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Random tag

Answer to tag:
1. Where is your cell phone?
- in front of me
2. Your significant other?
- my bf?
3. Your hair?
- new style new color (new year bah!)
4. Your mother?- my idol
5. Your father?- watching tv as always
6. Your favourite thing?
- what thing?
7. Your dream last night?
- i dreamt about flood. wtf! but i just couldn't forget my previous night's dream...
8. Your favorite drink?
- ice blended chocolate
9. Your dream/goal?
- a collection of BMW cars =D
10. The room you’re in?
- my bedroom
11. Your hobby?
- listen to songs, dance, blog and i don't know what else
12. Your fear?
- can't find my love
13. Where do you want to be in 6 year?
- my very own BMW *grins*
14. What you’re not?
- someone I have yet to be
15. Muffins?
- I don't really eat muffins ler
16. One of your wish list items?
- free BMW? How I wish~
17. Where you grew up?
- Kuching
18. The last thing you did?
- typing
19. What are you wearing?
- tshirt & shorts
20. Favorite gadget?
- handphone & camera
21. Your pets?
- no more…

Entwicklung 9891

I guess...

I finally found a reason...


Probably a good one...

A good reason...

For me to stop...

Stop what I've been doing all these while...

Thank you...

Thank you for everything...

It's all to my willingness I know...

But I guess...

I'll just stop it here...

The dove had been set free
To where it will find its own true love
To where they will embrace each other
Then they will be as one
Til their fate make them none...
I'm leaving...

To where my love is...

*tons of hugs & kisses!*

Purse from YL

The other night, baby boy suddenly gave me a surprise gift *grins* All these while, he never give me anything by surprise. It's always either asked me to choose or asked what I want or anything lah. This is the first time.

My feelings was somehow complicated though. Don't know why. Hahaz!

Anyway, pics below...This is how the wrapping was like. I wonder if he knows I'm getting to like brown or is he just choosing the color for the sake of choosing. Haha!
Peep inside~ There's a letter attached and NO I'm not gonna reveal what he wrote =)
The purse came in greyish brown. Kinda pair with my new handbag though. I guess he chose it to pair with my handbag cos it was given by him too.
It has lots and lots of slots and pockets.
There's double layer too~
This is how it's like. Nice o not?

Now, comment something ler~

p/s: Thanks dar! I like it much~


Tarot Cafe

Last Friday night, after work, I headed over to the newly opened Tarot Cafe for dinner. I arrived there first. Then in awhile, Pinky came. Then appear LL. I had my dinner there. Both of them ate earlier on.

Before any of them come. I did took some pictures of the interior.The place's kinda cozy. I was very surprised that it's so packed with people! I still thought there will be no seats nymore. Hakz~
As many of you should have know, I love astrology and believes almost all of it. Hee~
Ok larh hor?
This is the menu. I browsed quite long just to make up my mind of which drink to order. There aren't any description of what drinks are they. They're based on the tarot cards. Unique huh~
I flipped through for sOoOoOo LONG! The waiter waited til I asked her to serve others first and will call for her later on. Haha!
They too have games.
At last what did I order? Just blackcurrant with lemon. Hahaha!
This is my dinner. Fried rice with turkey ham. Only two piece =.=''' But…



My bedroom doorway

I've been wanting to hang something at my doorway since ages ago! Hahaha! I bought all the stuff needed but yet been left there for like don't know how long. Got no time marh! Then today I finally got it done. Wanna see what I did? Hehe =D

Read along to see how does things go~
Firstly you'll need tools like: a pen/pencil and a ruler. Always make good measurements before-hand =) Just to avoid complications later on. Mark the place where you're gonna screw the hooks later.

Then, take a hammer and a nail. Hammer the nail first. But not too deep. That way, it'll be easier to screw the hooks. Just to make an easier way lah. Hee~

And make sure your hooks are enough ok~ I got mine in gold color. 3packs of 'em. 10pieces in each pack. Screw the hooks with a tool instead of just using bare hands. I used the playar. What do you call playar in english arh? Hahahaz!

Then at last! Hang all the chains~ Weee~

Beauty up my life~ I did all this ON MY OWN!!! Proud of myself *nose up!…


Life is like a drama
One without a script
For you are the director
Too as the main character

Through the mirror I watch
Where my journey brings me
From deserts to mountains
Of hot sun and storm rains

Without a map I went
Like a blind girl I seek
For shelter, for secure
For friends and for love

At times when it's all down
I shut myself from the outside world
Thinking of ends to hopes and prays
But a voice is always there

Always there to lend a helping hand
To lend a shoulder to cry
To give a hug whenever needed
No where else but home

Perpetua Angeline

CNY mood?




Cupcake alone

I can never have you for myself can I? I just wish I knew how... And why... Or maybe not the why... But just how...

Cupcake dear cupcake~
Sweet tooth dear sweet tooth~
Hunny dear hunny~

Oh where oh where could my baby be?

I get jealous easily don't I? Hahaha! But I know I don't have the rights to =) Cos I'm just someone. Someone who is hiding in the dark.

