#TwtupSungkey 2012

Long long time ago, hahahaha! Alright, back in August, when it was still Ramadhan month, #TwtUpSungkey was being held at RJ Ayam Penyet which is located at Satok. I didn't know the exact location but my bro does. Nope he didn't join me but because it was just behind St Joseph school, so I supposed he hang out there alot =P

I joined in the fun cos mainly Cyril and Fahriee was there too. I don't know who else will be there and I need a place for dinner. Or more like a company to dine with. The event was (if I'm not mistaken), organized by The Collective and we, Sarawak Bloggers Society partner along. 

RJ Ayam Penyet. The other branch was called RJ Ayam Bakar. The place is famous among Malays cos it's certified Halal. Price wise, I think it's reasonable. No I don't remember the price =P

The many happy Muslim waiting for prayer time to 'buka puasa' together. Looking at the beautiful ladies in their baju kurung and baju kebaya, again I questioned myself, when am I gonna tailor-make a set for myself? I've been wanting one but that 'want' has yet to be achieved.

EraFM was also there together with us. I'm not sure whether they sponsored partly or just partner along. I like this projector screen. Everytime someone mention #TwtUpSungkey then their tweet will appear on the screen. I read alot saying they wished they were home in Kuching so that they can join us. Awww...........

EraFM radio announcer. They were asking questions and those who can answer will get goodie bags.

Ah time to eat! My 'buka puasa' dish =P Mee goreng ayam.

My words? I think this event is good. They managed to attract quite a number of people. But what I think they can improve is probably the venue. Because the parking space were so limited that we somehow had to park alongside the road and it's really not easy to spot an empty space. But nevertheless, I do hope to see another round of #TwtUpSungkey next year. Cheers~


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