there that I fell in love with. 
Sha went back to hometown some time ago after graduation but because of pack schedule, we didn't manage to meet up before he leave. So when he told me that he's coming over to attend his first master class, I insisted at meeting up =) No more excuses. 
Sha's favourite ayam penyet. Mike couldn't make it so I WhatsApp this photo to him and he went on scolding his tummy ache. Hehe =P It does look nice but nah, I'm not a fan of chicken. I'm a beef lover~

As I wasn't in the mood for heavy meal, I opt for small finger food and of course, my favourite food there.

Peanut butter with chocolate toast! I wanted to have their Nutella toast but sadly they ran out …

Mummy's Birthday at Garden Hill

Mom's birthday falls on August 22nd. And once again I'm late for posting about it. This year, I did not prepare any present for her. Blame it all on me. I wasn't in the mood to shop for any gift. Kinda ran out of idea also. So I thought just bring her to a nice dinner.
We celebrated 2 days earlier since it was Raya holiday. I've been wanting to bring my mom to Garden Hill cos I love the environment there and the food was acceptably nice. I made a reservation that noon and we went there happily that evening.
Everything turned out to be a disaster when the food came. What I realized was, the management must have changed people already. They renovated the place. No more nice pond. Although still have nice lanterns hanging around. When I looked at the menu, I was extremely shock and went speechless. I can't just get up and leave. So I had to pick from whatever that is on the list.
This is my mini mix platter.

Then my mom's chicken chop came. Right.

My brother's…