I give the stars above...
And all my love...
How can you be so blind...
I'm going out of my mind...
All the time...
For you...
Yes it's true...
If you only knew...
That I'm crazy for you...
Then you'll understand...
If I only knew...
What you're going through...
Then I'll understand...
I miss you.....

*ToNz of huGs & kiSseS!*
hUnZ LiTtlE gUrL~

JLo Glow after Dark

I wana show you all something which I have been wanting to have =) Finally someone is there to give it to me as Christmas present. Hiak hiak~

Ok. To all of you who are reading this, please and PLEASE! DO NOT! And I mean DO NOT ask who gave it to me. No matter who ask. I will never answer. Hahahaha!

Cos it's from someone special. Oh! And I can give a hint. The perfume is all the way from Melbourne~ Heee~This was how the wraping was like. Just simple lah. What you expect worh~ Already is there to give me worh~ So nice liaw boh~ Still want to hiam meh? Keke =D
Jeng jeng jeng~ Even the box is nice. Haha!
I sOoOo LOVE JLo's perfume. Cos I love JLo~ Keke =D
Something sneaky~
Wild~ Sexy~ Breathless~ Oh my! Hehe =P
Tada~ Hehe =D
Nice right?
I like the smell much!
Oh how I wish I can wear this as a pendant. Haha!
Ahhh~ I'm so melted~ Over a perfume? Ah who cares~
*wink wink*

xOxO *tons of hugs n kisses!*
Little gurl~


Now you know why I've been calling you cupcake? =) *tons of hugs n kisses!*



10th Month Anniversary

Sorry for the hyper late post. Hehe =D Was supposed to post this last weekend but went hyper lazy. So I just dozed my day off~ Haha! Anyway, this month's anniversary falls on New Year. So me and darling head over to Frydays Chicken. I know I know! It's opened very long already but we haven't try there marh. Along the entrance. Baby boy said the chicken was like pointing its bad finger. Hahahaha! And he kept mimicking the chicken =.='''
I love this one! Especially the lil one with the egg on its head. Hahaha! Shoooo CUTE!
Surprisingly it was very empty there on that day. I wonder if the place is always empty like this. (O.o)? The place quite nice. Very clean. As from what I can see lah!
The Christmas tree is still there. Hee~ See! Empty kan?
The counter. Also empty? Uh oh! Hahahaha! Actually not lah! The girl and the guy went into the kitchen so I quick quick snap the pic. Hehe =D
This cat so cute eh! It's the bring-fortune-cat (zhao cai mao). So fat larh!
Oh and …

Hunny bum? Cupcake?

I miss you like crazy,
Every minute of everyday,
I miss you like crazy,
Even more than words can say,
But dear I'm so down,
When your love's not around,
I miss you,
Miss you,
Miss you...
I miss you like crazy...

I've tried to hide it so that no one knows,
But I guess it shows,
When you look into my eyes,
What you did and where you're coming from,
I don't care,
As long as you love me baby... =)

But my love is all I have to give,
Without you I don't think I can live,
I wish I could give the world to you,
But love is all I have to give,
To you...
(What more do you want me to give?)

Giving me more by the day,
Never letting me go astray,
Embracing me with all your love,
Just like a pair of doves,
We shall always be as one,
Till our fate make us none...

Perpetua Angeline

Divided love

Who are you??? Who aRe yOu??? WHO ARE YOU???


Why do you make me think of you?????????

Loving you hurts so much....SO MUCH!!! WTF!!!

This is so UNdivided but its so UNCONTROLABLE! NOW WTF!

You know I miss what are these? Going or not to go? Stay or not to stay? BUT! To where? To wHeRe? TO WHERE????


What have I done???????

Why are all things going astray??? Why??? Why can't it be like how I'd planned???

I just....

I just want someone whom I love...someone who will love me back...someone who will be with me for the rest of my life...

Just one person...

Just him...

But who is he???Love is undivided......

Ya right!


To stay or not to stay? To stay or not to stay? To stay or not to stay? To stay or not to stay? To stay or not to stay? To stay or not to stay? To stay or not to stay? To stay or not to stay? To stay or not to stay? To stay or not to stay? To stay or not to s…

Year 2009 Resolution

Another year has gone
A new year has come
Memories left memories
The future is what we wait
Prays and hopes all sent up
But only God can make the decision
Of who, of which, of where and of why
Should all that happens, happens
With a new year ahead
All should look bright at it
So now my friends
Let's say our prayer
For God to hear
From us, from our little heart...

Well, what are my year 2009 resolution? I had made a list. So here it goes...
*Earn lotsa money (money face cinz!)
*Travel to as many places as possible(Star Cruise, Langkawi, KL and maybe, MAYBE! To where my bro is now)
*Find a happy job(still thinking and considering. economy not good now)
*Be more lovable to my darling(Darling, you should be happy liaw kua)
*Get more exercise(signing up for gym PROBABLY!)
*Eat more healthily(SALAD!!! I know I'm makin someone slurp. Haha!)
*Get a credit card(for a purpose ok!)
*Help mum do more house chores(just to stop her from nagging around)
*Play while I still can(I'm only 21 this year! and I'…